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In Topic: Antifreeze anti corrosive stuff

20 October 2014 - 03:35 PM

Just out of curiosity, is that with existing antifreeze?

Many thanks.

Originally yes because there was anti-freeze in the cooling system when we purchased the boat but we have not added any - since then, we have noted that the temperature in the engine room rarely falls below 10 Celsius and as we live aboard throughout the risky Winter months we can monitor the situation easily. So we no longer use anti-freeze - just Ankorsol and clean water. We have experienced severe frost outside over the last ten years but the temperature inside has always been satisfactory. I guess that is down to excellent insulation. If the temperature in the boat ever fell to less than 10 degrees it wouldn't be just the cooling system that needed protection!


Edited to add that both anti-freeze and Ankorsol are potentially toxic and extreme care should be taken in the disposal of coolant containing either product. Under no circumstances should antifreeze be poured into ditches or drains where it may pollute the environment or poison wildlife.

In Topic: Swedish navy chasing possible damaged Russian sub in Stockholm archipelago.

19 October 2014 - 09:26 PM


Are they still hunting that lol? ninja.gif




ETA:- I'll be here all week folks tongue.png


I think it passed us on the Oxford Canal at Cropredy last night . . .

In Topic: Antifreeze anti corrosive stuff

19 October 2014 - 05:17 PM

We have used Ankorsol for years and can recommend it - along with all many other products that come from Morris Oils.

In Topic: Black smoke?

02 October 2014 - 05:57 PM

I've just read KW's article on fitting a J3, and he mentions 2 1/2" bore, where mine isn't even 1 1/2"!
I'm sure the exit hole from the exhaust manifold isn't 2 1/2" though?


Our exhaust is 2.75" - bigger engine (twice the capacity but it doesn't need to work as hard) and it also huffs like a steam train from the outside but in the engine room there is far too much mechanical clatter to hear the exhaust.


Edited to add that I would take the boat back to R W Davis - Phil would not be happy to see one of his boats making a dirty exhaust . . .

In Topic: Black smoke?

01 October 2014 - 09:57 PM

Ah, OK, thanks, David! Maybe this is the issue, then? I honestly don't know what to expect, it's all very new to me!
I do know the boat has a deep draught, and at 70ft maybe the engine is struggling? The rpm's do wind in very easily though?


Our K3 has been pushing our boat around for almost 20 years without major work. We get a bit of oil smoke if I push it really hard - mostly as a result of excess oil being drawn down the valve stems from the rocker boxes but we have never seen black smoke from the exhaust - the J and K series engines were designed to burn extremely lean and clean. As has been said already, black sooty smoke results from an excess of fuel or lack of oxygen in relation to the amount of fuel injected. My first check would be to make sure that the engine air supply is all correctly assembled and not restricted in any way. Similarly, a restriction or blockage in the exhaust could have a similar effect. if the air can get in and the exhaust can get out freely, then it may be an issue with the fuel injection side.


Just to be sure about prop size, it is worth putting a piece of luminous tape on the flywheel and using a hand held electronic rev-counter to measure the speed of the engine compared to boat speed through the water. At walking pace (3-4 mph) the engine should be somewhere in its mid-range of revolutions - between 350 and 500 rpm. If you are achieving 3-4 mph at much less than 350 rpm the boat is probably over-propped. Our prop size was reputedly reduced from 26" to its present 24" after Phil experienced similar problems in 1997.