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  1. Spanner go lusty rying on the froor
  2. Stern end image of a Kent class motor sailer. Plenty of room for rubbish to accumulate on the long tube extention behind the prop.
  3. I don't like it hot. My Boatman stove I have bricked out the grate with a couple of house bricks to reduce it's grate area. I cook inside the furnace on a trivet bridging across the bricks, on a low fire it cooks lovely. A 25 kg bag lasts me a fortnight easily.
  4. Guten Nach Mittag volks. I had the German Pfizer Biotech vaccination last Fritag. After effects have been quite horrid. Dream't I bought rimless spectacles like Himmlers, but worst of all I have really frightening visions in my dreams of being in a concentration camp with Frau Merkel standing before me in full battledress, waving a wicked looking whiplash. Sieg Heil.
  5. You could light a bonfire under the boat to keep it nice and dry whilst painting. Or to make sure it's dry while painting wave a hot air gun about just ahead of your paint brush,. If your right handed work towards your left, if your left handed work towards your right so that the hot air gun is always ahead of the paint brush.
  6. That one might have a spin on filter. Anyhow if it does have a replaceable paper element they are cheap as chips, about £1 each.
  7. As far as kids going back to school. My observations whilst out shopping during schools turning out after lessons. The infants and juniors are'nt I think a great problem as most are picked up by parents in cars. It's the secondary school kids that are the problem as most make there own way home. When they were last at school during the summer I saw literally hundreds of secondary school kids making there way home and hanging about huge huddles everywhere playing smart phones, NOT ONE did I see wearing a mask, they don't think it's cool to do so. In my opinion they should wear masks at all t
  8. As far as the hot air outlet ducting is concerned. Does the engine have the air cooling tin plating surrounding it with the rectangular outlet on the port side and an opening in the hull or cabin side to match ? If to it's easy to make a box section to connect them with aluminium sheet, tin snips and pop rivets.
  9. Hello. Do you have the large diameter alternator drive pulley on the camshaft? 10'',-12'' otherwise no alternator will be driven fast enough if you have the standard 7'' one. Even with the large diameter pulley's alternators are not really driven fast enough for full output.
  10. When refitting the chain case, put all the bolts in and leave them loose, put the pulley and nut on. Turn the engine a revolution by the nut, with one hand firmly against the case to hold it there whilst tightening the bolts ''opposites''. By centralizing the case oil seal on it's pulley track in this way, with a bit of luck you won't have an oil leak. Oil or grease the seal lip or if it's a felt seal, and the track on the pulley before entering the pulley.
  11. The Reynolds chain tensioner is hydraulic from engine oil pressure when the engine is running, the light spring just keeps the pad against the chain when the engine is not running.
  12. The leak off rail is the pipework up against the rocker covers [Port side) your yellow fuel tubing can be connected to that and tother end connected to that disconected copper tube which goes to the top of the tank.
  13. I thought this Raptor bed liner stuff was for bed wetters, or for incontinent Teradactyles to line their nests with.
  14. They could always use it to practice Limbo dancing or even the high jump or tightrope walking.
  15. Also they need to be fixed., screwed down or chained up to a bulkhead or something so they can't fall over. Also is your gas supply piping and regulator up to the job of powering the cooker with everything on it turned on full.
  16. Thick Ice very common years ago, but since we're still coming out of the ice age less so. Read Arthur Ransomes ''Winter Holiday''.
  17. They are absolute stupid imbeciles, as if folk walking by arn't going to report what they see and hear.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. bizzard

    Fuel pipe

    They look like 5/16'' pipes, but measure them to make sure. You should then be able to use the old fittings but use new olives of course. 8 mm olives will work on 5/16'' pipe if you can't get imperial.
  20. bizzard

    Fuel pipe

    5/16'', 10/32'' or 20/64'' or 40/128'' is normal for those engines.
  21. I remember during a winter in the 1970', I was towing someone sailing cruiser back from Burnam on Crunch with my Land Rover, roads were pretty treacherous old A roads patchy ice. Chugging along at about 30 mph a great brute Range Rover towing a typical flashy speed boat flew past me, about two miles down the road there it was half on it's side in a ditch, I could have stopped to hoik it out but I would have had to disconnect my trailer and blocked the road to do it, but as the occupants had go out of it ok and there was a village close by I didn't stop.
  22. Eskimo burglars use blowlamps.
  23. I don't even know his address we just email each other now and again. He moved out there when he was about 30 years old. Unfortunately he tends to live on Facebook in his old age. He was a landscape gardener and then a crane driver. It shoulld really spin over well with the normal 12v, have you renewed pistons or piston rings, if so it will be a little stiffer for a while. If you have another battery with rhe old top exposed cell connecting bars you could easily tap off 1 cell to give you another 2 volts, making 8, but I wouldn't go higher.
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