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  1. Yes that's the one. It's getting on for 2 years old now and to be honest it's never given a minutes bother. The strainer prevents hair etc getting to the pump and If it fills completely it does not leak at all but because the pump removes water faster than it drains in from the bath/shower this seldom happens.
  2. Hi Paul, I will watch with interest the replies to your post as I too would like to tile the bathroom floor and my bath drain sump box is situated underneath it. With regard to the sump box it works very well with no leaks at all, there is a vent hole in the side of the box that I piped up the inside of the airing cupboard to a level above the top of the bath. I did this because I once emptied the bath & forgot to swith on the drain pump which resulted in the bath contents going into the bilge through the vent. I also have to clean the suction strainer in the sump box quite regularly (every couple of weeks) which tends to block with hair etc so access under the floor is vital. Hope that helps.
  3. On my engine installation (Isuzu) I have a vertical calorifier and the header tank is mounted higher up in a cockpit locker. I noticed that the pressure cap on the header tank is the same calibration as the pressure cap on top of the engine heat exchanger, ie. both settings are 95kpa. When the engine is working hard, expansion takes place ok into the header tank and the level rises but I also loose a bit of fluid out of the relief valve on the engine pressure cap. Are these calibrations corrrect ??? or should the lower cap be a higher setting or even a blank to ensure expanding water goes up into the header tank? tosher.
  4. I have had a Sterling 3KW Pure sinewave Combi Inverter/Charger, a Sterling 210amp Alternator to Battery Charger and a Sterling 50amp Battery to Battery Charger for 18 months now. After about 14 months the Charger part of the Combi Unit would occassionally trip out and required a manual restart to to start charging again. Sterling replaced the complete unit with a brand new one with no problems or fuss at all and the new one works fine and appears to do everything it says on the tin. That is the only problem I have had and everything else has worked faultlessly. It gets well used as we spend about 6 months a year on the boat and the batteries seem to be very healthy. Hope that helps - tosher (as Yorkie as they cum!!!)
  5. 75 pence per litre at Nantwich Marine today.
  6. The above states "supply red diesel to private pleasure craft" How will this work if you buy red diesel in containers from a garage forecourt that is many miles away from any canal ?? will agricultural users and construction firms who buy red diesel in this way have to make the same declarations.??? interesting.
  7. Same with me and my 3 often drops off line all together but I usually get a signal in most places. Also the speed is quite slow even though a pop up box appears when the connection is made saying "connected at 3.6mbs" the actual speed is normally around 150Kbs. The max I have ever seen using the speed checker 1.5mbs (last night) but that speed is unusual. Having said that even the slower speed is fine for e-mails etc, it's the dropping off line that annoys me most. tosher
  8. Many thanks for this info "Greybeard". I'm sure it will be very helpful when I service mine. tosher
  9. Any one know of a similar video (or workshop manual) for a Webasto Thermo Top C ???
  10. If you buy a boat from this broker, watch out for re-launch charges. The cost last year for a one way lift, just lifting in, for a 57 footer was £280!!!! And that was after buying the boat from him.
  11. tosher

    Chain Saws

    I have a friend who is a fully trained and licienced chain saw operator and he will not cut anything or even start his machine without he is fully kitted up in proper protective clothing. He has witnessed many nasty injuries in his time with these machines. To any novice user he always says --- Remember that the best lubricant for a chain saw is BLOOD! tosher.
  12. Sounds about like mine, I also smear the joint with a thin film of grease when replacing it and it has never leaked a drop. Strange though that on the occasions I have removed the hatch cover I have had a bit of a struggle to break the seal, neading a couple of screw driver blades to lever it open? tosher
  13. Is it any more disgusting than carrying a cassette full of s--t to the emptyiny point, removing the large cap and emptying the contents down an open drain with the resultant splashing of the contents in all directions. Not to mention the cleaning out of the cassette with a brush and copious ammounts of water splashing around all over the place. Bin there, done that, got the tee shirt !!!!
  14. What is the longest USB extension lead that is available and suitable for use with a dongle ??? I'm thinking of sticking mine on a pole to improve reception. Thanks -- tosher
  15. When I bought my boat it had 250 hrs on the Izusu 42 & PRM150. 250 hrs is the manufactures recommended service interval and this service was carried out before purchase. After 500 hrs I serviced it myself and the old engine oil looked quite clean but the old gearbox oil was very dirty indeed, much worse than I have experienced before, I suspect the oil was not changed at the 250hr service. I flushed it through and refilled with new and have subsequently changed the oil every 200 hrs and each time the old oil looks as good as the new. So my advice would be to change all oils before the manufacturers recommended intervals not to exceed them.
  16. Very well put Alnwick, couldn't agree more. tosher.
  17. This subject reminds me of a little ditty used on the sea school training boats and worth remembering --- Here lies the body of Michael O'Day Who died maintaing his right of way He was RIGHT as he sailed along But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong!
  18. Perhaps BW should provide more facilities for self pump out, after all, part of our licience fee is to provide toilet emptying facilities so why sould that be for the exclusive use of cassette users.
  19. I turned my 57 ft in the winding hole just before the tunnel a month ago. No problems
  20. Perkins engines are very common in sea going vessels and coupled to Hurth gearboxes are very reliable and robust units. In 25 years ocean cruising never had one die on me. About eight years ago we replaced a 25 year old Perkins with a new one and at that time the main agent for Perkins in the UK was Sabre Marine although I think they are now owned by Twinnings who also manufacture Volvo and Catapillar marine engines. ---- tosher
  21. tosher


    I'll drink to that -- bring back chris-w, really miss his informed contributions to the forum. tosher
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