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Checking in!

NB Alnwick

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Graham we have had a 'nod when passing' relationship over the years.

I'm very pleased to hear that you seem to have, 'come out the other end' of a very stressful time. We have passed Alnwick many times and looked for the opportunity to nod appropriately but your post explains fully why this hasn't been as successful as we would have liked.


We wish you well with the next chapter of your lives together, the cottage sounds an ideal solution to our aging bodies and the relationship with boating. 


May have the opportunity to 'nod' over the next couple of months as we make our slow way to Banbury area for Christmas and beyond. 





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Good to hear from you Graham, I've often wondered how you're doing. Sorry about your hard times but it sounds like you're the other side of it now with loads to look forward to.

Wishing you and Jane all the best.

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7 hours ago, NB Alnwick said:

an ideal engine for a heavy narrow boat - this opinion was expressed clearly to Alnwick's builder by none other than George Bergius,

Hmm. Mandy Rice-Davis springs to mind!


Anyway, welcome back Graham. We've passed Alnwick at Cropredy a few times and wondered where you had got to. It's good to have you back. I hope things stay a bit easier for you and Jane in the future.




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