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  1. i have a PWM controller. does the same current from the panel flow to the battery but at a lower voltage and so lower power?
  2. it takes so long to get my lid off that it will have run away. dead or alive.
  3. what did you use and how long ago was it?
  4. thanks Reg I'm not impressed with your solution that seems to only last 2 years. i black my boat every 3 years and do the water tank at the same time. and would like to do it less often particularly the water tank. i use 2 coats of Black Jack after pressure washing and its been reasonably good after 3 years, so Vatcan would be a retrograde step. does anyone have a better solution? I'm beginning to think in 3 years time a tank liner would be the solution
  5. thanks very much for the suggestions particularly for the brackets. does anyone have any views on whether serial or parallel connection is better. also what % of the rated out put you get in winter and summer at midday and a couple of hours before sunset?
  6. i had a 100W flexible fixed panel that got water damage after 3 years. and want to replace it. i would like a 50-100% increase in battery charge. i do a 6-8 week cruise in the summer and occasional long weekend cruises between April and October (Inclusive). initially i thought of getting a slightly larger panel with tilting mounting, but I'm beginning to think 2 fixed panels would do the same for a similar cost. i stuck my original panel which seemed good but water got under it and eventually all the paint became a soggy mess and the panel failed. I'm not keen on drilling & screwing to the roof as water might get through, so thinking of magnets. and I'm wondering about whether to have them connected serially or in parallel. parallel seems better for summer and serial for winter. and i want to avoid too many connections and keep it simple. i would welcome suggestions on the best panels and mounting systems and connections.
  7. wat is the best bitumen/paint for water tanks in terms of value and ease of use? i have a 65 ft narrow boat with a 1,000 litre tank
  8. Thanks I’ll have a check for the dry joint and have a proper look at the diodes
  9. Sorry I should have made that clear. thanks for your input
  10. I have a similar problem with my 127A which I think is an internal alternator fault. The charge light comes on intermittently and the voltage goes up to 15-16v when the light comes on the exciter terminal is at 10.5 v and the output 14.7v hence light on light 💡. I have had the alternator fully checked no issues reported. It was a pretty sophisticated tester JBT3 I think with a diagnostic printout. Said in good good regulator and diode bridge. condition I fitted a new regulator just in case but it made no difference. I think there are some diodes in the exciter circuit. Can I test them? Can I get replacements. I am concerned because diodes rarely have intermittent faults. The alternator is charging well. Maybe overcharging. To stop the buzzer I have fitted a switch to short the bulb it doesn’t seem to affect the alternator but gives me peace☺️ many suggestions welcome
  11. thanks for all your input. i take the point about rigid Vs flexible but having flexible suits me better at the moment. i like the idea of sticking it with strips along the curve to allow drainage with Stikaflex. and i will ask the supplier what they recommend so as not to invalidate the 5 yr warranty. more suggestions welcome too.
  12. my solar panel failed after 3 years and i think the problem was water between it and the steel and all the paint came off in a sticky mess below the panel. what would people recommend to stick on the new panel?
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