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Bmc 1500 needed

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15 hours ago, Titan said:

Some friends of ours need help please, urgently need a 1500 bmc engine they are stranded and need your help.

Please message me if you can help.

Thankyou Martin



There appears to be a BMC 1.5 on ebay at the moment, £100 and no bids yet.





Or there are several expired ebay listings which failed to sell, e.g.





Worth contacting all of them I'd say. Search for completed listings. 



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Just now, Mike the Boilerman said:


I took the OP to be wanting one for less than the £3k+ price of a Calcutt one. Although he doesn't actually say. 

You're quite correct. I would rather trust a £3,000 one from an established specialist than a hundred quid one out of the back of some bloke's shed, I think.

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37 minutes ago, Mike the Boilerman said:


You are in the privileged position of having £3k+ lying around, I suspect. Not everyone has. 



Not after just paying for extensive fencing and tree pollarding work here!

Of course I appreciate that budgets vary - but I'm also aware of the adage "Buy cheaply, buy twice".

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1 minute ago, RLWP said:

They do, but not the 1500:






Should the OP's friend be comfortably off, an 'off the shelf' reconditioned 1800cc BMC would still be a direct swap I think. Yes?


Or do Calcutt require a knackered 1800 engine in addition to the £3k purchase price for a recon 1800cc engine? The web page is ambiguous on this point.



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15 minutes ago, Mike the Boilerman said:

The web page is ambiguous on this point.



The first item in the price list says:



Rebuilt exchange ‘long’ engine - an un-marinised but running unit


The rest are based on that



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5 minutes ago, Boater Sam said:

Search for an old model Sherpa van scrap, 1.8 D BMC.


Will drop in but much fuel line replumbing.


Just for fun - try that on Ebay and see if you can find any

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6 minutes ago, Mike the Boilerman said:


What? Even the Luton versions? 


I'm surprised they can drive up a mountain. Mine used to get stuck even in slightly muddy fields....



Must have been a Shirka.

29 minutes ago, Boater Sam said:

Or for 1.5D, Morris Oxford, Austin Cambridge, J4 J2 van. Very long in the tooth now. Also look for the Thorneycroft and Tempest equivalents. 


J2's only used the B series petrol engine.  The diesel was pretty rare in the Cambridge, Oxford and the J4. The 1500 Diesel was pretty slow and sluggish in vehicles, nobody wanted them.

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