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  1. Both Colin and Jeff where apprentices to Willow Wren
  2. I knew both the founders of Rugby Boatbuilders very well. Colin Payne and Jeff ? They both had been apprentices at Braunston and started up at Hillmorton next to the pub. They built up a good business but sold out in the end. The original boats had wooden cabins as was common at the time like Barney boats and Jeff was a very good carpenter / joiner. I can’t remember ever seeing a steel hull being built but it’s a long time ago. They quickly got into the hire business and my eldest daughter helped with the turnarounds. The Stowe Hill yard was developed by Peter Hill trading as Stowe Hill boats and his hulls had a very distinctive style.
  3. I’d go along with the Nivernais there are locks but they are all manned usually by students in summer .Theres a Le boat base and also Locaboat on the Northern side of the summit and it’s well geared for tourists with plenty of restaurants on route as well as the towns of Clamecy and Auxerre with its beautiful Cathedral. It’s a mixture of canal and river.
  4. They do in France although is is a 3lock staircase on the Nivernais canal.
  5. The chimneys and building certainly look like a brickworks.
  6. Had stones thrown at madam steering down the Wolverhampton flight. They didn’t realize I was the other side of the bridge setting the locks and I managed to get a couple of blows in before they ran off. On the Mac had some orange pop (at least I think it was) expertly poured down my neck from a high bridge.
  7. It is possible to get a long term Visa but it’s quite complicated needing health insurance and a minimum income. crossed with Bee.
  8. Saw this done on an empty 38m going into a lock. He gunned the motor to get under the bridge then full reverse to stop in the lock, nerves of steel and a good crew on the fore end with the rope.
  9. In this case I believe that they got stuck coming out and for some reason they lowered the pound thinking this would un jam the boat but this in fact made it worse as they then got fast on an obstruction possibly a motor bike. Trying to fill the lock clearly let water in rather than lift it.
  10. I never had a survey on any of my narrow boats but did on my Dutch barge in fact whilst in my ownership had 3 surveys for insurance purposes as boat was 100 years old. The surveyor cleaned to bare metal a number of places on the sides and across the bottom so as to get a reading on his ultra sound machine. I can’t see any evidence of this on the ops photo so I wonder how the surveyor could give an opinion about the state of the base plate. Maybe narrow boat surveyors have magic powers unlike the professional in Belgium.
  11. I go along with Belgium we brought and kept our barge near Antwerp for many years. The mooring was cheap as it was owned by the waterway authority although there are lots of boat clubs with moorings throughout the country, there is an organisation called something like VVV that the clubs belong to . The drawback to Flanders is the need for a license whereas Wallonia is free.
  12. Made a right mess of that it doesn’t look traditional in any way .
  13. Had a great holiday on the Puffer along with members of the Ashby Canal Association some year ago but I think this is the most beautiful cruise ship in the world and had some wonderful cruises on it
  14. Atherstone from 1976 looks like the lock cottage never had good access. The hat factory was still going then but I’ve lost my clowboy hat as Arther Bray called them
  15. Although this barge isn’t amongst the photos so far it must have worked the canal. I took the photo in 1973.
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