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  1. RCD

    Of course. The Uttoxeter is closed until further notice.
  2. RCD

    Is that the uxter plate or somewhere in Staffordshire. :-)
  3. Spiders

    Ah yes, I remember being on a mail list and participating in online discussions in the mid-90s, when few boaters were online and probably only from home via a dial-up modem. Happy days. http://www.canals.com/maillist.htm
  4. Fantastic drydocking service

    That's it. Scraping a hull is not much fun, but it must have been a dirtier job in the days before pressure washers to remove the worst of the muck.
  5. Fantastic drydocking service

    That seems rather drastic.
  6. Izuzu Engine - strange behaviour

    It is essential to get rid of all the water and grot in the tank or you are likely to suffer from diesel bug. It's also important to prevent water getting into the tank, for example through a deck filler. The seal should be in good condition and the cap tightened down. Even a poorly sited vent can allow water to enter a fuel tank.
  7. Remove pump out

    If mrsmelly prefers a cassette I reckon it must be mr smelly rather than mrs melly.
  8. Which bulb

    As I explained above, halogen lamps are not much more efficient than ordinary incandescent bulbs and the 'eco' designation is no more than marketing spin. The colour temperature is a bit higher and the life could be 50 or 100% longer. As you say, the fixtures make a significant difference. Hopefully we will see more fixtures designed for LEDs and if properly designed the LEDs should not need to be replaceable.
  9. Which bulb

    It is best to look at the brightness in lumens rather than the power consumption when comparing lamps. Incidentally, halogen lamps are often quoted as using 70% of the power of old fashioned bulbs, so are not much more efficient even if labelled 'eco'. It's worth buying one or two lamps for testing, or borrowing them from another boater for test purposes. One thing to watch out for is radio interference, since it is not uncommon with LED lighting especially when the radio signal is weak. To find suitable replacements for the styles of bulb used on boats, you might need to look at a specialist supplier, for example: http://www.bedazzled.uk.com/12v_LED_Bulb_Replacement.htm
  10. Fuse size

    I wonder how often a 200A fuse would blow in practice. I have spare megafuses, which are readily available, but if I recall correctly, Victron use a type that is more difficult to get hold of.
  11. Fuse size

    The fuse in the Victron would not offer protection if their was a short-circuit between the battery and inverter.
  12. Fuse size

    How often does a 200A fuse blow on a 2kVA inverter in normal use? Each to their own.
  13. Fuse size

    I would go for 200A unless the inverter is used on full power. The fuse can always be replaced with a 300A one if it fails.
  14. Anyone passed this boat on the L&L?

    Are you asking us to check our stools.
  15. Fradley is full

    It might be because other boaters run generators and engines late into the evening. Sadly we live in a selfish world.