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  1. Evening folks I have a perkins D3 152 and wondered if any one has fitted 2 silencers in line or for that matter on any other engine and did it help reduce sound levels ?? Secondly does anyone have any good engine mounts going spare ?? Thanks in advance Martin
  2. Is it the one called mouse? I have enquired a couple of times about purchasing it. I'm led to believe it was made as a tunnel tug to retrieve broken down craft in the tunnel, due to its size it could turn 360 in the tunnel.
  3. Update Engine has been sourced, although frustratingly we have to swop sump & inlet manifolds. We're at Milton Keynes Floating Market so feel free to pop along if you have any bmc gaskets as the volounteer engine transplanters only have a couple of days to complete. Funds for the engine were raised through crowd funding, this whole unfortunate situation has been rescued by fellow boaters what a community when we pull together..
  4. Manifold & sump gaskets for a 1500 BMC Engine, were at the Milton Keynes Floating Market and an engine has failed on a fellow boaters craft. Now we've found an engine but need to swop sumps and heat exchanger etc. Here's the thing we only have today and tomorrow to accomplish this on the Towpath. Any help appreciated. Kind regards Martin
  5. Some friends of ours need help please, urgently need a 1500 bmc engine they are stranded and need your help. Please message me if you can help. Thankyou Martin
  6. We stayed 2 weeks ago a leicester marina @£6 a night and theres a car rental co 4 minutes walk away.... we had received a couple of warnings about the park/ garden moorings of late night noise etc... For us all i can say leucester matina were accomodating friendly and very laid back.
  7. Contact Malvern Diesels. Im sure they can overhaul your existing pump
  8. Oh!!!!! Bugger well keel black was ordered this am. At least its a covered dry dock... wish me luck.
  9. In a few days, one of these two are going on, I would appreciate input from anyone who has used either thanks folkes regards Martin
  10. Due to go for Blacking soon, thinking which of the above prouducts to use? Keel Black water based or Ballistik Black which is spirit based ...... Any one used either of the Above ???
  11. On monday i fitted a brand new burner £200.all new seals and gaskets and Ran for 2 hours from a jerry can of fesh fuel i noted how hot and how much quicker the system got to temperature once satisfied alls well, i reconnected back to the boat fuel supply and ran, initially all seemed well, just after 25 minutes the very feigntest of wispy smoke was witnessed from exhaust.....needless to say back on jerry can now. So, my conclusion is i may have poor fuel, but ive also learned, that its quite likely that combustion has never been 100%. Which has also been a factor.. webasto software downloaded
  12. In amongst the numerous rebuilds of the heater i lost focus on the fact all this stems from the last time i filled the tank up... was ok before. Contemplating pumping the lot out to be honest and starting over but what a waste of time and money...
  13. Sainsburys finest. I have tonight found previous posts about simmilar.... do i try fuelset/ marine 16? Or pump the lot out and start again. The fuel is so poor its now ruined 2 webasto burner units @ 160.00 a pop. ken can you explain 2010 bit please
  14. Ok topped the fuel up 3 months ago, since then ive rebuilt the webasto's (have a spare or 2 )every week. Now, ive changed filters, ive, created a dedicated fule feed instead of using engine fuel filter, used a pump and big filter set up and polished fuel, if i run webasto from jerry can perfect?? I havent as yet used fuelset type additive..... any thoughts gratefully received. If i use the fuel in the tank the webastos dont even last an hour.
  15. Thanks to you all, I shall have a good think in the new year. Research some more and spend some time in shed . Merry Christmas everyone
  16. Has anyone tried the above ? Having chatted to a oil boiler servicman today who was open minded he stressed that with trial n error it would be very plausable to achieve. The New Kabola types and poss Hurricane are exactly that an adaptation. He even hinted at types of burners and nozzle for a smaller install, certainly got me thinking.
  17. As I use my phone to access the net, I have only just read the other comments, thankyou to you all. I shall decide weather renew my moorings in July or just move along the cut. ?
  18. I read an article in towpath back pages stating 20km was the number of miles to travel to prove you are constant cruising ? I pay for a mooring to keep within the rules and stay on it most of time as the rebuild continues, many around me appear not to have a mooring on the Glos sharpness canal. Now I may join them, perhaps saul marina will empty also as we can cruise from gloucester 16 miles to sharpness and back if we choose and then all over again , staying 2 weeks at a time along the way? Saving a small fortune in mooring fees. And abiding bi the rules?...confused
  19. So...If I (move,cruise,navigate) at least 20km in a license year, I qualify guide lines for constant cruising ??............?
  20. Hi everyone, does any one know if the whale gulper 24 v pump is in fact the same as 12v one? I am intrigued as when you inspect both pumps there identical in every way even the manufactures sticker identical stating whale 220 etc, however the voltage sticker is a tiny sticker randomly stuck on rear casing. Can't help wondering if it's the same unit but will run on 12 and 24. Your thoughts please. Thanks Martin
  21. A big loss to boating especially those in Gloucestershire, he welcomed me and my broken boat, made me tea and made me smile. Told me quickly when I was going about things the incorrect way !!! Sad day.
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