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15 minutes ago, Tim Lewis said:

Some interesting old film of Severners from 6.30 minutes into this film:




Interesting footage.


However without squinting too hard and for too long, it looks to me that most of the SandCC motor boats pictured are not the Charles Hill welded boats, and are instead the wooden types identified by a number, rather than a name.

The most obvious identification in distant shots is that the wooden boats had their motor in a conventional engine hole ahead of the living accommodation to the rear of it - so the exhaust comes from where most of us are used to.

The Charles Hill boats had the engine room to the rear, with the living accommodation ahead of it.  That makes the engine exhaust at the back (nice for the steerer!)  There may have been some examples of this in the film, but if I I didn't see it on a quick run through.

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