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  1. Boatingbiker

    Restricted Nav, Cov Canal, Atherstone bottom

    Is it April 1st already ?
  2. Boatingbiker

    Castle Boats

    We have a similar boat , which has a South West Durham shell with a Castle Marine fit out, built in 2005 and a Beta 38 engine. Originally sold via Nottingham site. There are quite a few of these boats around with lots being built for the Canaltime group. the only difference we have spotted is that the Canaltime boats did not have a door at the bows, otherwise they are similar cruiser stern and rear seat plus a tubular handrail along each side along the roof. A good fit out in light ash with a Lockgate diesel fired stove.
  3. Boatingbiker

    Black Water meadow

    We had a rear canopy over our cruiser stern which was a pain to lower for bridges, we solved it by selling it in 'Towpath Talk' and purchased a different type. Isn't your Marina only a few hundred yards north of a tunnel and there are lift bridges in the opposite direct with even less clearance ?
  4. Boatingbiker

    Wolverhampton Locks

    When we travel the Wolverhampton flight we aim to moor on the Bentley Canal arm, it's only 30 mins from Horseley Fields Junc near the top lock and in our opinion better mooring than at HFJ, which we found noisy (mainly Police cars leaving their Station throughout the night. There is also a Sainsbury's and other retail outlets if needed and
  5. Boatingbiker

    Braunston Winding hole

    ops, wrong again !
  6. Boatingbiker

    Braunston Winding hole

    If I remember correctly, work was completed before this year's Historic Boat rally, amist lots of publicity of who paid for the dredging work !¬
  7. Boatingbiker

    Marina suggestions

    Just to clarify the comments made above regarding Ventnor Marina. Both Ventnor and Wigrams Marinas which are located on/near the Napton Junction are both owned by Castle Marina. Ventnor marina is not open to residential moorers , however their staff do live on board within the Marina and are always seen around the Marina when ever we are there (on all days of the week) Wigram is open for residential moorers. AFAIC, the limitation of noisy work on boats at the weekends is a condition of a local neighbour who I believe use to own the Marina and imposed the condition upon selling the Marina to Castle, and not to disturb other boaters as stated previously. That does not prevent anybody moving their boat out onto the Grand Union to carry out any works within the normal CRaT regs and which could be nearer to the local neighbour than any boat moored within the marina. Of course consideration for others (boaters and non-boaters) should be observed at all times. Hope this clarifies earlier misleading comments. And I am not employed by Castle Marina , but have moored at Ventnor for a couple of years. Sorry Ray T we were typing similar replies at the same time, both with the same message
  8. Boatingbiker

    locks for a solo yogurt pot

    There was a slipway at Devizes Wharf that you could use and it's above the Caen hill flight of locks on the K&A
  9. Boatingbiker

    Excited and slightly worried!!

    And when you get woken up in the early morning by a repeated tapping sound on the hull just inches from your head, don't worry it's only the ducts , having breakfast ! Enjoy your new boat
  10. Boatingbiker

    The true license evaders

    Just an observation as a non live aboard narrow boater with a home mooring in a marina, during the last 8 months we have seen (and spoken to ) a CR&T employee twice walking the planks in our home marina checking for licence evasion. But in 4 moths cruising have never seen anyone checking boats out on the cut. We have observed a number of boats in the middle of nowhere with a huge amount of associated materials from ferret hutches , motorcycles , spare timber etc etc that has not appeared to have moved for some time (forget in the last 14 days) and would take a few hours to reload onto the boat/s. My point being that some boaters know where to moor to avoid licences or over stay. A difficult one to police in places.
  11. Boatingbiker

    How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    We used a sheet of 10 mm thick perspex sheet, supplied by an e-bay supplier and cut to fit side door aperture less a nominal clearance. The sheet fits inside the recess for the doors and is inserted whilst stood inside the boat. Without any additional frame the sheet was drilled and tapped to take threaded bolts to fit 4 No side catches and no handles . We use the catches to hold onto when lifting into place. If I had to make another I would drill two holes at mid height to take a short loop of elasticated cord on each side with hooks fitted on the inside /cabin side to hold in place, a lot easier that drilling and tapping threaded holes.
  12. Boatingbiker

    Widebeam syndicate ?

    There appears to be a share available on a widebeam called 'Dorchester' found on the 'boatshare' site Good luck
  13. assuming that you have checked any inline filter is clean, how about fitting larger bore oil feed line instead of a header tank
  14. Boatingbiker

    Taylor's Heaters, identifying paraffin or diesel

    Whilst I do not know these heaters in any detail, but the clue may be D=diesel and K=kerosene, also known as paraffin ? a quick google of both model numbers appear to confirm my initial thoughts
  15. Boatingbiker

    Gordon's Pleasure Cruisers - Lutine Bell

    We hired from Gordon Pleasure Cruisers in 1986. The top side was white grp from memory. Interesting in that a number of the current directors of Gordons are also listed as current directors of Napton Marine , on the same location

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