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  1. Hi Lizzie You back at Lemonroyd yet ? We are now on the boat most of the time so you must come and say hello Rooster
  2. I have a stainless steel tank for fresh water and Im not sure if I should be adding some sort of water treatment when I fill up ? Its a new boat so it should be clean now , but how do you keep it that way? I dont drink from the tank water unless its boiled first but some unsuspecting visitor may What if anything can I add that dont cost a packed and that will keep my water fresh, with out killing me or recking the tank and plumbing system Cheers Rooster
  3. Well done Chris Just been through it my self within the last few weeks. It a great feeling ,.... and guess what it just gets better Rooster
  4. I have just paid my fees ( just my luck) but as they are for a full year then am I due a rebate as part of the year I have paid for will only attract 15% It must be elegal to charge 17.5% for the remaing 10 months if only 15% is the offical rate. Doubt I will see the saving passed on but just adding to the debate Rooster
  5. Yes new motor Vetus 45hp so I will need an approved dealer I guess ? Thanks Pete I did take a run down there last week did not get a warm feeling about the place or the folk I spoke to , Howver I have not had any work done so maybe Im being a bit harsh .. just one of them places you walk ito and think ...errrr No Thanks I will ask around the Marina next weekend Hi Garry , Yep I thought the first one would be free , I will check that out with the builder. My problem is that Im 10 days sail away from the yard where the boat was built so no way to get back there untill the spring . Will check out the Vetus dealer list and see what I can come up with Just thought some one may know a mobile fitter in my area Rooster
  6. Moved my boat up to Lemonroyd last week and I have so say its a great Marina but there is not a repair shop or boat fitter near by as far as I know. I have now reach 40 od hours on the clock and so the need for fisrt 50 hour service is comming up . Can any one suggest a boat yard near by that would do the service? maye be even some one who would travel up to the baot and do the service at the mooring ? Rooster
  7. Wish I was sailing all the way but due to stopages I am having to put the boat on a wagon up to Thorn and then take her up to Lemomroyd to our mooring But I wiil be on the bridgewater in the spring and will take you up on that brew Cheers Roster
  8. Clear .. Alan Thank you Well it will be when I have another coffee to stop me brain hurting
  9. May be a good idea to keep well into the bankside on Monday as I will finaly take ownereship of my new 57tf trad in Middlewhich ( first boat) So if you see the "Roosters' Rest" passing give us a wave, if you see us stuck give us a hand ,if you see us moored then call in for a beer ? If we hit you.... sorry you can have a short with that beer ... And once again a BIG THANK YOU to all the members on the site for all the help advise (and P*** Taking ) you have been fantacsic with the help you have given . This is the only site where you get the anwsers with out the Bull Cheers A Happy Rooster
  10. I know this may seem a silly question but.......... Can you mix red and white ? Cos I have toataly lost the plot with this . The post are great fun but do we ever get to give the poor member a straight answer???? Or should we ask if you can mix pink and blue or its it better to add abit of yellow ... or are you all just taking the yellow stuff lol Rooster
  11. Hi Paul is that your F6? I had a Valk for 3/4 years gret bike took it all the way the the Artic Fab machine Rooster
  12. Come on Les you could provide fish and chips for all of us that pass by and a glass or two of wine How come you only help out the wild life ??? LOL
  13. I had to do it too ..... I have been a biker for nearly 40 odd years. My last bike a Harley departed on a trailer for Holland last Saturday with its new owner. It was a hard choice to make as the bike scene has taken me all over the world and I have met some fantastic folk, but you have to move on and I’m looking forward to the adventure of the canal system and all it has to offer I have to say that the friendly folk I have already met on this site and all the help and advice I have been given as a newby has been great! No it’s more that great! It’s been amazing, fabulous. Help has been given freely, genuinely, and there is a willingness to give any assistance possible even if you have never met I think the narrow boat owners and most all the people connected with the water ways seem to stick together and support each other extremely well. (There will always be the nutter to spoil things) but on the whole canal dwellers, be it part or full time are amazing people. That was part of the bike thing, but boaters have taken this to a new level and should be very proud of the way they live together in harmony with nature and each other You may have given up the bike, but what you are getting into is something really fantastic. It wont be long before the sound of a race can is just an annoyance that shatters the tranquilly of that peaceful moment Just embrace the life style and play your part in this wonderful community
  14. Good to see some gets the od joke .. all seems intense at times on here .. A Geoff Boycot curry is all the rage round here Stil give you the runs but very slowly...
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