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For those who remember the Coventry and Warwickshire Folk Music scene in the late 1960s

27 March 2014 - 11:43 AM

I have just had an email from Dave Sampson (one time promoter of the Wurzle Bush Folk Club) to say that Rod Felton passed away a couple of days ago. Rod was a first class singer/songwriter and comic who in the late 1960s was half of the duo known as 'The New Modern Idiot Grunt Band' - an act that just had to be seen to be believed. They performed with guitars and all manner of improvised instruments including jugs, whistles, cymbals etc. The repertoire included Jessie Fuller's 'San Francisco Bay Blues', Ray Davis' 'Harry Wragge' and many more of their own compositions. I booked them several times for folk clubs that I helped to run in Rugby and introduced them to Folk Impresario, Toni Savage - who, incidentally, was also the manager and a close friend of Spike Milligan . . .

Electrolux RM6400 LPG/AC/DC Fridge

13 September 2013 - 06:34 PM

Since returning from our late Summer cruise down the Thames, we have noticed that our fridge is not getting nearly as cold as it used to. We run it on gas most of the time but we have tried it on mains electricity to see if that is any better.

When running on gas the temperature in the main compartment fails to drop below 10 degrees C - when running on mains electricity it dropped a further two degrees but then stayed a 8 degrees C - which is still not cool enough.

Any solutions please? Or does anyone know where I might find a proper Electrolux/Dometic service/repair person?

For those who remember Northamptonshire Pubs in the 1950s and 60s

26 May 2013 - 11:01 AM

Just sampled a pint or three at the Crick Boat Show - pure nostalgia!


And I like their website too:




I know this isn't new but it is new to me and I like it!




I wonder if they will re-introduce 'Stingo No. 10' - that was my Gran's favourite tipple and when I was about nine years old she would send me to the off-sales a the Peacock in Welford, where we lived, to buy her regular bottle - they would put it in a brown paper bag so that the village policeman wouldn't stop me . . .

Oxford Canal in flood at Cropredy

21 November 2012 - 07:19 PM

I tried to get back to the boat this evening but the canal was in flood with the towpath completely submerged to the extent that, in the dark with no indication of where it might have been safe to wade through, I had to abandon the attempt.

I will try again later.

I just hope that some thoughtful soul loosened the ropes to allow the boat to rise with the changing water level.

Cleaning Alnwick's fresh water tank

25 September 2012 - 02:32 PM

Sometime ago when I described the size and capacity of Alnwick's fresh water tank, a few forum sceptics challenged my assertion that it was big enough to stand up in - well, while we were moored just below Cape Locks (Warwick) in July, I decided that it was time to climb in and clear the loose rust and silt that had gathered at the bottom of the tank. The photographs below show me inside the water tank - I removed about four buckets of rust and silt. The remarkable thing is that the water has always remained clean and sweet and, apart from a little initial rust discolouration, it remained so after it had been cleaned. While inside I measured the height of the tank - it is just over five feet deep from the top to where the curved bow stem blends into the flat bottom . . .

Posted Image

That's me standing up straight with my feet on the forged stem.

Posted Image

Getting hot and dirty inside the tank.

The next big job is scraping and repainting the front deck - if only it would stop raining . . .