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  1. Never get anything on the prop again!

    All it needs now is a couple of split - end smokestacks and a New Orleans trad jazz band and it is complete.
  2. Aintree Beetle 25ft or similar - buying a first boat...

    It is possible to arrange a different layout if you are having a new build though - as did the previous owners of my 30 footer. They came up with a very good arrangement incorporating a double bed (converted from the dinette) larger shower room, and much bigger galley. Plenty of room in the bed, but essentially only a two berth boat, although you can accommodate a third person on an air mattress in the corridor outside the shower room.
  3. Elegantly Boarding the Boat

    The young man in me says ; "Yeah what a laugh, high jinks etc." The old man in me says; "Accident waiting to happen, Weils disease, loss of hire deposit.......
  4. I think i am going to give it a go but ?

    Go for it. I worked for seven different employers up until 1990 when I finally took the plunge and went self employed. OK, you haven't got the security of a regular income, and you have to take on anything and everything, but each week brings fresh challenges and opportunities. You also have that wonderful freedom to be able to say no to anyone who expects you to do something you disagree with - you can't do that with a boss.
  5. Aintree Beetle 25ft or similar - buying a first boat...

    Yes you can connect up to shore power to supply the ample provision of twin 230v sockets within the boat. There is also the automatic battery charger/ inverter which puts charge into the batteries, or allows you to 'extract' up to 800 watts of extra 230v from your batteries to boost anything that needs more power than the shoreline provides. The boat has 2x135 amp/hr batteries. This I reckon gives me about 80amps of actual useable power without getting below the critical 50% state of charge. I am not quite sure how long the engine needs to run for to achieve absolutely full charge, probably ages, but there is a monitor with 3 red lights on it and when they are all lit up it is supposedly fully charged. There is also a small solar panel putting something in when the sun shines. I have taken the boat for a six hour cruise, moored it up for the night, gone home, returned the next day (late afternoon) and the water is still hot! And yes engine heated water is only available. You can run the heater all night if you want, it does give off a slight 'roar' when on full chat but quietens down when on 'tickover' mode. Don't worry about emptying your diesel tank, those heaters only consume about 0.15 to 0.3 of a litre an hour - I would be more concerned with amps consumption from the batteries to run it. This can be anything from 1 to 3 amps per hour. Not excessive, but added to fridge,lights, waterpump etc it all adds up. (All without the engine running of course)
  6. Aintree Beetle 25ft or similar - buying a first boat...

    These boats don't seem to come onto the market second hand very often, probably because they have only been around for about 4 - 5 years. I did manage to acquire one just over a year ago. Like you, I was considering a standard spec new build 25 footer. It was the minimal maintenance costs and lower mooring fees etc that attracted me. In the end I got a 30 footer. Somewhat less than new price, and only 21 months old, and I'm really pleased with it. As an occasional use, weekend, short trip, day boat it's got everything you need. If there's only one or two of you, it should be fine. The Beta Marine 16 engine is revving fairly hard at cruising speed (1800-1900 rpm), but it is pretty quiet, and at tickover barely audible. It's easy to service yourself too. Reversing I found difficult to begin with, but ,as with all boats (especially short ones with short swims and eggwhisk propellors) once you have found the knack it can be done given no encumbrances like sidewinds. The only thing I have had a problem with is the Eberspacher Airtronic d2 heater, It started to cut out after a few minutes operation. The diagnostic control panel was showing a fault code 31, which pointed to a blower motor failure. Then came the awkward bit- getting to the heater. Anybody that has had to remove one of these things to service will be fully aware of the need to be an anorexic double -jointed dwarf. This is because it is situated in a position restricted by the weedhatch, stern deck drain tube, and engine silencer. The motor had failed presumably through lack of use, (the guy I bought it from had only put 121 hours on the engine). And Eberspacher do recommend that you fire these things up once a month all year round. So maybe the bearings collected condensation and rusted? I dunno, anyway it's working again now. Topping up the batteries also requires the services of the aforementioned dwarf with a mirror and a torch! £2000 a year easily covers my mooring fees, boat licence, insurance and RCR rescue subs I had her blacked in October and it cost me £350. So yes, it is what it is, a good little starter boat to pootle about on, and you can turn it around almost anywhere!
  7. Whose Towpath is it anyway?

    If I were to run to my boat pushing my bike carrying a fishing rod with the dog in tow, where would that put me ? Ps -leaving t'motorbike at home in the shed of course!
  8. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Castle Quay went down the pan with the demise of Hood's- the ironmongers,- it was the sort of place that you call walk into and ask for a Left Handed Thingummy Sprocket for a 1949 Treacle Mill. To which the assistant would reply; - "Certainly sir, Would you like a Green one or a Blue one ?" A real gem of a place, and staffed by folk that knew what they were selling.
  9. Where’s the water

    Perhaps Pownall's idea of a new Grand Contour Canal to supply the dry south east from the wet north west wasn't a bad suggestion. Continental style barges for freight, lessening motorway traffic, an effective water distribution network, what's not to like?
  10. The Boating Season

    It'll be even better come January 8th, when several locks in the Napton flight are closed for about ten weeks. I can then pootle along and birdwatch without constantly looking over my shoulder for something pushing a huge bow wave. Also none of those hire-boats-just-set-off-to-do-a-ring-but-still-learning-how-to-steer to avoid. Luxury!
  11. The Boating Season

    Out on the South Oxford summit today for three hours. Didn't see one other moving boat in all that time. That's got to be a record!
  12. New menace on the L&L

    All canal boats should be fitted with what my old dad had on his boat during WW2. An Oerlikon gun. That'll stop 'em.
  13. Tripadvisor

    Good to hear of volockies on the Claydon flight, when I saw it at the weekend someone had almost drained the pound between the two bottom locks.
  14. New Marina at North Kilworth

    And no widebeams!
  15. Incident at Fenny Marina

    Two guys reversing their narrowboat into the diagonal pontoons opposite me in Fenny Marina. One guy on tiller, one with warps to secure. They disappear behind other boats. Couple of minutes later desperate cries of HELP! HELP! I look up, see nothing. Another boater on the opposite pontoons looks out. We both scan the marina. He clocks the problem first and runs toward it. By the time I had legged it around half the perimeter of the basin, tiller guy and the other boater had just managed to get warps guy half onto dry land. He had missed his footing, and gone in, severely gashing his head as he did so. He was bleeding profusely, confused, delirious and flailing wildly. Luckily the ambulance arrived pretty quickly. I hope he's gonna be OK....... As a mostly solo boater myself this brought home the thought- If he had been on his own he would have stood ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF GETTING OUT. Stay safe - Happy boating.