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    My brother does that, lives on top of a mountain in Portugal. 3 donkeys, orange and olive groves, hay paddock and scythe, water well and wind generator, small stone house (self converted agricultural building), no computer, no telephone and he is not mentally ill. Lots of local friends doing the same or similar.
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    Ohhhh...he's your newt then
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    Is that a tongue in cheek title I thought it would be about the CMs moving
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    Join the Association of Continuous Cruisers who can advise you on that sort of thing. Oh and by the way.... Found it!! Where's my prize? This very much depends on your GP though. Mine chucked my whole family off his list when we were on a long term mooring simply because my postal address was outside the catchment area even though our actual location was inside it.
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    Most heaters stink when new or after not being run for a while, mine certainly did when I first tried it after it had been stood for about sixmonths. Once it has been run at full temperature for an hour or two it should be fine, might be worth checking all the pipes and unions are tight and there are no leaks. Ok, back to topic. My Mikuni runs fine on red from the main tank.
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    Good to read you are being a bit 'fussy' about where he goes to when it would be so easy just to offload him and forget all about him and not worry whether he will be OK or not...
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    Was it Professionally fitted,Check where the Air intake is,in relation to the exhaust, Or any open windows ect,have you got a Co2 Alarm. It just maybe a bit of surplus fuel being burned off of it hasn't been allowed to shut down properly for some reason,when last used, But check it out,don't leave it. Is my advice.
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    There may well have been, in fact there must have been some cavemen that wanted to do things differently, otherwise we would no doubt all still be living in caves!
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    Well, we love the arm! The weeds aren't that bad, the local IWA branch have been working hard all the way down the arm to spruce it up, but occasionally bits do fall in the cut, and along with reed roots that naturally break off and 'club' together. Most of the top gates have been fixed, but some of the bottom gates leak so they will end up set against you when coming down, and there are a couple of pounds that leak. We usually bring a lock full of water down with us! ;-) Having said all that, its a beautiful arm and well worth doing (imo)
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    Our Webasto is 11 years old, takes diesel from the main tank so has only ever run in red and has never missed a beat.
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    That's a pretty ignorant and offensive thing to say.
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    I don't really understand this idea of self-imposed withdrawal and exile from society. It's certainly not my idea of freedom - each to their own, but to be honest it sounds like the beginning of some sort of mental illness to me.
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    Without a bowthruster it is never that easy, but some boats are better at it than others. My only tip would be, presuming you need to reverse some distance in a straight line, to try to stop the boat from turning before it starts so doing. Once a swing develops you won't be able to stop it in reverse. To detect the first hint of a swing, whilst it is still recoverable, spend most of your time looking ahead over the bow, this gives much better visual references. Look back only occasionally to check you aren't going to hit something.
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    Yes it will supply 240v from the batteries if there is no shore power or generator on. If there is shore power or a generator on, it will automatically switch to being a battery charger and pass through the shore/generator power to the sockets.
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    Indeed it would. We'd get people fraudulently claiming to be CCers whilst keeping their boats in marinas. Then in addition to the ludicrous situation we have now of CRT telling certain boaters they don't use their home mooring enough, we'd also have them demanding sightings of suspected marina dwellers regularly out on the cut! MtB
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    I see Miss Leotard says "something should be done because people who live on the river need to have rights" Do they? Really? Maybe it's actually the other way around and people who need to have rights shouldn't live on the river. If she wants security of tenure she has the right to buy herself a house or a flat (or a residential mooring) just like everyone else in the UK. However, she claims she cannot afford a flat in London. There is no automatic right in the UK for anyone to be able to afford a flat in London. Maybe there should be, but currently there isn't and I don't see that changing in the forseeable, in our free market economy. MtB
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    When I was first taught to boat we never closed gates unless we knew there was a need to or we were told by a lock keeper to do so. When I hotel boated on the GU and Oxford it was the same, now we have locks without working side ponds, without gate paddles but with a nice ladder to get out of the chamber. I cannot see why it is necessary to close gates on a busy waterway when the odds of traffic coming at you is high, its courtesy to close them if someone's following (and draw half a paddle for them sometimes) as it makes sense. If CRT maintained its gates well ie no major leaks then we wouldn't get a soaking and they wouldn't drain off their pounds. I do think we need to look back, in many ways BW did a better job in the early years than the over sanitized enviro friendly crap we experience today. Forget "volunteers" who need a H&S briefing to pull up weeds and get proper employed lengthsmen back who know their waterway and can structure the maintenance required, As the French Waterways described BW after a visit "a micky mouse operation" and so it is today imho.
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