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  1. Garryflex blocks work well for getting the really bad tarnishing off. You want the finest grade they make.
  2. There is no legal requirement for a cyclist to have a audible warning device. It is however a requirement if you are riding a time trial under the road time trials councils rules.
  3. The drawing refers to a bolt - If the term has been used correctly then the con-rod would not have threads in it. What you have is a machine screw and for whatever reason the nuts and locking wire are not there. The face on the con-rod has not been machined to allow the washers under the nuts to sit sit correctly. Also is there enough clearance between the curved part of the rod and the M.screw to clear the flanks of the nut so it sits without cutting into the rod. From your photo there does not appear to be the locking wire holes in the machine screws.
  4. We met a tug and rubbish barges after going out from Brentford with a loaded pair upstream to Teddington. as soon as he saw us he slowed right down to leave less wash. The tug captains will all be time served lightmen / watermen hence they really do know what they are doing. If you can get a copy then " Men of the Tideway is a good read"
  5. You used to be able to get these as convoluted so they would compress and enable you to fit them with the head on.
  6. Blue smoke out of the ehaust is oil burning
  7. When I had a chat with them recently about calling them to say we were on one of the moorings that they are responsible for, a reason for boaters to call was so that they knew if or how much spare room was available at that particular mooring for others to use. The person I spoke to was well aware of the boats I am associated with and knew we only ever moored overnight but still asked us to call in for the reason above. Tesco Reading moorings - Please get in contact with Reading council to ask that the first 24 hours are free so that those who want to can use the Tescos without penalty.
  8. Walked into the toolroom one night to see a Bridgeport mill being used to extract a broken stud. There was a centre drill rotating the "wrong" way. Upon asking was told its a left hand one a bit blunt - no being a wise old apprentice my reply was oh yes along with the tartan paint, the rubber hammer and glass nails. Upon further inspection it really was a left hander and you can buy them.
  9. Its a row of large blue barrels and is very good at protecting the gents boat. They are attached to a length of rope.
  10. If its like the mains voltage ones as used in houses etc then if you can get it out, take the top off, and pressure wash the inside - mind the blowback from the pressure washer!!!!!. It may well be the float switch jamming.
  11. Had a telephone conversation with Reading council about the Tesco moorings. There have been a number of calls to them about about this. The mooring situaction at the moment is it no free time at all so as soon as you moor its time to pay (£9-50) This mooring restriction does not help those just wanting to shop in Tescos or visit the town. The whole situaction is due for review towards the end of the year. Reading council seem to be receptive to the idea of so many hours free and then you pay. What is needed is for as many people to contact Reading Council to ask for a change in the present conditions for stopping there. Reading Council phone number is 0118 937 3787 Regards to all
  12. Shop in Brentford sells all you will need. They do an external gel coat that you can put on a damaged area. From past experiance with Lotus Elites ( Mk 14 ) you need to go right back to the undamaged part of the area and then build it back up. http://www.thefibreglassshop.co/
  13. Arteries of Commerce. Just found my copy. it has a limited edition label loose inside which reads The Waterways Museum Stoke Bruerne 'ARTERIES OF COMMERCE' a limited edition of 1000 reprinted from the 1930's original, in hard covers No. 23 A soft back is also available The 23 is hand written.
  14. Arteries of commerce was reprinted as a limited edition with a certificate around about the time Blisworth tunnel re-opened. My copy is not available at the moment for a closer look. There was also a ribbom plate done for the same occasion.
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