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  1. I would be very upset if anyone refilled a pound without checking the status of any boats in it, and my boat filled and sank as a result. What precautions should I take to make my boat sinking proof in that situation?
  2. Hmm, I could do that in five mins with a drill bit and a square file!
  3. Well, a new world job only needs the fan on for very extended grilling, and the ignition is easily switched to 12v.
  4. "use my shaft as a rather large selfie stick" Blimey. That could be distracting.
  5. I was once cycling down the towpath and ran over my own dog. I wasn't doing more than 10mph. He was fine, but then I suspect he'd survive a tank running him over. He is a very stupid dog. He's worth 2 cones.
  6. He said the hatches are 2' from the waterline. While he may ship the odd bucketful, he's not going to sink as a result of an aperture 2' up. Not unless a big bugger of a boat goes round and round him in circles all the way.
  7. Hmm. I'm now a CCer. I'm totally relaxed about how far I'm moving, and am satisfied that I'm using the boat bona fide for navigation (I need a pump out) So I'm fine ya?
  8. In a big storm on the aire n Calder a fair amount of water got blown up the Springer's exhaust. Most people moor head to wind to avoid it. I suppose she would have sunk eventually as the exhaust blew like a Walrus.
  9. Be aware however, that if you load the ig2600 hard it gets rather loud. Running 1kw plus from it makes it a bit antisocial. Great at low loads though as you say. Oh and I have used the hell out of mine on a building site (cement mixer, chop saw etc) and it took it no problems. Only fault was once it wouldn't generate power, kipor v helpful, just twizzled the throttle on the carb and that sorted it. No trouble from that since.
  11. Putting in pins is tantamount to CMing KEEP MOVING AT ALL TIMES
  12. I had to take the bolinder out of my boat, cos even though I asked at every local garage no one could sell me any semi-diesel. I suppose you can only get it in the Midlands...
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