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  1. We had two Narrowboats in Aynho weir lock. Ours was 62 feet, the other was around 45.
  2. With current Covid, does anyone know the current opening times for the Watford Flight - specifically the last week in September. Many thanks
  3. Hi robtheplod. Have been through Blisworth a couple of times and not encountered any problems on the sides. You will need something waterproof on though especially near the north end.
  4. My wife wants to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory in Hanley. We will be going up the Caldon canal in May. Can anyone suggest safe moorings around the Hanley area as have heard Hanley Park may not be a good place to overnight. What is is like during the day?
  5. Does anyone know how to change the bulb on this fridge? Cannot see a way to release the plastic cover. Only have scanty manual which makes no reference to same.
  6. I have a trad stern narrowboat. All the engine boards and flooring is varnished, but is starting to look tired. I intend to sand down back to bare wood and re varnish. The question is 'which varnish?' The varnish has to withstand footfall and the elements as with rear doors & hatch open it is subject to sun and rain. I know I want gloss. Midland Chandlers seems to exclusively sell International. I have seen others recommend Ronseal, Rustins and Le Tonikois. I don't mind paying extra to get a good product that will last - but if I am paying extra I would like the confidence th
  7. Can someone confirm the max size boat which can use the winding hole just north of bridge 59 on South Stratford at Wilmcote. Many years ago it was 50 foot max. No notation on Nicholson. Trying to avoid the last 16 locks down to Stratford. Many thanks ( I am 62 feet)
  8. Hi magnetman As MoominPapa says there are several on eBay. I have not chosen which one yet. Having read everyone's replies I think I will go ahead after the pump. Thanks to all who contributed Hi magnetman As MoominPapa says there are several on eBay. I have not chosen which one yet. Having read everyone's replies I think I will go ahead after the pump. Thanks to all who contributed
  9. I am thinking of buying a £20 water flow meter off ebay to measure litres of water used. Anyone done it? Is it best to install between tank and pump or after pump - or does it not make any difference. Are there any reasons why I should not install one? Reason for doing it is because when I have my daughters on board, I am never sure how much water is left in the tank and running out would put me in a bad place. Thanks
  10. Thanks Sea Dog. That would seem to tick the boxes. Thanks BlueStringPudding. I too will be interested to see opinion of others in respect to possible long term damage
  11. Jabsco recommend the use of their own Toilet Fresh Clean as a chemical to put down the bowl to reduce odours and not cause any damage to their seals & equipment. I don't have an objection except their chemical is not cheap. What is the experience of others. Are some toilet chemicals/cleaners more effective than others - but more importantly, which ones cause the least potential damage to the macerator seals and are thus most user friendly.
  12. ​I may need soon 4 new domestic 12V batteries 110AH. I am a light user - weekends and the occasional week on the cut - otherwise boat in marina hooked up to mains charger - which is also a 3kw invertor. So I look on ebay and come across Alpha batteries and their Xplorer range at £75 - 4 year warranty. I then check Alpha's own website and under boat batteries the same battery has a 3 year warranty. Under Narrowboats, the same battery has a 2 year warranty. So I am now confused and turn to the wisdom of this site. Would people recommend Alpha or is there a better alternative and does
  13. Am in process of buying a boat. Queried with previous owner if they had every had problems with water in diesel tank. They said no because they always used a 'Fuel Save Diesel Additive' on every fill. Anyone throw any light as to what this additive might be?
  14. Have just bought a 62 Foot boat. On an old copy of Nicholson, I have written a note that the winding hole by bridge 136 at Fenny Compton is restricted to 50 feet. On subsequent copies no restriction is mentioned. Can anyone clarify please ( I am aware the watering point could get in the way) As an alternate, how does the Marina view a quick wind in their entrance? Thanks
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