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station tug

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  1. station tug

    Dispute at Pillings

    i lost the will to keep reading the thread as it kept going wildly off topic................ have crt blocked the marina yet?? are they going to?? if not why not??
  2. station tug

    lister jp3 rebuild

    iv been after 3 x head gaskets and 3 x sets of rings so i took it upon myself to have a ring round for some prices.....i really wanted genuine parts and some advice on a starter motor....prices came in at £220/£360 i found our local lister petter main agent as a long shot..i was shocked at the £200 quoted and they had them in stock..so iv gone for the genuine stuff and iv bought another 3 sets of each for the future.........i think the moral of the story here is dont just go for the big name remanufactuors of lister engine and part suppliers..sometimes a main agent is the cheapest and closest option!!!
  3. station tug

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    spill the beans tim, what have you got planned
  4. station tug

    For sale.............

    iv worked and lived in loads of rough areas, generaly when i start teaching class's and my own dogs the scum seem to find somewere else to play...
  5. station tug

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    needs a box...prm260 £1400.......electric start,flywheel,starter,bell housing if you can find one and if you can find someone that will sell it you..adapter made to take the gearbox...variable throttle...so after a load of hasstle youll only ever have a coverted industrial engine.and it looked smokey in the video....so the answer is yes and it can be done cheaply if youve got the tackle to make all the bits yourself...if youve got to start farming jobs out its going to cost big money...................................
  6. station tug

    jp2 starting

    yes electric start is easily attcheavable............just a matter of cost........there are a few firms that can supply the relevent parts........marine power services probably the place to start............and youll need a fairly handy mechanic to fit the parts
  7. station tug

    Best 2 pack used by the Biggest container ship in the world.

    wow............i guess thats the tackle to use from now on.....how much is it??
  8. station tug

    jp starter ring gear

    its the one off it but i did think it was a little high ....
  9. station tug

    Dispute at Pillings

    how about you all get get back to the thread instead of ruining it by all the personal rubbish............either take it to PM or start a new thread ...ya bunch of big girls!!!!!
  10. station tug

    Sound Insulation

    go scrap yard and get some sound insulation off a bonnet
  11. station tug

    Line / Rope, what is best?

    rachet straps................takes all the talent out of pulling your boat to the side...........i like em
  12. station tug

    cost of overplating

    its only because i havent got the cash to bid you at it...
  13. station tug

    cost of overplating

    have a greenie on me mr fincher
  14. station tug

    cost of overplating

    you could always just sell it on at an inflated price??? sorry onion couldnt help myself
  15. station tug

    cost of overplating

    no alan no no no no no...£19.99 for a 1kg....if its not from a boat yard YOU WILL DIE!!!!!! i hope your not going to be one of these independant thinkers????

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