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  1. I phoned him and left a message, but he never got back. He's on the same stretch as well. Ahh well.
  2. I don't think there is anymore, or if there is I don't think they wanted business, as I asked at the reception there when calling for water - few weeks ago.
  3. Sorry, stupid auto-correct. Adlington, Chorley.
  4. Hi all Anybody know of a boat plumber, I'm Arlington based. I attempted to change a bathroom sink, which I thought I had done. I turned off the water via the pump switch, but when I switched it back on it doesn't seem to want to start. It has a accumulator (I think that's what it is). Now I have no pressure by the look and sound of it. Also, if anybody knows any gas people? I need a stove replacing with another. It looks a simple enough job, but I'd really want to make sure it's safely fitted. Thanks Tony
  5. It does seems slightly angled. Not that the photo shows that well. But I don't think it's going to matter that much, as the flue has a gap of about an inch, as it's 4" and the hole in the collar is 5". The bottom photo shows the amount of gap, which is normally equalilateral but it's like it is in the photo because I moved the fire out of position with the flue still In. I've got an idea now. I think this looks like my shopping list: Does that look about right to everyone?
  6. Possibly, I don't think it was cut, though. It looks like it was made that way. Although, it could have been. This looks flat to me, how minor is the angle?
  7. The flue definitely has a designed angle at the top, for about 12". I have taken the collar off and it looks flat to me. I'll take a photo. Which is a bit difficult as I can only upload 2.8meg on here, which is below the lowest setting on the camera.
  8. That was like Welsh, sorry. The flue pipe is slightly angled at the top. Are you talking about the collar being angled or the flue?
  9. I managed to take the collar off, I used a Dremel and elbow grease, and was still stubborn. My issue now is, I have a 4" flue, but the previous collar has a 5" gap, but the circumference of the metal is 6". So, is this a 6" collar or 5?. I also noticed there was a gap of around an inch or so when the flue was in the previous collar.
  10. I think the wood has been put in place to stop it leaking, as there's also loads of gunk inbetween the collar and ceiling as well. I think it's straight, I've never seen an angled one. The flu pipe goes straight up. I've seen the collar's on eBay for about £50-70. The side of the collar looks messy, though. Looks like it leaks through the rust, so could do with a metal plate putting in at the same time the new collar would go on. Save it doing it in the future. I doubt I'd get a grinder in, but might be able to get a hand-blade in. I'm going to have to give it a go. It's. Not helping that the stove is still connected to pipe, as was well and truly packed at the flu port at the back. I should have taken photos when I was there today!
  11. Hi all I posted recently about a chimney issue, specifically a collar issue. Anyway, I found the bolts underneath, and of course I can't get one off as it's either rusted the bolt away or it's neither a size 11 or 12mm (not sure what imperial sizes are). Anyway it's rotted. So I need a new collar, chief and the plate thing underneath (on ceiling). My fears are that it might need a plate of some kind as previous owners had glued wood to the top which has of course rotted the metal over time. I'm based just near White Bear marina on the Leeds Liverfool. Will obviously pay whatever, but I'm trying to keep it from going in to a marina engineers, as I don't want my hat nailed on. Anyone? Ta Tony
  12. Cheers Tony. That's what I didn't check, the underside. I'll have a look when I'm there next. It seems to be solid where there should be bolts, just slight square indentations. If they only make them with the bolt holes I should be okay. If not, God knows how I'll get around it. Also, you don't know what the plate that goes around the chimney on the inside is called do you? (it's split in two) it's currently an old looking piece of solid asbestos - which is nice. It could be. The issue I've had is the pipe has been well placed into the back of the fire, so up to now have avoided taking the pipe out, as I managed to move it just out of the way. I'll have a look when I take the split plate thing out from the inside. Ta
  13. Hi all I've just been fitting a new fire surround and therefore moved the old fire from it's position to fit the hearth etc. Anyway, the chimney itself is booshed so I'm going to replace, but the collar is also quite booshed, so my plan was to get another and fit that. The only thing stopping me is there doesn't appear to be bolts. There's 2 points on it that look like there should be, but it looks like solid metal. Has anybody else got one like that? If so, how the hell are you supposed to take the thing off? I looked at my neighbors and his are clearly bolts. Does it have to be cut off, and one welded into place? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks Tony
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