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  1. Roger that. I guess it's why 60x12 is the most popular widebeam size... It's cheaper to go big than small (not that 57x11 is by any means small)! I'm not looking to "save" that 20% I'm just trying to make sure that if I am buying something zero rate I don't get caught out.
  2. Fully versed in the acronym B.O.A.T yes. But when your trying to budget for something at this cost a 20% difference is very substantial. I'm not looking to pull a fast one on anyone, I just want to know I'm not having one pulled on me.
  3. Well yes, this is I suppose what I'm getting at. Experience of contractual obligations, how they may have been written etc. Anything to look out for. I just want to know that if a company says its zero rate that it actually is and I'm not gonna get stitched up. I guess the simple solution is to word my own contract (perhaps checked by a solicitor) that would make the supplier responsible. If they refuse I guess it isn't legit. Did I just answer my own question?
  4. Sorry if this has come up before in the last few years but seeing as the search function just doesn't work anymore I'm going to have to ask again. Looking for some clarification on zero rate VAT. I'm about to embark on a sailaway project (the OH wants a widebeam for us and the little one when it comes) Currently looking at boat builders to make us 57x11. I'm amazed by the variation in builders that can and can't offer this size as zero rate VAT. I've read up on what HMRC deems are the requirements for a boat to qualify zero rate VAT, and have also read how some builders have managed to cheat this. What I've decided is that surely there is not really a legitimate way to achieve the minimum gross tonnage without either having no gunwales or weirdly high gunwales (something I've not seen out on the cut).. So I want to hear the buyers opinions. Seeing as HMRC is basically saying 60x12ft is basically the smallest craft that could be considered zero rate VAT, who has a bought a sailaway smaller than this and and still been VAT free? How did you upon purchase make sure that liability (should the tax man come knocking) not fall on you but on the supplier. Does anyone have any nightmare stories about buying a boat that you believe to be zero rate VAT then have been stung further down the line? On a slightly different note if anyone want to share their experiences of buying sailaways, would love to hear your thoughts on boat builders, who has been great who hasn't. although maybe keep any naming and shaming to a private message! Look forward to hearing about your experiences. TIA
  5. I lost it in my gas locker. It got pinched in a jubilee clip and leaked out everywhere.
  6. Appreciated. It was meant more as a reply to all rather than specified to you mate. Thanks again.
  7. I meant to also add into the above its compliance with RCD as well it passing it's BSS. I think I've established that for it to pass again I need to replace the jubilee clips with hose clips that are permenantly crimped. For the record it is not a fully flexible hose gas install throughout the boat. Only inside the gas locker. Everything outside of the gas locker is copper. Its all a tad confusing but I think I've got the answer. Cheers for the help folks.
  8. The boat passed its last BSS And so far the changes are like for like hose replacement, but the hose fastening is with worm drive jubilee rather than crimped.
  9. Well lets say all of them. I have BSS coming up this year and I decided I would change the gas hose in the gas locker (it was 10 years old) and try and add a bubble tester. Its just not going so well! I know I have the correct hose. I assumed using jubilee hose clips (https://gasproducts.co.uk/jubilee-hose-clip-000.html) would be fine. Im even doubting that now!
  10. My plan was to install the bubble tester inside the gas locker in the bow. The system basically being. 2x 13kg gas tanks 2x Regulator into manual changeover switch (8.3mm LPG High Pressure Gas Hose) Outlet of switch--> bubble tester (8.3mm LPG High Pressure Gas Hose) Bubble tester out to 1/4in Nozzle to 8mm (this is the exit of the gas locker where it becomes copper and runs through the boat to the galley)
  11. It's not difficult to secure the tester and still use flexible pipes...
  12. Can you install using Flexible orange 8mm hose? Or does it have to be solid? There seems to be nozzles for hose in the box but I can't figure out how to attach them to the in and outlets. Ubfortunatley the instructions are eligible after the leak!
  13. Obviously there is a replacement sachet already on order and it will be filled when it arrives! I don't just intend to keep as an expensive pointless valve!
  14. Just bought the titles sake, and fitting whilst replacing my gas hoses. Open up the box and sachet of propylene glycol has leaked everywhere. Question is, is there any harm in fitting it and using it without any liquid in the bubble chamber. I can't imagine there is but was hoping for confirmation from someone much wiser than I. Thanks in advance friends.
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