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  1. How about Beacon Park Boats on the Mon & Brec? Some with cross beds on 7'6" and 8'6" boats. Also wide beam Dutch Barge style boats.
  2. All hire boats should use the pilot for Potter. The GRP boat appears to be a day boat so would normally not have a problem, but river levels are very high at the moment. The wooden boat is a Martham's boat being taken back to its base by the yard. Another video shows a tug ramming it to get it through. There is also a picture out there somewhere of hire boats which were stuck the wrong side of Wroxham bridge being taken through ladened with barrels full of water for extra ballast.
  3. Cambrian used to be all narrow, but their latest boats are 7'4"
  4. Also a trend on some hire fleets to build 7'6" 'narrow' boats. Just wide enough to make the double beds more comfortable.
  5. Went with Arlen many years ago and went down Glasson branch. Never even knew it was an issue with hire boats on Lancaster.
  6. As you did you read your letter/contract of appointment. That will say who your employer is. Also check that they are a legal entity. Many large organisations trade on a headline brand, but have many subsidiaries using similar names. e.g. Your company is called Mega Corp you think you work for Mega Corp, but the actual name of the company is Mega Corp Holdings plc. and you don't work for them, you work for Mega Corp (UK 1999) Ltd. If you started working for one company and ended up working for another, then either you have signed a new contract voluntarily, or have been TUPE'd across. Either way you should know.
  7. Also allows for stop planks/coffer dams to be installed easily should the main canal need to be drained for any reason.
  8. Google earth regularly updates images and you can look at them all through the history button. Great for seeing how an area has changed. Some areas have images from 1945.
  9. Almost anywhere. Talybont-on-usk has a couple of pubs to visit after your walk. Very small place so quickly out of the village into the countryside. As well as the canal, you can walk up to the reservoir. Llangattock is close to Crickhowell, but still rural. Llanfoist will give you a sense of wooded sections clinging to the hill side. But it will be a very steep walk from the road to canal. Goytre Wharf has great interest of the original industrial purpose of the canal, but is beautifully rural. You could always pop in a couple of hire bases and check out possible boats.
  10. Yes, you can do it all in a week. Round trip approx 70miles, so at 2mph (there are some rebuilt concrete sections where you can go a little faster) 35h plus 2 x 6 locks. But, its a canal which does 'slow you down' more than most. If you like walking, its very easy to stop and get off the boat. We've been five times and only done the full length once. A lot of hirers only do between Goytre and Brecon. For most of the canal the character is of being tree lined (plenty of views between the trees) and clinging to the mountainside with the river far below. Past Goytre the valley widens and the character changes. Still very nice, and usually quieter.
  11. Its a few years since we've hire there, but I would say its definitely a hidden gem. Its mostly shallow - recon on an average of 2mph when cruising. Boat length used to be limited by sharp bends on the Heads of the Valley road bridge, but since this had been replaced, that not a problem and the length of the newer hire boats has gradually increased. As the channel is narrow and often twisty, this can make it fun when passing larger craft, especially the wide beams - but its not a canal to rush on. The edge of the canal is sloped making getting to the bank to moor difficult, but a series of mooring places - sometimes for only two boats, but in remote locations - have been installed as well as mooring in the more popular spots. Much of the canal is within the Brecon Beacons National Park, so this limits development and keeps it rural. It only really gets built up if you go past Pontymoile onto the old Monmouthshire Canal. This last stretch was very slow 0.5 - 1 mph, Although I do believe some dredging has taken place since we were last there. When we went we hired from Cambrian Cruisers and I can recommend them. An unexpected advantage was that most other hire bases are further down the canal and most hirers head for Brecon. Starting near Brecon means you are 'out of phase' with most other hirers. We met quite a few Red Line Boats who were complaining of being stuck behind the wide beams from Beacon Park Boats. Although that was when they were based at Llanfoist. I suspect its less of a problem now they have moved to Llangattock. If you are thinking about visiting and want a rural slow paced holiday ,I would recommend it. If you are thinking of moving your own boat there, check draft and headroom carefully - despite having slightly wider locks, its not a big canal.
  12. Agree its not the best stretch of canal, but its the only one where we've had the pleasure of the company of two kingfishers for at least 1/2 mile
  13. Been through Froghall in both an Anderson boat and a Canal Cruising one.
  14. I can recommend Cambrian Cruisers on the Mon & Brec. Also try Beacon Park Boats. Never been with them, but certainly up market and different. Many boats based on inspection launches rather than the traditional working narrowboats. Even one boat with a hot tub on the front deck. https://www.cambriancruisers.co.uk/ https://beaconparkboats.com/search/650017
  15. I think pubs vary depending if you want food and or drink. The Bell at Trysull is well worth the walk from Awbridge Lock for food and drink. The Hinksford Arms and the Navigation a little further down at Greensforge are also worth a stop for a drink and possibly food as well. The Anchor at Caunsall is great for beer and cobs, but don't expect a full meal! Good to know the Vine at Kinver is open again and looking good.
  16. One garden to highlight, which you get a great view of, is the private garden of a Chelsea gold medal winner. John's garden. It does have occasional charity open days. Just south of Greensforge. For me I associate the S&W N with cruising along the M6. For me it would be the S&W S turning before Kiddy which would leave a short time to do a bit of the Shropie.
  17. South Oxford does it at least twice. Caldon canal does it and would you class the Middle level as canal?
  18. RS2021


    From memory I thought Pontymoile was more casual/ overnight mooring rather than a permanent mooring. I think you will get a lot more options at marinas and boatyards further up the canal.
  19. No problem. I'd be interested to see your full list of BrumTugs, but I'm not on Facebook so can't see your page. Any chance of a copy?
  20. Likewise. I have no first hand knowledge of the boat, just a collection of old brochures! My only first hand experience of a BrumTug was to help recover one from the Stourbridge area which had been abandoned following a heart attack of one of the hirers. Although I have to say it is a design of boat which I can see the attraction for.
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