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Shurflow Aqua King 3.0 Fresh Water Pressure Pump

16 January 2016 - 04:03 PM

Two years ago our known and trusted Shurflo 2088 fresh water pump failed and although I had a spare (in theory), through laziness and procrastination I hadn't got round to rebuilding it (the new parts were all there - somewhere!) - so in order to keep the taps flowing I popped over to Midland Chandlers to buy a new one. The 2088 had been 'replaced' by the 'all new' Aqua King 3.0 (3900 series) so I bought one of these and fitted it. It wasn't a direct replacement because although the 1/2 inch water fittings were the same size and in the same place, the four rubber bushed mounting holes in the plastic baseplate were at a different pitch - this was easily remedied by taking the metal baseplate off the failed 2088 unit - the holes and screws attaching the baseplate to the motor body being identical - a point worth remembering.


Now two years on, the 'new' Shurflow Aqua King 3.0 has suffered a pressure switch failure - fortunately, in the intervening months, I had got round to rebuilding my spare pump so a quick changeover was possible. The old 2088 series pumps had a whole range of readily available (and affordable) spare parts - and as the most vulnerable part seems to be the pressure switch I had sourced a useful supply of these.


Unfortunately, the pressure switch on the 3900 series is a completely sealed non serviceable unit. This, apparently, is progress!


A replacement sealed unit is available from my favourite chandlers for £29.99 which is, incidentally, the cheapest price that I have found anywhere for this part. Most suppliers are asking around £35 which is remarkable considering that a complete 3900 series pump can be obtained for less than £70.


In conclusion, I reckon that the only 'improvement' that has been made with the 3900 series has been for Shurflo's profits - derived from more frequent replacements. At least the motors are recyclable!

Grumpy Boaters

06 August 2015 - 03:00 PM

While negotiating the 'S' bends beside the site of the former Napton Brickworks on the Oxford Canal I noticed that the steerer of an approaching boat was waving his hands frantically. As he got nearer I could hear him saying 'Get over - your supposed to be at the edge" - now, although I was proceeding very slowly, there was no way that I could have navigated closer to either edge of the canal because the channel is quite badly silted up in this area. He had plenty of room to pass and at no time was his boat closer than a yard or so from me - even as he passed without slowing down. As he went by he shouted something like "some people want all of the canal" which probably sums up his own attitude. A bit of a contrast from the friendly wave that I usually get from approaching/passing boaters. Perhaps it is the time of year when grumpy boaters are in season.

The Passport Office - "You said, We did"

13 February 2015 - 02:38 PM

It is not often that we are able to praise a Government Office but after much public criticism, The Passport Office appears to have improved its act. Jane and I applied for our new passports on 6 February 2015 - we had been led to believe that the process could take upwards of three weeks but they were delivered to us by courier this morning - just seven days including the day that we posted the forms and today when the new passports were delivered!


The Passport Office has certainly responded to its critics in its "You said, We did" campaign.


I am also quite impressed with the quality of the new passports - the previously blank pages now include images of the British landscape - including, on pages 16 and 17 a canal scene with a typical arched bridge, a moored narrow boat and a lock.