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  1. I was gonna add Mike but I fort he might of pisssts me off. Mike go on go orn go orn I don't bite well not on week days. Loafer your well nice you are, not stuck up or nuffin. :-)
  2. Just click on their name and click add friend. Proud and much appreciated you accepted me as your online friend because I like you. Virtual shoulder push. Lol
  3. Housing Benefit certainly does not come under politics, I have researched this and yes an individual can claim for housing costs. It would need to be a residential marina, and the individuals sole address, with a post code.. I am not going down this route just yet but I could do if I needed too.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Yer I kinda do that but cars are a different ball bag. Lol OMG I feel my age saying ball bag. Blinking parents. Lol
  6. Gonna have a nosey lol. Fanks I had that once geesh it was complicated. Well I was 12. Lol
  7. Maybe one day their may even be a flood and the lady in question maybe will have a rather large boaty shaped object int living room. Silly women.
  8. Yer but I am still amazed at some braid bar boat paint finishes, I was a pro vehicle paint sprayer/refinisher for vw/audi/volvo for years but narr I still think the brush painters have more skill. They amaze me and I would love that skill. Maybe I will go to college again and learn the old ways. The prep work is always the same whether brush or spray, it's all about detail. Being honest I think my previous job has affected my life in the way of obsessive thinking about details. Truth that.
  9. Hia Dave, I feel quite honoured that you replied to my post. Yep I kinda thought it would be a matter of panel and swage edges but was i a bit unsure if their was a trick. I would love to learn proper coach painting I like the old ways especially when it comes to narrowboats and trains. Much respect dave and blinking vinyl can bugger off. Thank you 2 true, I've actually seen a ghost in real life and had a picture to prove it but superstition is always in the eye of the beholder.
  10. I am a paint sprayer but those sign writers and coach painters in my book have more skill. Anyhow say we have a boat and it was called something naff and we wanted to change the name what's the crack? Do they sand the whole bordered box area down and start afresh or do they have a trick up their sleeve and just paint the area near the name? Maybe this is a daft question.
  11. Dragons Den stuff is that, flipping eck. My Windlass said galvanised but it come painted in naff silver alloy wheel paint. Robin Swindlers, I actually knew some bloke in Buxton called Robin Swindler once, he was a landrover nutter.
  12. That's life though all over. Ha Their was a game called Game of Life. I guess we all play that one for a while.
  13. I think me and dad might be a bit juiced if we're playing board games patty, tother person maybe more so. Hehe Have you seen pushing point on TV thats really good, it's like push a penny. Lol
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Lol that link brings up this page it was da Ja voo. Fanks though, some good suggestions on here. I forgot all about that ☺ What about 'who wants to be a millionaire ?'
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