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  1. This business is located less than 2 miles from Canal Walk, Southampton, site of the Southampton -Salisbury Canal which closed down in approx. 1803. However it is in the Solent which attracts sea going craft rather than Narrowboats, there was an ex Black Prince narrowboat used for residential use moored on the River Hamble nearby until a few years ago
  2. Boatingbiker


    It will never get though Froghall Tunnel with that handle attached ! Love it
  3. If the leak is on the inlet side of the pump, then with pump working it will draw air in and cause the taps to splutter (air /water mixture) Check the 'O' rings on pumps connections first and it may only cost you pence rather than a whole new pump. I know this from experience !
  4. And don't forget your state pension is classified as a taxable income !
  5. No. I assume you fill in an annual tax return, of course. Agree with first statement, as this is how it works for me, however 1) I don't submit any tax returns since (early) retirement, and 2) I claim 10% of my partners personnel allowance as part of mine so I can take £13750 before paying any tax. The Pension company treat me like an employee in that I gat a monthly payment complete with payslip notice Hope this helps
  6. Placed order with Hartlepool Marine on Thursday morning, new flue terminal delivered other end of the country today Friday 10.30am Great service
  7. Hi, we are in need of a replacement flue terminal for our Refleks stove. Lockgate do not respond to telephone calls nor e-mails. Are there any other suppliers out there? We have contacted Little Chimney Co , but they are unable to help in making one. Many thanks
  8. Nothing new at Brinklow Marina then ! It's a laid back type of place with only basic services, one man owner company with a couple of live aboard's as harbourmasters( who are very helpful when available ) oh! and windy !
  9. Come guys, the most important item- fill the boat with beer !
  10. The Clean Air Act (1956) seriously restricted large scale coal and oil burning appliances in the 1950 and ever since. Still applies today, as I had to apply it's requirement to large (1.0 MW) steam boilers using oil as a standby fuel installed on isle of Wright a couple of years ago
  11. Not all engines are fitted with oil pressure gauge nor temperature gauge. Our boat has neither and therefore I would not expect them to be fitted unless specified by myself at the time of ordering the engine replacement. Did you specifically request replacements and/or re-instatements ? Apologies if this is nor the support you were looking for.
  12. We recommend bedazzled lighting, they were able to supply all replacements (in LCD form) for us a few years ago, not the cheapest but none failed to date.
  13. as i do not view this site daily (sorry !) I was unaware of a) the call for photo's and b) the call for votes. It just happen that I picked up on the results this evening, this may be because I only see the last 10-12 postings as is my default setting set by this forum. Maybe this is the reason why so few votes ??
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