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  1. I would be very upset if anyone refilled a pound without checking the status of any boats in it, and my boat filled and sank as a result. What precautions should I take to make my boat sinking proof in that situation?
  2. Hmm, I could do that in five mins with a drill bit and a square file!
  3. Well, a new world job only needs the fan on for very extended grilling, and the ignition is easily switched to 12v.
  4. "use my shaft as a rather large selfie stick" Blimey. That could be distracting.
  5. I was once cycling down the towpath and ran over my own dog. I wasn't doing more than 10mph. He was fine, but then I suspect he'd survive a tank running him over. He is a very stupid dog. He's worth 2 cones.
  6. He said the hatches are 2' from the waterline. While he may ship the odd bucketful, he's not going to sink as a result of an aperture 2' up. Not unless a big bugger of a boat goes round and round him in circles all the way.
  7. Hmm. I'm now a CCer. I'm totally relaxed about how far I'm moving, and am satisfied that I'm using the boat bona fide for navigation (I need a pump out) So I'm fine ya?
  8. In a big storm on the aire n Calder a fair amount of water got blown up the Springer's exhaust. Most people moor head to wind to avoid it. I suppose she would have sunk eventually as the exhaust blew like a Walrus.
  9. Be aware however, that if you load the ig2600 hard it gets rather loud. Running 1kw plus from it makes it a bit antisocial. Great at low loads though as you say. Oh and I have used the hell out of mine on a building site (cement mixer, chop saw etc) and it took it no problems. Only fault was once it wouldn't generate power, kipor v helpful, just twizzled the throttle on the carb and that sorted it. No trouble from that since.
  11. Putting in pins is tantamount to CMing KEEP MOVING AT ALL TIMES
  12. I had to take the bolinder out of my boat, cos even though I asked at every local garage no one could sell me any semi-diesel. I suppose you can only get it in the Midlands...
  13. I don't think there's a better solution for you than something like a kipor ig1000 and an electroquest 45a multi stage charger. That's assuming an ig1000 can handle the start up of the charger, bet it can.
  14. I make the horse get in the boat before any aqueduct. It's cosy.
  15. Mike don't be silly, I think the boat is probably at least a two man lift. Better to get a flock of angora rabbits, put the paint on their fur and release under the boat. Repeat until fully covered.
  16. If it is only a few pits, they could be welded. Suspect not though. You can insure it, but 3rd party. It isn't going to sink as a result of 3mm on the baseplate. Well, most baseplates are 10mm, so after 17 years would still be 7mm, more than the sides!
  17. Part of the problem is caused by the fact that you can't mooch from newlay to Leeds, it has to be done in one go really, to feel safe. This means that boats from the Apperley Bridge and Shipley area tend to mooch towards Skipton rather than leeds. I can't see a quick solution to this.
  18. It's not a flipping Beta. I think it's a 2 pot lister being replaced by a 3 pot, during which it transpired that the prop had to come off, it was discovered that it was brazed to the shaft.
  19. Not comparable, but the other day I was passing a line of moored boats, some on pins, at tickover as usual. The boat behind shouted at me (politely) to "pull over we've got a train to catch!" I did pull in and they steamed past the floating wet dock, in which someone may well have been painting...
  20. Well done for helping out in the first place though Ricco. Shame you've been a bit had. Could people breast up to use the water point? If so stick it there with a note saying please breast up to use water point.
  21. I don't understand "it could be made 14 day if there is demand" Surely it should be 14 day unless crowded? I'm all for more moorings and vm's in Leeds center though.
  22. Please do re-tie my boat if it comes adrift - but why stop there? Give it a wash please, also some of the paintwork needs a touch up if it isn't too much trouble. :-)
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