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Connecting battery cables

Adam Mc Gowan

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Hi all, we’re finalising our 12 volt battery set up and running the pos & neg battery cables to the battery bank of 4 Trojan t105’s. 

We’re running the cable through both an internal and external isolator as well as having a mega fuse. 

Where should we connect the cables to on the battery bank itself? We’re not sure which battery of the 4 the pos & neg should connect to? 



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53 minutes ago, Adam Mc Gowan said:

Thanks for all the replies! Yes they are 6v wired up to give 12v around 400ah. So would the drawing above suit? 

Rearrange @robtheplod's drawing to put battery 2 below battery 1 and battery 4 below battery 3 and you can see it's effectively the same arrangement as I posted from the Smartgauge site. So yes it's the way to go. And rob's version probably makes more sense in physical layout terms.

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“robtheplod”, has two 6 volt batteries connected in parallel to give 12 volts, and then each pair connected in series to create a 12 volt bank.

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7 hours ago, David Mack said:

With the external connections taken from the diagonally opposite corners, to balance the load between the two pairs.


Not that it matters a hoot in real life.


It's more technically correct but the end user would never tell the difference.

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