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  1. Facebook groups seem to be the place for thick people to congregate on the internet. I have found the same with other hobbies of mine. Most of the Facebook groups are full of illiterate people giving awful advice about subjects they have no knowledge of.
  2. The Folly have Old Rosie Cider on tap in case you get sick of drinking ditchwater and fancy a pint of something decent. I've not eaten there (other than a bowl of chips) but it always seems to be packed when I have visited so it can't be too bad. I ate at The Wharf once and it was crap.
  3. Is this for a grow room? ETA: ditchcrawler beat me to it
  4. If you need any further information she's probably not right for you...
  5. They can check registration but can they refuse passage?
  6. Does the law also specify that the navigation must be for pleasure?
  7. I didn't say unexplained rules, I said unnecessary ones..
  8. Yes. They will disregard the unnecessary ones. If a rule can't be justified with a logical reason it is probably unnecessary.
  9. No child of mine will ever be trained like a dog to blindly follow unnecessary rules.
  10. I can't see anything wrong with the boy's haircut, it looks very smart. My school once suspended 3 lads that turned up one day with shaved heads. The next day my friend bought some clippers to school and about 20 of us snuck into an empty classroom at lunch time and shaved our heads in protest. We were all suspended too. Several other kids took clippers to school over the next few days and by the end of the week there were about half of the boys in the school and one girl suspended. It was quite funny when we all returned with matching hair cuts.
  11. That only works if the first result is something relevant. In this instance the top result is the definition of the prefix 'co' and the second and third results relate to .co domain names...
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