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  1. Had a serious gearbox leak on my PRM150 a month ago. It turned out to be the O-ring rubber seal where the gearbox cable lever is attached - quite common I understand. However ever since the gearbox has continued to "weep" oil and on big lock days can lose 100ml of oil. I check and replace oil daily. Are there any thoughts on using gear box additives which are supposed to seal up small leaks like this? Or might I need to have the the O-ring seal done again?
  2. Thanks for this Slim. Yes, I'm no engineer but if I can order a new cooler I'll have a go at it myself. Any thoughts about how to drain the skin tank effectively?
  3. Useful ideas Ex Brummie. I' ll do as you suggest as there is no rise in level which you'd expect with water getting in. It's keel cooled. What relevance is this?
  4. All this has been really helpful - thanks for the offer Tracy - it'll take a month to get back to Nantwich and I do know an excellent engineer who'll sort it for me - do you think I'll make it with regular oil changes for this length of time?
  5. In the short term - I'm in London and moor in Nantwich - would changing the gear box oil every few days get me relatively safely to a place where I could get some help?
  6. Yes, having read other posts, a gearbox oil cooler leak seemed the most likely. Is this major, will the water damage the gearbox?
  7. Hi Just changed the gearbox oil in my PRM150. The oil that I drained was a bit milky. Just checked the new oil now a week later and it too is a bit milky. I know this indicates water ingress but I've no idea where from or if it's a serious issue or something I can sort when I'm back in my marina in a month or so. Any suggestions or thoughts very welcome.
  8. Thanks for all your thoughts, I'll certainly check the throttle cable as there does seem to be quite a distance between idle and engaging the gear. Just changed the gear box oil. Just to check - this should be right at the maximum mark of the gear stick - unlike the engine oil level which is half way between max and minimum? Quick addition question - how to adjust the level of idle revs?
  9. I have a PRM 150 driving an Izuzu 38. As I engage the forward gear there's quite a rattle. With an increase in revs and the gear engaged the rattle stops. There's no rattle when I engage reverse. I was convinced it was my drive plate but when I asked my marina engineers to look at it they assured me it wasn't the drive plate, although they didn't say exactly what the rattle would be. It doesn't affect the performance of the engine and even at tick over there's no rattle which I know is characteristic of a drive plate problem. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  10. Are there any practical reasons for not painting a narrow boat roof black? Hope someone might be able to help. Thanks
  11. Hi, Just had 2 days of relentless rain here in Cheshire and at 4am, noticed that the foot of the bed was wet. Further inspection this morning shows a steady drip from the roof on one side of the boat. Nothing major, but still a little concerned. Very difficult to tell internally where the source is as I have oak ply. Looking externally there's nothing obvious. I've checked the mushroom vents and they're fine. I know it's difficult to comment, but does anyone have any suggestions in terms of how to identify the source, without ripping out the interior? Any thoughts and suggestions welcome. Thanks
  12. Perfect. You've confirmed what l thought and having messed around with it for a while, I've managed to set it for the next few days. Thanks for your help. Cheers
  13. Hi, Wondered if anyone recognises this control unit. It's wired in to the calorifier and so l assume it's a timer for hot water when hooked up in a marina, but I'm not sure. If it is this, how would I find out how it works? Hope someone can help. Cheers.
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