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  1. Julian Kingston - Yes , of course it was, its all coming back to me now, this old age thing befuddles the brain...….
  2. The precise co-ordinates.....52 degrees 04' 20.31 N 1 degree 20' 08.41 W.
  3. The arm I speak of only became an arm in 1990. This was when the canal was diverted to the east - away from the A423- to allow the building of the present road bridge. There were pylons along there at that time - I've lived within threequarters of a mile for the last 47 years !
  4. Thaxted ! Blimey, that brings back memories ! It was a trip on this boat back in 1984 that introduced me to the wonderful world of canals. The guy that owned it used to bring his nipper around to our house to be child minded by my ex Mrs. He needed crew members to help bring it from Jerico in Oxford back to Banbury. We camped out under the canvas in the hold at Lower Heyford, and had two brilliant summer days gifted upon us. I can hear it now - Ker Doink - Ker Doink - Ker Doink ! I can't recall his name, but he used to run around in an old London black cab, It wasn't you was it ?
  5. I have a feeling that this could be at what is now the arm behind the Evans Halshaw dealership, prior to the building of Hennef way in 1990. This was then known as waterworks lane. The canal was crossed by an aluminium lift bridge built by the apprentices of Alcan Aluminium Works in the 1950's. I think the bridge was re-allocated to the K & A canal, somewhere by the Somerset coal canal arm. This exact spot is now buried underneath the western embankment to the modern bridge, as you exit the roundabout from the A423. There was a wharf here, and not much else save for a few old redbrick buildings occupied by some car repairers. Going back further than the 70's, the only building of substance along this stretch that I can recall was the Switchgear and Equipment co, which stood where Halfords is now.
  6. Sorry about that- I did do a search and found no mention of it.
  7. In their haste to get to the Cropredy festival, has anybody else noticed the innocuous piece of paper pinned to the fence adjacent to bridge 143 on the South Oxford canal ? A new marina, access road , ancillary buildings, conservation lake etc, all taking up pretty much most of the land eastwards of the canal between bridges 143 and 144. I don't know how to post a link, but it can be found at www.publicaccess.cherwell.gov.uk/online-applications/. Ref 18/0041/SO There will probably be loads of objections, but if it does come to fruition I can only see one upside-the creation of an extra holding tank of summit water on an already very busy canal. Is it really necessary? Cropredy marina is looking to expand, and I don't think Fenny is completely full. Perhaps CRT are going to send a man along with a STOP/ GO board and position him at the pinch point/ southern end of the Fenny tunnel cutting, Oh, and they could also cut back the spreading vegetation and dredge the approaches to same, 'cos these waiting boats are going to need somewhere to park..... Me? I think I'll just mosey along there with my deckchair and popcorn on a summer sunday , find a shady spot and watch the ensuing melee......
  8. Six years ago, when everything went digital, my old telly sat in the corner unable to receive anything. I never bothered getting a digibox or any of that palaver. Several weeks went by, during which time I was having a life- you know, doing stuff, listening to the radio, reading etc. I came to realise that I hadn't really missed it. Then the annual reminder for the licence turned up in the post. It was at this point that I questioned the economics of forking out for something that I didn't use, so I duly went online to the licensing website and told them I don't watch telly, and haven't got one anymore Thank you for informing us they said, you can expect a visit from us to check this out. As I said, this was six years ago, and I have never seen a soul with a clipboard, or detector van outside, no harassment, nothing. Other than renewing my 'sorn' declaration every two years online, that's the only contact that I've had with them. Lets hope it continues......
  9. I think I was looking the other way. Just took a walk to the pound below Banbury lock , the earlier poster wasn't kidding about low levels though, it must be about a foot lower than normal. That's a considerable amount of water gone between there and Grants lock.
  10. The BBC weather map is not to be believed. It is now quarter past seven, I am in said place, and it hasn't...…..
  11. That's an embryo Loch Ness monster looking for the connection to the Caledonian.
  12. Chisnell bridge near Somerton is sometimes down for farm access, I think that one is still original.
  13. I have often wondered whether the 'Banbury Stick' idea could be improved, using a motorcycle tyre as a 'cushion' to prevent bridge damage. It would have to be a front tyre (thinner and lighter). It would be necessary to be going slowly enough to place the tyre flat ways on the abutment first, followed by the Banbury stick, ( both connected to a separate line which is essential not to let go of !) Then, as you clear the bridge, yank out the Banbury stick, the bridge will drop and rebound slightly. On this rebound then pull out the tyre. In theory this sounds do-able. I have yet to try it out. So, if anyone sees a bloke on a 30' boat on the South Oxford splashing around in the water with a six foot piece of 2x2, wearing a tyre as a necklace, and nursing a sore head whilst trying to clear his prop you will know the result...….I am tempted to try it though, especially given the fact that I have at least made some token effort to placate the Wellbeing & wonderous trust in my endeavours.
  14. Can't print the photo, but there was a bloke walking north towards Marston Doles around mid day today wearing nothing but a pair of boots and a backpack !
  15. I have always thought that Cropredy Marina was crying out for a footbridge over to the towpath - rather like the temporary one at Crick show - only more 'in keeping' with local structures. Something akin to the 'Wedding Bridge' up by Wormleighton hill.
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