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  1. Yeah, but you are paranoid! You have a spare inverter, two spare propellers and probably a spare engine. I sometimes wonder if you have a whole 57ft boat inside your 72ft boat as an emergency spare.
  2. You do know that Dylan Winter is a member here don't you Brian?
  3. The black helicopters spend a lot of time circling overhead though ...
  4. That's an axiom I can follow ... https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axiom
  5. You won't be allowed to transit if the tide conditions are wrong. Crossing the Ribble to do the link, you will always find the tidal flow is against you in a narrowboat. You need to wait for the rising tide to get high enough to make the Ribble and the Douglas deep enough to navigate. There is less than a foot of water at Tarleton Lock at low tide. Fresh on the rivers is rarely a concern. The tidal range at the mouth of the Ribble is 8m/26ft on springs, so an extra foot of water coming downstream is nearly irrelevant ... in fact it can make the crossing easier!
  6. Yes, and the absence of a CO alarm is trivial proof you were not in case of a claim.
  7. And according to the BSS office, that applies to all boats even if they don't need a retest and a new certificate for years. So if you don't have any, get some before the end of March, or you are potentially giving insurance companies a get out clause in the event of a claim. They could insist that you are not BSS compliant even though you may have a certificate valid until 2023!
  8. The homeopaths do insist it's all down to the dilution ....
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Then they are blithering idiots for not having it set up ready to deploy before casting off!
  11. Likewise, but in Greg's case he was concerned that the fuel tank might be as rusted through as every single body panel, so didn't want to risk wasting fuel
  12. Have you got room to store a portapotti? That's what many pumpout owners do.
  13. Both of whom have extensive experience in deploying anchors, and getting them to set. I think you are much better going with an appropriately sized Danforth than the 6lb RIB anchor I recently saw on a 60ft narrowboat preparing to cross the Ribble Link!
  14. Now if you needed a 25mm2 hole, a 6mm drill bit is close enough, giving you 28.3mm2.
  15. Didn't she work for Andersen Boats at Middlewich? There are lots of DVDs of her out there ...
  16. I'm not suggesting you do so, just that the more information you give the more likely it is that a member will offer to look at it for you.
  17. The more information you give us, the more likely someone will offer to help. Is it an engine problem? Is it a gearbox problem? We need to know what the boat is or isn't doing - and if it only does whatever it does sometimes, what makes it do it.
  18. I can see that working very well with a rounded shortboat, but it's not a great technique in a pointy narrowboat.
  19. It's a shared one amongst many CCing boaters. It's also why we get more cross at CMers who don't want to boat than most of the marina dwellers do, as we all end up getting tarred with the same brush.
  20. Nothing complicated - just stay as far from the head gates as you can, so slide the bow fender down the tailgates and slide the stern fender up the tailgates. We don't faff for ages with paddles - they are either up or down. Admittedly with Vox being 70' long you might struggle with this in 62' locks! The only concern we have is bolts in backwards - the big coachbolts used to always be put in with the round head inside the gate and the thread and nut on the outside, but that is not always the case these days. [Insert rant about contractors who don't play with boats here.] Some of them now protrude an inch or so into the lock and can snag your buttons. The Rochdale we just treat like the L&L but with an extra 10 feet to play with. I always try to avoid diagonals on the Northern canals - there is a lot of subsidence round here, so lots of ledges you can get snagged on if you are touching both lock chamber walls. I find a very long line helpful if we are a single boat in a broad lock going up - tied on the bow, around a bollard or two and back down to the steerer. It saves a lot of diesel revving backwards and forwards, and gives good control of the nose against water flows, but we usually use the paddle flow to pin the boat to one side or the other in the lock anyway. Give us a shout when you come up this way - we are in Wigan dry dock at the end of April and a friend is in the week after us into early May, so we can show you the good beer while you are passing.
  21. I had to replace the alternator on a 2003 A4 last year, and found a reconditioned exchange on eBay for about £70 from a Polish company called SGR.
  22. I think that was the advice to the Skipper of a megayacht in the Med a few years back when the engine failed ... try and hit a cheap one!
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