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  1. Slightly open a nut at the highest point in the system and ensure there is water getting into the system somehow replacing the air
  2. Hello, Below I will post progress pics of my widebeam project which I have been working on and off for a few months now in between work. This is my second boat project after selling my last one Before Pics Works Began Fitted diesel stove with back boiler to supply 2 x double radiators & towel rail Modifying pipework behind bathroom wall to re locate towel rail & H&C for basin, wall so thin I could not use push fits so soldering required Back boiler flow & returns bent in 22mm copper 6mm mdf panelling Hand made interior doors building a door frame to separate the sleeping area new staircase, this is fitted on hinges so It can be tilted back for more storage laminate flooring Kitchen Area integrated fridge & washing machine Control panel wiring removed so it can all be housed inside a wall unit. Finished article 2 days later! Sink & breakfast bar Wall units on floor so worktop overhangs for breakfast bar Routing worktop bolts Worktops oiled Bathroom Existing bathroom Metro tiling on opposite wall with tails for new towel rail Tiled half way with towel rail fitted Shower area tiling new shower enclosure & mixer bar fitted 6mm ply glued to existing floor ready for new vinyl to be laid Finally decided on a floor after pulling up the wood I had laid! Bedroom Wardrobes Fitting 6mm panelling on exterior of wardrobe doors & new handles New stairs being made
  3. Thanks for the replies i have a twin alternator arrangement so I may start by removing one of the thinner wires to see if that helps is there any way of seeing if there is current being drawn from that battery without draining it every time?
  4. Hello, I seem to have a problem where my starter battery is getting drained along with the leisure batteries, although the only connection I can see on the positive side is to the dials on the control panel and then straight to the starter motor, I have attached a pic? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies it looks like I will be using the 3kw inverter on board 24/7 rather than having a dedicated one just for the fridge!
  6. Hello, I have purchased an A++ rated 240v fridge from ikea. It is rated at 0.5A and has a yearly consumption of 96kwh. I require a small inverter to run it does anybody have any recommendations? regards mitch
  7. Hello, After purchasing these LED lights on ebay they have started flickering after a few days of being installed. I did purchase similar ones about 2 years ago for my last boat which worked fine but I cant seem to get hold of any more! My latest solution is to buy MR16 holders and then 12V MR16 bulbs, similar so this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-4x-MR16-3W-5W-LED-Bulbs-SMD-Lamp-30W-50W-GU5-3-Spotlight-Replacement-DC12V-uk/152852858346?hash=item2396bd85ea:m:mnQtW7XRu0L9WQF7lAD_d4A It does say that a 12V driver is required but I assume this is for conversion from 240v to 12, however my question is will these work given the fluctuating voltage on a boat? If not does any body have any other suggestions as to a cost effective way of putting 12v spots in the boat as I have already drilled 30 holes in the ceiling of my wide beam!! Regards Mitch
  8. I have had the head skimmed and pressure tested however I still need to make sure the block is ok, which I am scared about !!
  9. Hi Tony thanks for the info but exhaust gasses in coolant is a sure sign. Cylinder head taken off already and it was clearly blowing across 3 of the 4 cylinders
  10. Thermostat gone I think! I only recently purchased the boat and it was gone when I purchased and has got gradually worst, about £500 all in to fix excl labour!
  11. Hi Tony, thanks for your response would you be able to suggest a grade that would suit my engine? regards
  12. Hello so will any 15w40 suffice? thanks
  13. Hello, After changing the head gasket on my Isuzu 55 I need to change the oil as I am sure there is a load of water in there. 15w/40 API CD is specified but is there something I can purchase over the counter (euros or similar) as I am looking to change the gasket this weekend depending on this weather! Thanks Mitch
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