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Over Wintering

Jennifer McM

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28 minutes ago, ditchcrawler said:

You could probably put it on a 14 day mooring and not get one, just think of the timings. you arrive on Wednesday the checker had comes by the day before, he comes again 2 weeks later and clocks you, you have been there 13 days, but he doesn't know that, he comes again 2 weeks later, if yeo are still there he clocks you again, you have done 27 days, but he only knows you have been there for maybe 14, you could have arrived just before him, its another 14 days when he comes, but you left on the Monday afternoon, almost 6 weeks less 2 days but were only recorded there twice. Maybe if you were in a known "Hotspot" you would have been checked more often.

But then again I'm content to play by the rules which discourage/forbid staying in one place for more than 14 days. It's a bit like saying 'Have I really been shoplifting if I don't get caught?' or ' Have I really been speeding if I don't get caught?'. I can't criticise others who play the system if I'm doing exactly the same.


The other advantage in leaving it in a marina is that I don't have to find some out of the way place (where the boat could get vandalised or broken into in my absence) to avoid boat checkers. I can moor somewhere convenient for railways,car hire, airports or whatever else I may be planning. I would be very surprised to get any sort of contact from CRT for leaving the boat in a marina for whatever amount of time since I am already paying for the privilege. The marina owner in fact could legitimately complain to CRT if they tried to turn people out after 14 days since it would be restricting his business model.

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Here's an update. :) 


I logged into our CRT online account, maybe I'm super thick, but I couldn't see anywhere to update our moorings. So I gave CRT a call (it does irritate when the number is automatically answered with some blurb which you have to listen to, then you're told to hold for an assistant).


Got through to a very nice assistant, she confirmed they do need to know our whereabouts. She took my name and the boat's name and number, but she couldn't continue with my call as she needed to speak to the holder of the license, my OH. :( 


Eventually, I found OH outside. The assistant wanted OH to confirm his name, date of birth, postal address, email address, and telephone number.... he stumbled a bit on the telephone number (senior moment), but she held out until he got it right. Obviously the correct name, dob, postal and email address wasn't enough to confirm who he was.


OH told her where and how long we're in the marina. She asked us to let CRT know when we venture out of the marina in the Spring.


She also asked OH if he would confirm that in future I'm authorised to speak to them on behalf of our boat! 


Anyway... all's present and correct. 


Thank you, everyone, for all your advice! Much appreciated :) 



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7 minutes ago, Jennifer McM said:

OH told her where and how long we're in the marina. She asked us to let CRT know when we venture out of the marina in the Spring.

Do you have to let them know if you are going to empty your pump out bog too?

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7 minutes ago, matty40s said:

Glad you are all tucked away, it's nasty out here. 



Grand Union, around Bugsworth? If I'm right, I might have to lie down! ;)


By heck it was a cold night last night, I should've taken a pic this morning of the pontoons covered in 'white stuff', and the dawn mist rising over the water - it was very pretty though. 



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