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In Topic: TSR2 jet engine on ebay!

17 January 2016 - 02:21 PM

Yes I saw it too - a tad before my time with RR but the cancellation of the TSR2 was probably the first big blow to British industry that I came to be aware of. In my days with RR it was always talked of with extreme bitterness - that was almost 50 years ago!

In Topic: Shurflow Aqua King 3.0 Fresh Water Pressure Pump

17 January 2016 - 01:58 PM

Is the pressure switch really sealed or do they just claim it is sealed? On the previous model there is a small box held on with 4 screws that can be removed and the box dismantled to reveal a standard micro switch.

With any of these types of pump I would fit a relay between the pressure switch and pump motor to reduce the load on the pressure switch and so greatly improve its life.

cheers, Pete.


Yes, the new ones are really well and truly sealed - the plastic casing is firmly glued or fused together and needs cutting in half to open it!


As you say the old ones came apart nicely and the micro-switch could be replaced - generally, a decent replacement micro-switch (I did have a supply of these 'Made in England' by Honeywell!) would outlast the rest of the pump.


I think the Shurflo pumps have generally been of good quality - traditionally, they were made in the USA to a high standard. This probably made them less competitive pricewise. The new Aqua King is being assembled in Mexico with many components imported from China - which means that they can be competitively priced.


Fortunately, my defunct Aqua King pump will not go to waste. The totally enclosed electric motor appears to be of reasonable quality and the traditional model 2088 pump head fits it perfectly. These original quality pump heads are still available because they are used in Shurflo's range of industrial equipment. The price is high at around £45 but cheaper than a new pump and although I have no experience with the 12 Volt motors, the 24 Volt motors seem to last very well - the one that I fitted with a new micro-switch, and have now just installed, was dated July 2001 - so already 15 years old and during that time it must have been in use for at least half of that time and has only required new micro-switches (2), new diaphragms (2) and a new pump assembly. Given that we live aboard throughout the year our fresh water pump gets serious use.

In Topic: Severe flooding this weekend

13 August 2015 - 01:11 PM

I am just hoping that the rain holds off for the opening of Cropredy Festival in just under two hours time - I have my Fairport Umbrella - just in case.

In Topic: George Cole

06 August 2015 - 02:47 PM

I saw him on stage in a version of 'Pirates of Penzance' - what a versatile performer!

In Topic: Waiting for water tank to fill up

12 May 2015 - 07:43 AM

The fresh water capacity on Alnwick is probably larger than most - it has been discussed on here before - and we usually take on enough water to last a month or  so. We can be on the water point at Cropredy for a couple of hours filling up but if someone else comes along, we usually break off and let them fill up while we do other stuff. The time taken for us to fill did once have a devastating effect on another boat. The boat was called Herons Rest and the then new owner was moored next to us at Cropredy. The first time he filled his tank. he connected up his hose and left the boat filling for two hours (as we do - he obviously thought this was the norm) and returned to find his cabin with about six inches of water flooding it!