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  1. Agree its not the best stretch of canal, but its the only one where we've had the pleasure of the company of two kingfishers for at least 1/2 mile
  2. Been through Froghall in both an Anderson boat and a Canal Cruising one.
  3. I can recommend Cambrian Cruisers on the Mon & Brec. Also try Beacon Park Boats. Never been with them, but certainly up market and different. Many boats based on inspection launches rather than the traditional working narrowboats. Even one boat with a hot tub on the front deck. https://www.cambriancruisers.co.uk/ https://beaconparkboats.com/search/650017
  4. I think pubs vary depending if you want food and or drink. The Bell at Trysull is well worth the walk from Awbridge Lock for food and drink. The Hinksford Arms and the Navigation a little further down at Greensforge are also worth a stop for a drink and possibly food as well. The Anchor at Caunsall is great for beer and cobs, but don't expect a full meal! Good to know the Vine at Kinver is open again and looking good.
  5. One garden to highlight, which you get a great view of, is the private garden of a Chelsea gold medal winner. John's garden. It does have occasional charity open days. Just south of Greensforge. For me I associate the S&W N with cruising along the M6. For me it would be the S&W S turning before Kiddy which would leave a short time to do a bit of the Shropie.
  6. Good canal/water engineering.
  7. South Oxford does it at least twice. Caldon canal does it and would you class the Middle level as canal?
  8. RS2021


    From memory I thought Pontymoile was more casual/ overnight mooring rather than a permanent mooring. I think you will get a lot more options at marinas and boatyards further up the canal.
  9. No problem. I'd be interested to see your full list of BrumTugs, but I'm not on Facebook so can't see your page. Any chance of a copy?
  10. Likewise. I have no first hand knowledge of the boat, just a collection of old brochures! My only first hand experience of a BrumTug was to help recover one from the Stourbridge area which had been abandoned following a heart attack of one of the hirers. Although I have to say it is a design of boat which I can see the attraction for.
  11. I've had another trawl through old brochures for Querc/qus. The first photo is from an Alvechurch brochure, but the boat is still in Brum Boats signwriting. It is clearly Querqus (not sure if that comes through in the reduced size file on here, but is clear in the brochure) The second photo is from Hoseasons 1992 brochure and by this time the boat has been repainted and all the signwriting has been updated - probably post Alvechurch takeover, but is still Querqus. All the brochures I can find print the name as Querqus and all the photos that can be deciphered show the name as Querqus, so it appears that that was the name used for its hire life. What happened after that... Sadly no photo is clear enough for a BW reg No.
  12. The boatyard was on Sherborne Wharf which was on the Oozells Street loop. The hire fleet was operated from one side of the loop on the old wharf and a footbridge crossed over to moorings on the other side. There was an arm which was used for mooring and a covered dock, but this was only a small part of the yard.
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