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  1. Go and see Adam at PB Mechanical Services, only about a mile up the canal at Heath Charnock 01257 474422
  2. Bob Hegenbarth is the resident painter at Northwich Dry Dock, may be worth giving him a call.
  3. The film is by Mykaskin and a search for Historic Narrowboat Pair on the Coventry Canal carrying coal should find it.
  4. Go and talk to Adam at PB Mechanical Services at Heath Charnock, only about a mile up the canal from you. He will do a good job at a good price.
  5. Another vote for Westport, never had any trouble there.
  6. A geography teacher at my school was called Brian Hardcastle
  7. Hi Jan. Yes, Mike carried out my BSS examination in January while my boat was at the dry dock for blacking.
  8. Hi Jan, I would recommend Mike Carter, Marine Surveys Ltd, at Northwich Dry Dock on the River Weaver at Northwich.07831 184495.
  9. Another view of the same bridge(s) Sept 2015
  10. The farm moorings next to White Bear are known as Mrs Manleys moorings. Google maps show it as Allanson Hall farm.
  11. "Never a dull moment: 1971 The Year That Rock Exploded" by David Hepworth gives a well informed view on this popular discussion. Well worth a read.
  12. I bought a copy on dvd from Audlem Mill this summer, worth a watch....... but probably only once!
  13. There used to be a "Boltonian" moored on the L&L at Manleys farm moorings on the offside near Adlington. Perhaps a chat with some of the long term moorers there may throw up some information
  14. Maybe worth trying google for local gas suppliers, many offer free delivery. I've had gas delivered to the boat when in Salthouse Dock in Liverpool.
  15. And of course, "Plato, they say, could stick it away, half a crate of whisky everyday."
  16. "Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle!" as M Python were well aware
  17. Eshton road lock, Gargrave
  18. Moored there for 12 months with no complaints at all. Speak to Daniel the owner/ manager, a decent guy.
  19. I have a copy of this magazine but unfortunately no scanner. You are welcome to either the article about Canopus or the complete magazine. It is not in perfect condition as the cover has come away from the rest of the magazine but it's all there.
  20. Stellar2lw


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