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  1. I’m having to replace the top of the Stovax Brunel stove and therefore need to remove the 15 year old steel flue. The current flue is angled and I think it would be better to have an offset in it to make it “squarer” into the collar. Is it acceptable to use vitreous enamelled pipework as used in home wood burners. Something like This as an offset and then a straight pipe up to the collar?
  2. Since I bought my bolt cutters (following an incident with a sprung mattress) I’ve never have had to use then down the weed hatch. That’s probably jinxed it now 😩
  3. We have brass strips and the wood liner for the hatch just rests on them, always moved easily and quietly
  4. The best way into Birmingham is Business Class on the Emirates A380 👍
  5. I would guess that the red wire to the monitor is not made. in your second photo the red wire goes through the hole in your box, it looks like it’s going into crimped wire joint, is this good? It might have been compromised when changing the batteries
  6. As Brian says, I bought a single carcass from B&Q and used it as a template to base my units on and made all of the units from 18mm ply
  7. Input side of the gearbox should be ok if no horrible sounds ? im going for the prop jammed ?
  8. Problem with these sorts of swing arm mounts is they are expected to be fitted to a masonry wall, not even easy in a modern house. What I’ve done with ours is fit it to a reasonable sized bit of plywood and the fit that to the cabin side with many screws spread over a larger area
  9. If you moor by the NIA ( or whatever they call this week) it’s not a massive walk up Broad Street to Five Ways and down to the gardens, probably 20 to 30 minutes
  10. I use an online company for work and also used them for our electrical panel on Bluemoon. you design it online, get the price and place your order. https://www.schaeffer-ag.de/en/ sorry very duff photo
  11. I have the opposite problem, the light stays on regardless if there’s a cassette in or not, I assume the reed switch is faulty but I’m failing to find any information. Anyone had this fault ?
  12. Thermostatic valve feeds the washer at 42 degrees, heater doesn’t switch in on a 40 degree wash
  13. We had the repaint of the boat done in 2 pack last year, looks stunning and is incredibly tough and resilient to scratches (so far)
  14. Same here, the signwriter said that most of his work involves the older logos as nobody wants the new ones.
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