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  1. Interesting, isn't it? I love the new Navigation and it's become a firm favourite in the village. OTOH, CWDF is no longer the community and resource it once was. Shame to see it turn into so much dross... I'm on the BCN as Team Instigator, and will be otherwise found in the pub with decent beer and no sawdust on the floor. PC
  2. I shall get some made and post them out to survivors! Agreed, a legendary banter... PC
  3. The banter is over, for another year at least. Cracking weekend, with lots of banterers and banter boats, and less rain than last year. Sadly, we only managed to drink the pub out of one barrel of beer this time... Must try harder! Thanks to everyone who came and made it what it was. Special mention to Sue and RLWP with core banter-boat Tawny Owl, as well as Odana & John and Wriggly, for hard work in food provision and general organisation! There's (possibly) a post-banter banter mooted for this evening, for anyone still around the area, (possibly) at the Punchbowl, at a time to be (possibly) decided later. Wriggly, Ange and Dave, may have the plan. PC
  4. Alnwick, do you want food obtaining? Pc
  5. Fish and chips, and Chinese planned for c. 6:30ish... Pc
  6. Pre-banter, banter shenanigans... PC
  7. Mr Eichard, the sun isn't over the yardarm yet, and you've noshed all the bacon already...?! Typical... I am awake, alive (just) and have walked the dog. That's me worn out for another few hours... Pc And that's no yolk... Pc
  8. Is it time for pizza & beer & revelry & debauchery & stuff, yet? Pc
  9. Navigation opening at 6pm... Pc Careful not to get those items mixed up... Pc
  10. I'm afraid I haven't, with work, but have with traffic. Still, need a drink either way... Wriggly is in charge of the plan! Pc Ps: I'm going nowhere till this rain stops though...
  11. Dunnor, sorry. I'm out today, not back 'till this eve... PC
  12. B94 5QZ is Brome Hall Lane... PC EDIT: Is there any sort of schedule or pub time for this eve?
  13. B*gger, I'd have loved to be able to, but I'm away until late on tomorrow. RLWP and Sue must have an idea who's around for tea making...? Shame you can't make the banter! PC Edit: I still owe you for the advice & support over the 'Creamcheese is sinking' malarkey...!
  14. A Guinetta, surely? Or is that a car? I forget... PC
  15. No news, sorry. The Tom have got IPA and 'Sobreity' on at the moment. I like the latter. They did have a range of cask-on-bar ales on for the Jubilee, which were quite good too. PC
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