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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.

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On this day in 2003


Old Turn Junction BCN


23 hours ago, OldGoat said:


which was an incomplete picture of a sign at Sneyd Wharf from yesterday (and 4th May 2003), from where we began our trip to the centre of Birmingham on 5th. This day has a better picture of the sign:


L2016_20130527_0065a.jpg.602184f47496ac509f1ef0ff59cc9850.jpgReassuring to know that the sign was rebranded when we passed in 2013, but was not there in 2018.


I had wonderered whether the icon is in much demand, or whether once the artist drew it, the signmaker put it on the correct way around: seems more 'choppy' this way, maybe  ??



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On this day in 2009


Black Jack's Lock  No 85 GU South Fulbourne and butty Angel


L1535_20090505_0124a.JPG.12d499dc3d60261da44f76e77f8b4342.JPGand entering Uxbridge lock. The lock by-pass weir rejoins the canal under the towingpath where boats might want to be waiting for the lock.

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Image by Bagginz. River Wey.


Left for Paul Gettys place, hard right turn for the oiks.






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17 hours ago, PeterScott said:

On this day in 2006


Godalming Wharf, River Wey.


Southern point of the connected navigable systemL1205_20060505_0051a.jpg.d4c6926963be39fe16b1c835cd0b0f7d.jpg

I took my Common Entrance form here for a trip on Iona about 2001. I recall it was a one-horsepower model. Earlier in the day we'd been to a working watermill. That was one of the bonuses  of teaching, going on interesting trips free and being paid to do so too: it helped make up for the long hours of boarding-house duties.

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Major maintenance of the Aqueduc d'Oussy at Montreuillon has now been completed. The largest of three aqueducts on the route, it carries the Rigole de l'Yonne, a feeder to the Canal du Nivernais. 28 kilometres long, it has a tunnel as well and a breathtaking passage through the woods towards the Nivernais summit. A group of us went down it once, aided by a useful current.PICT0839.jpg.b657649eff358f768425bed24bbebdf2.jpg


Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 14.15.42.png

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On this day 2005


Using the Skiff Lock, Teddington


We shared the small lock. Our Trip from Limehouse was already mentioned in #563


We had spent the night of the 2005 General Election in Limehouse Basin, in this newsworthy constituency. Which inspires a rather convoluted cat-link.

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