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  1. Six years (1900 miles) with a 7.5 Honda on a 19ft Fairline DeLuxe followed by eleven years (2900 miles) with a Volvo Penta (Honda) 9.9 on a Buckingham 25 worked out, on average, 4.5 to 5 hours per uk gallon. Much the same diesel consumption as I get now with a 20hp Beta in a 35ft steel narrowboat. I concur with the comments about 2 stroke motors, I would avoid them, in the larger sizes they can seriously damage your wealth. Mike
  2. You might care to sight along each side of the boat to see if there are slight 'bumps' where the curved bow section meets the straight sides. I know of at least three Liverpool shells with this 'feature' that have met challenges at Hurleston Bottom lock. I have personal experience of one of them . . . . It hasn't stopped us from covering about 7000 miles around the system since 1998 without problems, including the locks on the Cheshire flight which are marked as particularly tight. In all other respects our boat has been fine, apart from the 'floppy rudder syndrome' mentioned in another thread, which was fixed by renewing the bolts and welding. Mike
  3. Philip, I've had a BD722 (20hp) in 'Kingsbridge', a 35ft Liverpool boat, since 1998. It's got 3800 hours on it and hasn't, up to now, shown any tendency to overheat. I have to admit it got up to about 88C indicated when I opened it up a bit on the Weaver on a very warm day, but for normal canal speeds it varies between 65C and 80C depending on the prevailing weather. It's keel cooled with a slightly undersized tank on the swim. I'd like an engine that runs at a lower rpm when cruising (1800 - 2200 for 2.8 - 3.2 mph, and I wouldn't like to spend much time with it at 3000+) but it's been a very smooth and reliable engine. I suppose that having said that I'll need to call RCR the next time we leave the moorings. Mike.
  4. Ah, Kai Tak! In a previous life in the RAF we lived for two years in married quarters, in a block of flats just under the chequerboard at the top of Waterloo Road. It appeared the different airlines had different approach methods, PanAm and BA (BOAC?) used to arrive in front of our balcony, while Cathay Pacific used to do a split-a**e turn around the back. We had friends who lived on the sixth floor of a block of flats nearby and visiting them at night could be quite exciting, they were right under the approach. We were based with our Whirlwind 10s on the old airfield, and on occasion when the wind changed the pong from the surrounding water was memorable. An evening return from the New Territories down over the resettlement estates was a sight to remember, Oh dear, I just had a burst of nostalgia . Is there a cure?
  5. Greenie awarded for that! Currently reading Bill Bryson's The Mother Tongue, so very very apt.
  6. Sue, The Moneydance site states that they have tested the program(me) on the Windows 10 beta and it works. Just a thought. Mike
  7. I've been using Moneydance for years, runs well on Windows XP and 7, most shades of Linux on a netbook and I believe there is a version for Macs
  8. I had a Hurth 2:1 box fail after seven years, the same symptoms, slipping in forward gear but OK in reverse. I'm not on the boat at the moment so I can't check, but I think it was branded ZF10M. Kingsbridge is 35ft, the engine a Beta Marine BD722, so only about 19hp maximum, and I guess about 8-10hp at cruising revs. I changed the oil (definitely ATF) at the specified intervals. It took a long time to fail completely, a year or two I recall, and in the beginning it would slip when cold, but behave when warmed up. I eventually got fed up with nursing it after an interesting trip back up the Weaver. The fitter who changed it used the expression " Ten months or ten years, who knows?". My current ZF box is three years old now, and I'm not going to chance my luck by commenting further. So far so good. Mike
  9. Good news indeed. We've never been formally introduced but often passed and acknowledged each other while bumbling around our bit of the Shroppie. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from both of us. Mike
  10. I've only got a six foot swim on Kingsbridge. On the rare occasion when reversing goes well I always pretend that I meant to do it that way in the first place. Mike
  11. Hi all, We were moored opposite the Social Club at Marple a few weeks ago, I think it was this beauty that moved out of the moorings there, winded and returned to what appeared to be her usual mooring on the main line of the Upper Peak Forest. If so, she sounds just as good as she looks. Mike
  12. So sad. We always enjoyed a natter with Maureen while passing through Wardle Lock. It won't be quite the same now. We've lost a real character. R.I.P. Maureen.
  13. At the time all this was going on I was still gainfully employed, and only caught occasional glimpses of the front or back end of a boat sticking out of the roller doors of the unit. When they started fitting them out in Flint there was considerable local publicity and pictures in the local papers of the shells and completed boats being moved. I can't remember any mention being made of the origin of the shells, but of course they could well have fabricated their own elsewhere. It was hailed as another welcome addition to employment opportunities in this part of north Wales but didn't last all that long. Mike
  14. Nigel wrote:- "As an aside, and I'm not convinced of the truth of this tale, but I did hear tell of a Hallmark owner who, on his first outing after taking delivery of his boat, reached the first lock and discovered that the boat didn't fit. Upon measuring it he discovered it was just over 7' wide instead of 6'10"..." I can vouch for this. The unfortunate owner was a member of our boat club, and found that he was unable to get his boat into the bottom lock at Hurleston ( not the only boat that suffers from that problem). I seem to recall that he spent quite a lot of money on having it professionally measured, and managed to get it up the Llangollen by diligent use of an angle grinder. I think, if memory serves me right, that Hallmark offered to take it back and give him another one, but nothing came of it as they went under while he was still negotiating the deal. He gave up boating shortly afterwards. Another useless snippet, the shells were bought in from somewhere and fitted out in an industrial unit in Flint. Also, his engine was fitted so close to the cabin bulkhead that it was very awkward indeed to check drivebelts and other bits. Mike
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