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  1. It has moved from Pillings lock then. Unless something has changed since I last saw her, "She has got a newly refurbished lister 3 cylinder engine which is in pristine condition" isn't exactly correct Richard
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. On the 'Where are we on the BCN??', I wouldn't worry too much about it, it endlessly confuses everyone. The Gower branch starts at Albion Junction near Dunkirk stop and includes the Brades locks - that's a lot of names for not many places. The Atherstone flight is bloody miles long and is just the Atherstone flight Try sorting out the 'Old Turn' 'Gas Street' 'Sandy Turn' conundrum! The first BCN Challenge we competed on had all of these junctions scored separately before Roy and John sensibly simplified things Richard
  4. Based on many excursions to retrieve spanners from similar bilges, it will be mostly water with some oil floating on the top.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. No, you won't need to. The gaskets are already coated Richard
  7. It is also planned based on the worst conditions the engine is going to experience. For engines that are in boats, the intervals will be based on what the industrial engine would have done And boat engines don't run flat out for 300 hours as generators, or thrash about on building sites, or swallow lots of dust and debris on farms Boat engines have a pretty cushy life Richard
  8. Our distressed 2.2 has no flywheel, so that's no help...
  9. You have just as much success if you took in your boat registration number
  10. You often find them on industrials, rarely on marine ones Are you really having trouble finding the filters? Richard
  11. I used to work with someone who as a young apprentice would service Rovers, probably in the early 1950's A full service included repairing minor paint damage Richard
  12. If you have no filter, just put the old one back I wouldn't mess around in case you get dirty from one side of the filter to the other Richard
  13. Only, a diesel shop will supply you with a bit of straight pipe of the right length with the right fittings on the end. And some of those BMC pipe routes are very complicated I'd buy a preformed injector pipe, last ones we got from Calcutt Richard
  14. And an Ailsa Craig engine, sunken Richard
  15. Yes, according to the description it has been shortened and I guess that's when it got that awkward looking stern Richard
  16. I guess you can't have the paddles at the top open when the gates are open at the bottom. So, no flushing out Richard
  17. RLWP

    Lister id

    I'll take a risk because I forget when the date changed ends in the number - it was built in 1979. The ST3 you worked out, M for Marine, G = with a gearbox. You can find SR engines labelled MGR where R means with a reduction box Richard I'll sing it to you some time Richard
  18. RLWP

    Lister id

    What do you want to know? Hmm, Serial number says it's an ST3, Unit number says it is a marine unit with a gearbox Richard
  19. Honestly.... I have the stern mooring line on, the other mooring lines off, full chat in reverse and the bow isn't coming out! Must be a hell of a cross wind in this marina Richard Are you available for Team Tawny Owl BCN Challenge crew?
  20. How did you do so well on the BCN Challenge without knowing that!
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