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  1. The main danger is that you could ignite the volatile gasses from the battery and blow them apart and splash you with battery acid
  2. On a similar theme in new year 2000 I followed the Chinese philosophy of floating paper boats one for each of our independent children two sailed serenely away and one circled and returned we declared " That is our son" it turned out it was our eldest daughter who returned
  3. Imrays North Western waterways had Bouroughbridge lock at 61.6 and Linton lock at 62 so if you can get a copy they seem to be more accurate Visit Nun Monkton and Newby Hall.
  4. Check or replace the filter and use a bike pump to force air from the stove to the tank any debris will be forced back into the tank.
  5. these stoves don't like dirty fuel if you do not fit a filter in the supply then any muck will clog the stove supply classic behaviour of a blocked fuel pipe try blowing back from the stove to the tank. This is a common problem if you run out of fuel.
  6. Check the flow through the calorifier pipe it may have degraded over time worth connecting a hose pipe and seeing if there is a through flow wet and messy I know but that is what boating is about.
  7. Two pipes run from the engine. one before the thermostat usually runs to the heater, in a car or lorry the cab heater in a boat the calorifier. One after the thermostat (which only opens if the engine is running hot) runs to the heat exchanger (radiator or skin tank) from the top of the engine and the return piped to the bottom. If the engine is not working hard then it can stay cool.
  8. They could have been making and repairing lorry tarpaulins
  9. At 60 ft long you can get as far north as Ripon as far south as Foxton and the Bridgwater and Rochdale to Sowerby Bridge. My boat at 62ft was too long to go above York. Ginger can thin the fluid in the middle ear. Our costs where 2 bags of coal per week 13Kg gas per fortnight
  10. Petrol engines on a boat are a problem. Make sure that you use an earthing strop to avoid static electric spark when filling. Make sure that you use the vapour clearing fan to remove any explosive fumes from the bilges. Better still change the engine for a diesel. I used a set of mole grips to pull the locking pin.
  11. Neap (low) tides are easy big floods and high fresh water are difficult. 58 foot you can get up to Rippon fantastic journey. Coming back to Selby turn below the two bridges and stem the tide until level with the lock for an easy and controlled entry. The Ouse was our first river trip and we made all the mistakes went out on a big tide and shot through the bridges like a rocket. Coming back again on a big tide started turning level with the lock and found ourselves well downstream, from cruising with a tide of 5 knots and the boat speed of 5 knots to almost stopped struggling to make it back up to the lock the boat in front pinged off the lock like a ping pong ball but I slowed right down as soon as I got in the lock slack water. Later we saw a little springer turn above the lock and enter with none of the fuss. Nun Monkton was one of our favourite villages to visit you have to scramble up the bank but worth the effort.
  12. Nose weight is what keeps a trailer stable. If you load a boat with a heavy outboard on the back the trailer will snake as 50mph and you could loose it.
  13. The worm drive to lift the leg is on the left on the 2nd photo. I suspect that you will have to unbolt the steering arm when you start to swivel the leg. If you use a slipway it is important to swivel the leg to avoid damage. I removed my leg in the water but had to ballast the front of the boat to lift the fitting out of the water. Then I sent it by Red Star (rail) to Bob Knowl's at Leicester he repaired it, replaced the broken yoke and most of the gears drove down to Skipton and refitted cost £1000. 1985.
  14. www.chertseymeadsmarine.co.uk/enfield-drives/ lifting the z drive will not solve your problem. Disconnect the gear cable and attempt to move the leaver on the drive itself. The locking pin will be on the right side looking back level with the drive shaft. www.boatservicehaarlem.nl/enfield-outdrive.pdf . You can see the locking pin looking from the back of the boat. arrowed.
  15. Need to wake up early to beat the yobs on the Ashton down to Picadilly but stay a day in Manchester take in a theatre and eat in China Town. early start to do the locks up to the Rose. The Huddersfield is a world beater with the villages and the Stannedge Tunnel
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