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  1. just seen this on farcebook very sad https://www.facebook.com/groups/NarrowboatOwnersGroup/?fref=nf
  2. first thing to do OP is get your self a decent bottle of malt sit on the bow and enjoy the sunset and then worry about everything in the morning and raise a toast to the old girl and she will never let you down . good luck this forum is full of very knowledgeable people who will love to help just provide all the details and photos and you will be in good hands
  3. Nut

    Currys cookers

    a polite letter may work but as an ex ex retail manager you do not have a lot of ground , however anytime someone came to me in your shoes and was polite I always exchanged even on items that were 18 months old. politeness is the key so keep your cool.
  4. Nut

    Currys cookers

    as above you need to front them up
  5. I agree he looked and sounded like a complete wally at one point he looked as if he was gurning
  6. as I see it Tankbusters need to put their side to the story or further damage their already somewhat tarnished reputation
  7. according to the owners its fully insured and they will cover it , great news
  8. very sad saw this yesterday as well , is this a case of no slack in the mooring ropes? According to the story on fb the EA opened the sluice gates if true can someone explain how the boat should have been moored to counteract this when the gates were opened please
  9. why not ask if the geezer can be retrained in a polite way and next time it happens tell em to do one its your boat in the end
  10. a life jacket would be a must in case it goes in
  11. thanks Op will bear this in mind
  12. so from reading these incidents for the last 3 years you need to be nudging forward in a lock? cannot wait to take the helmsmen/helmswoman/transgender course
  13. well done you two deserve a medal saved his life defo
  14. Op you could get someone from the forums to come and visit I believe that does happen
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