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Weird heron


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I thought there was a wildlife subforum but can't find it. Maybe this is it?


A heron at my marina on the river Nene has gone a bit nuts, apparently after a couple of other heron in the area were killed by a mink. It squawks loudly overhead or if it's disturbed on the pontoons or boats which it's often walking on. It crapped (a lot) all over my roof when I was away for work a few weeks ago. You could clearly see its footprints in the shit. I've just never seen a heron behaving in this way before and squawking so much. It's almost being aggressive.


Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?

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Years ago when we ran a pub in a posh village there was a free roaming village peacock and some pea hens. In april at breeding time it used to fly onto the school roof directly opposite and squark and make the most horrific racket every morning for a couple of weeks. Villagers expected it and we were told by those in the know that it was mating behaviour. Maybe this Herons clock is out of sync and it thinks its breeding time?

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Our local heron was a pain in the neck.  It would (a) crap all over the cloths and (b) scratch the paintwork on the back cabin roof with its needle-sharp talons.  I was able to outwit it by running a line of string from the luby to the rear slide.  It acted a bit like a trip wire and it prevented it from landing on the boat.

It's now gone back to standing by the lock.


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The grey herons near us are generally silent, often seen standing on stern fenders fishing,and when out boating (us, not the herons) do that crazy take off and land circuit as the boat approaches. 


However, the Egrets, who are also a member of the heron family are pretty noisy in contrast. Here at Wells they are plentiful in number and spend their days fishing in the salt marsh. They sound most grumpy, usually when disturbed and make a horrible squawking noise as they take flight. 


There are also a few spoonbills about, which are quiet. 


I guess all herons are not born equal,but perhaps your one is a wannabe egret. 





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There are some of the small white herons in the district but non on the estate. 


While I do like seeing them I have no egrets that they have not taken up residence locally. 


We also have a zero canada geese policy which is actually quite difficult on the Thames but we manage. 





Parakeets need shooting. 


I think the Heron in the OP is probably wound up about the mink. Released by animal rights people I guess.


Nasty little buggers they are. And the mink too. 


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