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In Topic: Any narrow boats with electric motors?

19 November 2014 - 05:17 PM

Our next door neighbour has a true "Diesel/Battery Electric" powered boat - it is moored at Cropredy but has taken more than ten years of work so far and still suffers with occasional teething problems. Economy appears to be quite good because the diesel generator can run at its most economical speed but one area of difficulty has been failure of the thrust bearing on the electric traction motor - the motor was not designed to take the amount of variation in linear prop shaft thrust that occurs when a boat is constantly changing from forward to reverse as on lock flights. Running on batteries alone appears to consume far more power than was ever expected and the range of operation on battery power is therefore so small as to be impractical.

In Topic: Is Aldi The UKIP of the Supermarket world ?

11 November 2014 - 01:16 PM

Plus as has been mentioned elswhere it's now seen as 'fashionable' to save money, rather than be overtly extravagant with it.

(Unless you are called Beckham of course)


Times really have changed and I think Athy's first post in this topic is way off the mark. In Leamington Spa you will see 2014 registered, top end, BMWs, Range Rovers and Jaguars being loaded with the owner's weekly shopping at Aldi and Lidl. These stores offer the benefits of quality, speed and efficiency - all fine qualities well practised in modern Germany.


Sadly, in my experience, it is the underprivileged and obese (not just those on benefits) of our own country who get ripped off at the established supermarkets.

In Topic: Water pump "pulsing"

02 November 2014 - 08:50 AM

Our pump did this and we ignored it (although we do not have a calorifier) then after several months we realised that we had a considerable amount of water in the cabin bilge. After pumping out the bilge, we examined to whole water system and found that a washer/seal on one of the connections between the pump and the accumulator was not sealing effectively and that there was a very small drip every ten minutes or so. It is amazing how small drips can soon become gallons of water sloshing around in the bilges.

In Topic: Weeping fuel pipe!

01 November 2014 - 11:09 AM



That messy fillet it subsequent bodging to try and stop the leak




Oi! that's my Kelvin you are insulting!


Edited to add that silver soldered joints on Kelvin high pressure fuel lines are fine and pass the BSS but a word of warning - they do need to be done properly by someone with appropriate skills and experience. We had a line that had a fragment of silver solder left inside and eventually this fragement was honed by years of vibration into a perfectly spherical ball just the right size to completely block the fuel line. The result was a broken cam on the fuel injection pump - very expensive!


In Topic: Sending a car key off to be repaired! Remote central locking type..

30 October 2014 - 06:06 PM

The immobiliser is only controlled by the remote key, putting key in the ignition never did anything with the immobiliser. On the dash there is a light to show whether the immobiliser is on.  This immobiliser has always been a pain as it comes on automatically after a short period. So if you stop to pick someone up, for example, and turn off the engine, after a few seconds, the immobiliser comes on and the only way to turn it off is to use the remote to lock the doors and then unlock them, which is stupid, but that's how its always worked.


The handbook does show how to synchronise the key after changing the batteries, though I can't remember what it said, it's something like; zap door, turn key in ignition, then zap door for a while, or some such thing..



This really is something that only a main dealer can sort - I have had similar problems with Rover and MG keys and have struggled because there is no longer any dealer support network. At the main dealer all they need to do is plug the car into the diagnostic unit and re-synchronise the key to the car's immobiliser. If the key/fob is defective they will be able to order a replacement - expensive but probably cheaper than buying another car . . .