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  1. Thanks all. The reason I asked is that I have just been appointed Bar Manager at the Albion Brewery Bar in Northampton and was told by the MD yesterday that Phipps owned Archimedes way back, and used to do 'booze cruises' on the GU. 'And wouldn't it be great if we could find the boat and do that again?'!! Looks like he'll be in for a long wait though? PF
  2. Without dragging up the controversy surrounding Archimedes, does anyone know where she is now and what she's doing?
  3. Another point worth mentioning, the Northampton arm will be closed for winter maintenance from January 4th
  4. Mr Grumpy has got confused (!), it's not Travelodge it's premier inn being built, but yes, it's just by the royal and derngate theatre so within spitting distance of the marina. Their plan is to have it open by Christmas so it might be a possibility? I'll see if I can find out any more
  5. Thankfully, there was only 2 drinks on the round that Tree Monkey 'bought' ?
  6. Removed due to not reading rest of post! Doh! Aww Smudge is not a happy bunny, lost wallet and no win ?
  7. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Leo No2, I'm in charge of updating our IWA Northampton Branch Facebook and Twitter pages, but hadn't looked at my computer today until I popped into the forum on my phone and saw this!
  8. Just spoken to EA, one of the pipes next to bridge 2 has cracked and leaked kerosene into the canal. Obviously they don't want boats coming down and flushing the pollution any further than necessary and Gayton Marina has been evacuated as a precaution.
  9. Huge thanks again to Richard and Sue for letting us crew for team Tawny for a third time. A brilliant weekend with excellent people, lots of laughs, food and of course beer, and I even got to drive! (I think the mattress was a joint effort between me and Smudge though - oops :#) )
  10. I've just had a phone call from Allan Keeping Up, saying that as they passed Spon Lane Junction they noticed a sign saying navigation closed. We've had a look on the stoppages page but can't find any mention of it, so he suggested I post here to tell everyone to keep an eye out and keep checking stoppages. See you later!
  11. Smudge and i are heading up the arm next week so I will check this one out, thanks. We're (IWA) working our way down clearing the bywashes so I'll see if this one needs special attention.
  12. The Northampton Branch of the IWA adopted the Arm 2 years ago, I've recently been co-opted onto the committee after attending many work parties and making various 'suggestions'! We have persuaded CRT to bring forward the work that needed doing on the Arm for the Northampton Festival of Water this August, most of the work has been done, ie reed cutting, offside vegetation, but the areas that needed 'deep reed cutting' (or dredging the roots out) has been put off until later in the year. They have assured us it will be done before the Festival, and believe me, we will keep reminding them!
  13. Yes, it's free entry! https://www.waterways.org.uk/news/view?id=164&x%5B0%5D=news%2Flist Sorry you won't be joining us Alan but have fun at Alvecote
  14. When I fell in the river at the water point at Bardney (on the Witham), hubby had to haul me out as the river is deep there and the only ladders were in the lock. I wrote to BW, as it was then, to inform them, not complain, and when we returned 2 weeks later ladders had been installed. It is worth reporting these things.
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