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55 minutes ago, Captain Pegg said:


It's either:


a. Anglesey, or

b. Croxton Flash, or

c. Bugsworth, or

d. None of the above.


I'm not wrong am I?


d. None of the above. It was a wharf however.


It is at the end of a canal which has been restored but the bit in between is waiting to be connected to an existing canal.


Here is Anglesey wharf, then & now.

Anglesey wharf then.png

Angelsey Wharf 2017.png

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8 minutes ago, Captain Pegg said:

I didn’t even know where that was until I looked it up and found that you’re almost correct. However it is where I was, not where I am.

Are you down the far end of the Cannock Extension...?

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11 hours ago, Heartland said:

I wonder what the rules are. Do you need a boat, perhaps a model boat as a substitute. Then you can go to Hednesford Basin or the end of the Hay End Arm, Pump House Brickworks, Hill Top etc etc

You can do that anytime. And you can go anywhere you want on the BCN Challenge, even if it’s not on the BCN. You just won’t score any points.


But the rule for the Cannock Extension is that you should not proceed beyond Grove colliery basins due to the difficulties in turning. Hence on the two previous occasions I’ve been up there it has involved turning at Grove since both were during the Challenge. This time I got right to the end (of the remaining connected navigation) and in true Challenge style I’ve got a photo to prove it.


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The answer was the Bentley Canal. The remaining stub of which at Wednesfield is little more than a 70’ boat long and there were two boats there overnight.


Apologies that I seem to have overlooked the history element to this thread but a (99.9%) abandoned canal kind of fits.


So today for the third day in a row I’ve reached the truncated end of a one time longer navigation. This one is a familiar name, but more than likely to be mispronounced.



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22 minutes ago, Rob-M said:

Bradley Basin...?


Yes, Bradley. Or Braidley/Bradeley phonetically. But I know you know that despite not being a native of canalshire.


Although, the basin is offline a short distance before the end, and I went right to the end of the navigation and bumped the front fender against the wall. As a woman said to me at Norton Canes as I explained why I was ploughing through the weeds and leaves, "oh, you're one of those are you?".


And with it I completed the navigation of the entire remaining extent of the BCN on my own boat (I had previously been to Bradley with the BCNS on Atlas and Malus). 


And so lastly Vulpes is now safely moored at the modern day termination of another one time longer navigation. It has something in common with Bradley, so where is it and what is it they share?







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39 minutes ago, Heartland said:

Have you been in the basin at Wolverhampton at Broad Street Warehouse that was originally part of the old canal main line ?


Where might this have been




Is it Deepfields junction?

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