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    Wine, women and song.
    Ok then wine, wife and boats (can't sing)

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    nb Bluemoon
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    Hopefully floating on the South Stratford

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  1. If you moor by the NIA ( or whatever they call this week) it’s not a massive walk up Broad Street to Five Ways and down to the gardens, probably 20 to 30 minutes
  2. I use an online company for work and also used them for our electrical panel on Bluemoon. you design it online, get the price and place your order. https://www.schaeffer-ag.de/en/ sorry very duff photo
  3. I have the opposite problem, the light stays on regardless if there’s a cassette in or not, I assume the reed switch is faulty but I’m failing to find any information. Anyone had this fault ?
  4. Thermostatic valve feeds the washer at 42 degrees, heater doesn’t switch in on a 40 degree wash
  5. We had the repaint of the boat done in 2 pack last year, looks stunning and is incredibly tough and resilient to scratches (so far)
  6. Same here, the signwriter said that most of his work involves the older logos as nobody wants the new ones.
  7. We had a similar situation last year going down Hatton, Vlockie insisted that we were wasting water, I tried to explain that the torrent of water coming down the bywashes sort of nullified his argument, but no he wouldn’t have it. Luckily he got the hump and wandered of back up the fight. The second Vlockie lower down was an ex boater and just grinned when we talked about Vlockie 1 ?
  8. I think you’ll have more chance getting CRT to agree to this if you push the “green” angle, tell them they can do a case study on how green they are letting you do it, ticks many of their new boxes. Don’t mention boats as that will scupper you chances ?
  9. I think it depends on how much you ask to be done. We had the lightning runs and the 240v circuits done but we clearly specified the locations and the runs. In 13 years the modifications I’ve made have all been carried out with minimal grief .
  10. We have a triton mixer bar and it works just as good as the home shower, fed from a calorifier.
  11. These are Worcester Marine window side catches. They went bust many years ago, not sure about availability for else where.
  12. Being an old lard arse, the faster the bike comes towards me the slower I get out of the way, the canal is only a slight nudge away ?
  13. Blue moon was repainted with 2 pack and was sprayed, the finish is excellent ( yes I’ve noticed a couple of runs, but who’s boat doesn’t have some minor issues with the paint) we’ve had so many compliments about the paint work while we’ve been out this year. Also the odd bramble and tree scratches have just rubbed out, wish I could say the same about the scratches from some crap lock hardware below the gunwales, that needs the paint bush out before winter.
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