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  1. Simplifying a system like benefits that requires strict control may not be a good idea even though it sounds good, you might end up making it wide open to massive abuse which will bankrupt the system.
  2. Are you sure its not just a new bows ? As the rest of the hull looks old .
  3. No, not unless you believe in a Ponzi scheme of adding to the population to fill job vacancies to staff public services that the new citizens use themselves that then require more staff ad infinitum .
  4. UI would cause a dangerous stampede of immigrants trying to get to the UK, it would require far more effective border control than we have now. It would remove all the checks and balances of the benefits system and declare open house to the worlds poor.
  5. Problem is the engines have electronic governors controlled by the main inverter board and are useless for any other purpose.
  6. The vapour from a petrol generator engine can only come from the carb, if you shut the fuel off and run the carb dry and close the fuel tank breather before you pack it away there should be no vapour.
  7. None of the sections in the 1965 bylaws apply for the reason I stated above.
  8. We should call him King Cnut.
  9. Don't panic , I meant if you kept doing it after I asked you not to.
  10. I suspect it could come under damaging CRT property generally , I doubt that the bylaws can be bypassed by semantically like this. I'm not going to check the bylaws because they only apply if CRT is willing to enforce them, so they are in practice irrelevant now days.
  11. CRT don't enforce their bylaws and have never taken anyone to court for breaching them.
  12. You can run a generator as long as you like if either no one is moored within earshot, or you have their permission , if you disturbed my peace and quiet for hours every day I would hoof your generator into the canal.
  13. The misconceptions and bogus advertising of foil bubble wrap still goes on apparently, please be aware that foil bubble wrap was never created to replace insulation materiels and has far less insulating properties than the same thickness of a real insulation such as polystyrene, PU foam or rock wool, even cardboard. Nailing a wool blanket to the wall would provide more insulation than foil bubble used on its own. Foil bubble wrap is a RADIANT BARRIER which is designed to reflect radiant heat in conjunction with thick insulation materiel which slows heat transfer by conduction, it is an add on product to ( marginally ) increase the performance of insulation, mostly in roof spaces, the actual bubble wrap is just a convenient and cheap carrier for the reflective foil its not meant to do anything else except stop it ripping and making it easy to staple to rafters. There are too many websites to list that explain this better than I can, so I leave it up to you if you want to Google it.
  14. Foil bubble wrap isn't insulation. Its one of the big cons in the building industry.
  15. Any kind of high pressure steam is potentially very dangerous and needs constant monitoring and maintenance, which is why no one uses it for small scale generation.
  16. If you set up a stove with the back plate clamped to the underwater hull with a TEG sandwiched in between you would have a water cooled generator. It may only be a trickle charge but its silent and requires no maintenance* , no petrol, no engine wear, and produces the most power in the winter as opposed to the opposite for solar. ( *though heating the hull plate will cause it to corrode faster ) The colder it is outside the more you want from your stove and the bigger heat difference there will be on the TEG.
  17. All the pot bellies I've seen have been death traps in a confined space too. Machine Mart stoves have always looked cheap and nasty Chinese / Indian castings made of junk grade iron to me . Much like the rest of their overpriced junk tools.
  18. There is nothing in WD40 except a tiny amount of cheap mineral oil and a lot of solvent, its a marketing con and always has been. If you're spraying it on your paintwork then it is just evaporating away and doing exactly what the manufacturer wants , that is making you buy some more.
  19. When I needed a new flue I happened to have some offcuts of 1 mm stainless welded tube going spare and made it out of that just to see how long it would last, that was 3 years ago and its still the same thickness, and as soon as I got the stove back working I noticed a huge difference in that the thin flue was radiating tons of heat into the cabin instead of wasting it out of the chimney, it also largely cleans itself as it expands and contracts all the crud flakes off inside. I wouldn't fit a heavy mild steel flue again .
  20. Pathetic level of victimhood. I'd be embarrassed to make this public. Who does he think he's kidding ?
  21. That's why I said " breasted up" since the towed boat needs no one aboard.
  22. In construction and engineering the mandatory hard hat saved many many lives, if you do some research . There was or still is a big sheet of steel in Denham lock, I know because it slipped off my boat a few years ago.
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