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In Topic: Sending a car key off to be repaired! Remote central locking type..

Yesterday, 06:06 PM

The immobiliser is only controlled by the remote key, putting key in the ignition never did anything with the immobiliser. On the dash there is a light to show whether the immobiliser is on.  This immobiliser has always been a pain as it comes on automatically after a short period. So if you stop to pick someone up, for example, and turn off the engine, after a few seconds, the immobiliser comes on and the only way to turn it off is to use the remote to lock the doors and then unlock them, which is stupid, but that's how its always worked.


The handbook does show how to synchronise the key after changing the batteries, though I can't remember what it said, it's something like; zap door, turn key in ignition, then zap door for a while, or some such thing..



This really is something that only a main dealer can sort - I have had similar problems with Rover and MG keys and have struggled because there is no longer any dealer support network. At the main dealer all they need to do is plug the car into the diagnostic unit and re-synchronise the key to the car's immobiliser. If the key/fob is defective they will be able to order a replacement - expensive but probably cheaper than buying another car . . .

In Topic: 24 volt charger recommendations please

23 October 2014 - 01:35 PM

We have a Sterling International 24v/15A charger which is brilliant but I have just checked their website and it appears that it is no longer available :(


This one is very similar but the price is not so good when shipping from the USA is added in.

In Topic: Refuse storage on boats

23 October 2014 - 11:28 AM

This is a serious subject not just for boaters. I am amazed by the amount of waste that the population of this nation are able to generate these days. When I was a child in the 1950s the dustman was exactly that because the contents of our half full 'dustbins' were rarely anything other than dust. Waste was re-used wherever possible for instance we had some very nice garden paths surfaced with ash and cinders from our Rayburn.


To tackle the problem, we all need to be on constant alert to avoid waste - as Andrew has said earlier, decline unnecessary packaging at shops and supermarkets (if we all do this they will eventually get the message) as others have said, always consider re-use - a Squirrel Stove provides and excellent means of re-using paper, card and wood - I can usually boil a kettle on a week's junk mail. Try to avoid non-recyclable products and packaging and choose re-chargeable batteries rather than the 'use once and discard' variety. There are many more ways and I cannot claim that those aboard nb Alnwick have all the answers but we do constantly look for ways or reducing, re-using or recycling our waste.

In Topic: Thoroughly Depressing Open Meeting

23 October 2014 - 11:13 AM

That's interesting. There is a current TV advert for railway tickets in which a passenger presents his mobile phone, rather than a real ticket, to the ticket inspector who looks quite satisfied by this odd behaviour. I assumed that it was the advert director's little joke. Can it really be done?


I can remember an incident where are pompous railway director told the ticket inspector that "my face is my ticket" to which the inspector replied "please hold it up then, I need to punch it!"


I still have a nice collection of ticket punches - not sure how I might punch a hole in a mobile phone though!

In Topic: Antifreeze anti corrosive stuff

20 October 2014 - 03:35 PM

Just out of curiosity, is that with existing antifreeze?

Many thanks.

Originally yes because there was anti-freeze in the cooling system when we purchased the boat but we have not added any - since then, we have noted that the temperature in the engine room rarely falls below 10 Celsius and as we live aboard throughout the risky Winter months we can monitor the situation easily. So we no longer use anti-freeze - just Ankorsol and clean water. We have experienced severe frost outside over the last ten years but the temperature inside has always been satisfactory. I guess that is down to excellent insulation. If the temperature in the boat ever fell to less than 10 degrees it wouldn't be just the cooling system that needed protection!


Edited to add that both anti-freeze and Ankorsol are potentially toxic and extreme care should be taken in the disposal of coolant containing either product. Under no circumstances should antifreeze be poured into ditches or drains where it may pollute the environment or poison wildlife.