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  1. Hello, I want to install an auxiliary outboard engine myself. Any tips where I can find enough information to do it on this kind of boat? It's a cruiser 26 feet. It's my sister's boat and some people said to us it's simple, so I want to learn how to do it. Any specific support or could be those simple ones we find on Ebay? Long shaft or short? And minimal HP? We want to fix the main engine but it's a bit expensive at the moment for us so it will be only a temporary solution and there's no need to be a powerful oneI. Anyway, thanks in advance, this group has been so supportive in all my boat challenges.
  2. Hello, I'm installing a diesel heater 5kw and I don't know how to protect my fiberglass hull. I made a small hole in the hull to insert the exhaust pipe out, so what is the best option to protect the hull against hot temperatures? I'm worried about the hot air pipe as well which comes from a hole in a wood wal and I know it can be dangerous. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  3. Hey!! My sister's boyfriend bought a filter system that collect water from the river and I really enjoy the idea. So I'm trying to search more about options I could have and it is not easy to find it though. His system cost about £700 pounds and for me it is quite expensive. Does anyone know any other cheaper than that? I just want water to shower and wash the dishes.. not keen to drink it. Does anyone use it? pros and cons?
  4. Thanks for your help, guys! Because you helped to decide and I bought one 2 days a go to give it a try. Let's see how it goes... I just need air heating, actually, because I already have a water gas boiler, so all good ! and luckly it is not expensive to test it.
  5. Hello! I asked some tips for installing my small potbelly clark stove and many people here advised me not to do it for lots of reasons and so thank you for the help, because I decided to follow your advices. Someone suggested me to install a chinese diesel heater instead, as my budget is small at the moment, so I wonder if this is a good option? I have a fiberglass 26fh boat and I have two radiators connected to the engine, but I don't like the idea of having the engine running all the time and a GOOD stove is way above what I can afford right now. Does anyone have any wonderful ideas, I am open to better ideas as well? hehe thanks again p.s: does anyone teach me how to delete previous posts ? I don't want to poluite it with similar questions about heating
  6. Hello, I'm planning to install this small pot belly on my 26ft fiberglass boat. I've just got the stove and I have to buy everything else and even to make to hole in the celling (and protect its walls). Does anyone know which collars I must to use when I make the ceilling hole.. I know it is 2 layers of fiberglass and one of wood between them. I also have to remove the rest of the structure around the stove, but it is already in the position I want to keep it.It is hard to find someone to help me with that, so any tip would be very welcome. I read lots of manuals, but I know it can be really dangerous, so that's why I'm asking here to be more confident. Thanks!!
  7. It is a Z drive, I don't know the model yet. Starting from zero, the last owner were clueless. And he broke the lift piece of the z drive. So I have no choice to make it under the water by myself or wait 3 months to the marina take the boat off water. I bought a water mask, it is easy to get into the propeller, but I can't remove this cone, tried to turn left with a wrench, but nothing.. even the propeller is not moving to any side. And someone said there is a Lock that must be open to make it happen, but I couldn't understand it by the manual. So any insight is more than welcome!
  8. I tried to read the manual, but there are some terms and small writing that I couldnt understand. But it is good to know that there is something that locks the cone, at least it means that it is not a real problem. I just need to find it. Anyway, thanks for it!
  9. Hello, I'm trying to change my propeller by myself inside of water. But it is impossible to unscrew the cone! I'm turning it to left. Does anyone have any help? Thanks!
  10. Hello, does any one have a tip for me of how to remove the cone of the propeller, because I need to change it for a new one? I tried with a wrench in both ways and nothing. I never did that before and trying to learn how to do it hy myself. (Oh, I'm doing it inside if water) Thanks, guys!
  11. Man, you are an angel heheh thanks!! It seems so easy. My only problem is that I can't take it from water or lift the arm, so thinking about to use water mask and find this screw. Too crazy?
  12. Man, you are an angel heheh thanks!! It seems so easy. My only problem is that I can't take it from water or lift the arm, so thinking about to use water mask and find this screw. Too crazy?
  13. Hello, does anyone can give me an insight? I have my propeller broken and it is too expensive to take the boat out of water. Is it possible to change it under the water? If so, is it easy or can anyone help me to do it? Thanks.
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