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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Just think of the arguments you could cause by untying the boat and leaving ... whoever tied up to it would be very insistent there was a mooring ring there yesterday, and would be utterly baffled it wasn't there the day after!
  3. Are you sure it's not Feb/March? Month 1 for the personal tax year is usually April, but I don't know about the specific rule on the pensions, as they won't affect me for decades yet. (I'm a young codger - I have the grumpy old man thing down pat, but not the years to excuse it!)
  4. We found this too - got to Skipton and went straight to Bizzie Lizzies based on prior experience, and were disappointed. The only thing that was above average was the price, but the quality was not a patch on previous years. The best one by far we have tried in the last few years is the van parked in the carpark behind The Dusty Miller pub in Mytholmroyd. The people running the van have a longterm lease on a couple of spots in the carpark, and the van never moves. Lots of people drive in from Hebden Bridge and Todmorden to get fish and chips from there. The best ones we have ever had were from Anstruther Fish Bar right on the harbour at Anstruther. They helpfully tell you which of the boats in the harbour caught the fish they are currently cooking. You could probably get there by canal boat but I wouldn't recommend trying to!
  5. Do a wok crew do stir fries? More seriously, £50 is what the Avon Navigation Trust charge for a through transit licence, so it's not impossible the rumours are correct.
  6. True, but it won't stop them offering "helpful" suggestions you can try. Then they will run away when you try it and break something!
  7. Wait until Burnley opens on May 8th then continue. If you need to be getting to Barnoldswick regularly you are on the bus route or it's just off the end of the M65 by car ... hang around Chorley/Blackburn area for a few weeks, and it's 20 minutes drive to Barlick. Edit to add: There is no other sensible route from Red Bull as Marple Flight is shut until May 24th.
  8. If you can alter the shapes and sizes of window holes yourself then it doesn't matter which type of windows you get. Just be aware that the steelwork is the simple bit, as you also need to redo the interior trim.
  9. It's the ones where you need to weld in a fillet to change the shape of the hole that you need to watch!
  10. True, but there is no legal requirement for CRT to let boats with a home mooring tie up on their towpath either. That's a proper can of worms to open!
  11. For clarity, that includes through the online licensing website at https://licensing.canalrivertrust.org.uk/
  12. Yes, technically within 14 days of leaving the mooring. They check with the mooring operator which boats have moorings at each site. Just in case you (or anyone else reading this) are thinking of pretending to have a home mooring but really be CCing, it won't work. The current CRT requirements are the same for all boats not on their home mooring, because it is they way their logging system works. You will get automated text messages and emails telling you to move on if you have not done so in 14+ days whether or not you have a home mooring.
  13. The design of the system is crucial if you do this. I added a pumped spur off my thermosyphon to feed the calorifier, but rarely use it. The calorifier and stove positions meant I could not have the whole thing as a thermosyphon, but the stove and radiators work very well and I run a 240V central heating pump if I need to top up the heat in the tank. Our cruising style means we usually have loads of hot water anyway, and we also have a Morco boiler if we need more.
  14. Maybe they all like twirling batons. https://www.nbta.org.uk/
  15. You know your quote of the link still goes to the spam site don't you? You changed the text but not the link!
  16. We are on the visitor moorings at the moment, and can't hear anything except wind noise and creaking jetties! More helpfully, city noise isn't much of a problem in Salthouse on either side of the visitor moorings - the boats are usually around 10 feet below the road, so you don't hear it much. Obviously if an ambulance goes past running a siren you will hear that as the road runs along the dockside.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. For clarity, Albert Dock has permanent moorings, the visitor moorings you get allocated when you book into Liverpool are all in Salthouse Dock on the North and East walls. The moorings in the South-West corner are permanent moorings. There a currently a couple of narrowboats in the Albert Dock, but they are on long term mooring contracts. And it's quite nice white water in Salthouse at the moment - 60+ mph winds and the water is getting lumpy!
  19. Stop at bridge 10 the farm swing bridge and walk up the path to the pub.
  20. And if you do that on most of the Northern canals you will drain the pound above you and still not get through the lock. Line to a bollard and open all paddles is the only way to make a level on some of these locks. Dropping a cabin shaft down the tailgate mitre helps on quite a few too. There are a couple of locks that prefer the gangplank!
  21. Yes, but not everyone has a spare hull and a spare engine on one boat ? I do agree that carrying basic spares onboard makes sense, even for those who don't know what to do with them. It makes it much easier for someone to help you if you have the bits!
  22. Yeah, but you are paranoid! You have a spare inverter, two spare propellers and probably a spare engine. I sometimes wonder if you have a whole 57ft boat inside your 72ft boat as an emergency spare.
  23. You do know that Dylan Winter is a member here don't you Brian?
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