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  1. The pools now have plenty of depth. The stretch of canal leading to is prone to being full of rubbish but we got into the pools in May this year with a draught of 2 feet 9 so you should be ok. I would not moor in the pools, the edges are probably too shallow and its not a great place for staying. I would moor at the pumphouse at the top of the locks, though its a bit noisy.
  2. I like the BCN, but the rubbish in the water makes it less easy for a novice? I am thinking of the less used sections by the way.
  3. We have two very small black accumulators on the top of the gearbox. My understanding is that it is an original PRM part. The boat was built about 2005.
  4. We have a Gardner 3LW with PRM 500 plus the soft shift unit. Gear engagement is almost unnoticeable.
  5. Wash in diesel and then get the last crud off with carb cleaner.
  6. Not sure of the brand as I am not where I store it, I suspect its a generic Chinese job. They are on EBay as a "concrete grinder".
  7. Scrabblers are not hugely expensive to buy, look on Ebay. I would suggest buying one then selling it as second hand after the work is complete. Probably cheaper than hiring one. I have one of these and its great at removing paint. attach it to a wet and dry vac and it removes a lot of the mess as you go.
  8. Search on the web for a 1/8" BSP helicoil kit, you will find lots. However, you need to be sure that the sender is BSP (Imperial) and not NPT (American). If you get a kit it should have the right size drill and the installation tool.
  9. If it was a house I would fit one of these (or similar) but it seems OTT for a boat. I stole this from a supplier's web page, there are lots of other makers and suppliers. This gives up to 52 litre/min at up to 40m head. To plumb it in I would add a non return valve on the discharge of each pump to preclude back flow. Draper Surface Mounted And Booster Pumps Draper BP2A 53L/Min 800W Stainless Steel Body Booster Pump - 31561Stainless steel bodied pump for home and garden water supplies. Automatic cut-off switch and 20L expansion tank ensure continuity of water pressure. Fitted with non-return valve and double insulated impeller providing a quiet and efficient performance. S Specification: Flow rate up to 53 litres/min Maximum head 40m 800 watt, 230v motor Output aperture diameter - 25mm Hose adaptor diameter - 25mm
  10. Did you watch the coating being applied, there may be clues for the degradation? For example, how soon was the coating applied after blasting (it should be immediate so that no surface rusting starts). What was the surface condition? What was the temperature (of the steel and ambient). I have seen vlogs of people showing their boat being 2 packed and the application was less that ideal.
  11. Rubber encapsulated magnets mitigate the risk of damaging paintwork and provide more grip against sliding forces. I use them to hold our satellite system to the roof and have been satisfied with how they work. Look on Ebay for "rubber coated magnet".
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. The Wolverhampton flight route is certainly OK but I would suggest you consider using the Stourbridge as a somewhat more interesting route, with the Netherton tunnel, Bumblehole and the Delph locks. Also the section below Stourbridge is very pleasant countryside. If you go the Wolverhampton way the fish and chips at Compton or Swindon are both very good . Also, I suggest using the old line out of Birmingham (or at least some of it; a more meandering route and a few locks. The water is exceptionally clear approaching Tipton and usually you see lots of fish (I always find this a surprise in the Birmingham Canals).
  15. As long as you are going in the summer when river levels are low and the flow is calm, it is a good trip on the Severn. we are in Kinver on the Staffs and Worcs so do the Severn several times a year. When you leave Stourport there is a floating pontoon just downstream of the lock. The easiest technique is to go well out onto the river, do a 180 degree turn and approach the pontoon coming upstream against the flow. Then allow the crew to board, set out into the central of the river and turn 180 degrees agin and head downstream. You can do the same at Diglis, go past the lock entrance, and turn 180 degrees and put some crew off at the landing pontoon. The river locks are easy as they are manned. The lock keepers will direct you against one side and they want you to hold the boat against the wall. There are vertical steel wire ropes for this. Use a loop of rope of a boathook t hold onto the wire. At Worcester we either moor on the river upstream of the railway bridge, or on the canal at the Commandery (above the first lock beyond the basin. here is seldom room in the basin in the summer. In Stourport either moor above the lock before etc basins or on the river, here is a visitor pontoon. The limited visitor spaces in the basin are often occupied. Be warned that the journey you propose has a lot of locks. PS consider doing the Droitwich instead of going to Worcester, I like that canal and there are good visitor moorings near the central of the town.
  16. I fitted a domestic kickspace heater at the front of our boat running on the existing radiator circuit. Needs 230V for the fan, but I am not concerned about that.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Regarding high temperature hoses, these may be worth considering:- Rated at 40bar and all steel construction. This product (at BES Ltd) have no temperature rating quoted, but I suspect it would be practicable to find on with a specified rating. See https://www.bes.co.uk/braided-fan-coil-flexible-connector-1-x-1-bsp-tm-x-300-mm-14874/ I have been thinking of using these for coolant hoses on our boat.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. Leicester ring has nice stretches of river. I find this to be a nice change from the canals.
  21. As far as I know he lock from the other to the military canal does not function.
  22. Charlton Whitehouse of Wolverhampton deliver coal to Kinver and surroundings by lorry and will deliver by boat, but these are infrequent. They took over the deliveries made on NB Roach up to a couple of years ago. http://www.cwfuels.co.uk/. We have used them a couple of times so far.
  23. Following on from earlier suggestion of using a larger frame alternator, we have Prestolite 8MR2070 units on our boat, so have some data to hand. There are trade offs in designing the drive speed (which can be lower on these units than car alternators). I would avoid running the alternator too fast, perhaps its better to optimise the output whilst avoiding high speeds where efficiency drops and noise increases. However do not run too slow as cooling is reduced and torque will increase.
  24. It will be handrails all round and a mandatory risk assessment and pre-job brief before approach the waterside soon. We will look back fondly on the current arrangements in ten years time.
  25. Look at Albright Ltd, they supply contractors for this application.
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