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  1. thanks for all your input. i take the point about rigid Vs flexible but having flexible suits me better at the moment. i like the idea of sticking it with strips along the curve to allow drainage with Stikaflex. and i will ask the supplier what they recommend so as not to invalidate the 5 yr warranty. more suggestions welcome too.
  2. my solar panel failed after 3 years and i think the problem was water between it and the steel and all the paint came off in a sticky mess below the panel. what would people recommend to stick on the new panel?
  3. i believe the 40A line fuse by the starter may have something to do with it
  4. i use distilled water from the tumble dryer -important to filter the fluff out and dont have any problems with battery life
  5. if the side tanks are starting to heat before the calorifier is hot, there's definitely a circulation problem. i get hot water in half an hour from a 42HP engine
  6. my system has 2 stop valves one for the radiators and one for the calorifier. i also fitted a second calorifier so now have enough hot water for 8 x 5 minute showers each morning or for 2 showers for 3 days. the Alde only heats one. 10-20 minutes for enough for 2 showers. and i fitted a heat exchanger (£25 on ebay) so the waste engine heat heats the radiators. it takes 2-4 hours to heat the 65 ft boat from 10C to 26C and added a heater from a scrap van to dry clothes etc. To avoid overloading the water pump i added a second pump into the primary loop that i turn on once the engine has heated to 70+C. saves a lot of gas when the engine is running.
  7. does anyone know what the clearances are? or where i can get the information for free. i have just replaced my head gasket after having the head skimmed.
  8. will do but I'm trying to limit my calls to companies that will probably accept an insurance survey
  9. I agree that its up to me to agree with an insurer what the survey should cover. GJW are asking for more than I require at higher cost so I'm looking for insurance companies that will accept an insurance survey.
  10. I have been insured with gjw for about 7 years and this year they have asked for a full survey as my boat is 30 years old. my survey has told me that an insurance survey is £300 and a full survey is £500-650 depending on what the company wants. I am confident about the engine and electrics as i can see anything a surveyor can see. but i would like to be sure the boat wont spring a leak (I'm fairly confident as it was replated 10 years ago and the anodes are in good condition and dont wear down much- but good to be sure) Please supply any definitions of an "Insurance Survey" and names of insurance companies that accept them, and how often they are required (10 years seems reasonable) and minimum acceptable steel thickness. I would also be interested in a basic full survey if such a thing exists
  11. thanks for the suggestions. i have managed to get a slot at Kerridge. i will look in at the others as i tour my new area thanks
  12. Thanks for your replies. I'm waiting to hear from Dutton and Kerridge are not sure they have availability in September. Ill call you again Ged. if anyone knows any other facilities in the area please let me know. are there any companies that regularly crane boats out and in?
  13. I'm moving my 65ft boat upto the Cheshire ring and will need to do the blacking myself and have the plate inspected for insurance in September. what facilities are available in the area, please? i might consider paying to have it blacked if the cost was good value Vs DIY
  14. im not getting sufficient charge from my 70 A alternator HMI 900021ALS. it delivers about 30A at 1800 RPM engine speed (4700RPM alternator). 12-15A at tickover. i would like to get 50-60 A. the alternator pulley is 6 cm external diameter ( i believe this is about the smallest practical size) and the one on the engine that only drives the domestic alternator is 16cm. i would like to change this to about 24cm to give a 4:1 ratio. does anyone know where i can get a replacement pulley? and how to remove the existing one?
  15. not often but it sleeps 8. we have had 11 including grandchildren. but plenty hot water is always useful. unfortunately it only stays hot for 1-2 days.
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