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  1. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    I lost it in my gas locker. It got pinched in a jubilee clip and leaked out everywhere.
  2. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    *reads post #2
  3. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    Appreciated. It was meant more as a reply to all rather than specified to you mate. Thanks again.
  4. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    I meant to also add into the above its compliance with RCD as well it passing it's BSS. I think I've established that for it to pass again I need to replace the jubilee clips with hose clips that are permenantly crimped. For the record it is not a fully flexible hose gas install throughout the boat. Only inside the gas locker. Everything outside of the gas locker is copper. Its all a tad confusing but I think I've got the answer. Cheers for the help folks.
  5. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    The boat passed its last BSS And so far the changes are like for like hose replacement, but the hose fastening is with worm drive jubilee rather than crimped.
  6. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    Well lets say all of them. I have BSS coming up this year and I decided I would change the gas hose in the gas locker (it was 10 years old) and try and add a bubble tester. Its just not going so well! I know I have the correct hose. I assumed using jubilee hose clips (https://gasproducts.co.uk/jubilee-hose-clip-000.html) would be fine. Im even doubting that now!
  7. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    My plan was to install the bubble tester inside the gas locker in the bow. The system basically being. 2x 13kg gas tanks 2x Regulator into manual changeover switch (8.3mm LPG High Pressure Gas Hose) Outlet of switch--> bubble tester (8.3mm LPG High Pressure Gas Hose) Bubble tester out to 1/4in Nozzle to 8mm (this is the exit of the gas locker where it becomes copper and runs through the boat to the galley)
  8. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    It's not difficult to secure the tester and still use flexible pipes...
  9. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    Can you install using Flexible orange 8mm hose? Or does it have to be solid? There seems to be nozzles for hose in the box but I can't figure out how to attach them to the in and outlets. Ubfortunatley the instructions are eligible after the leak!
  10. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    Obviously there is a replacement sachet already on order and it will be filled when it arrives! I don't just intend to keep as an expensive pointless valve!
  11. Alde bubble gas leak detector

    Just bought the titles sake, and fitting whilst replacing my gas hoses. Open up the box and sachet of propylene glycol has leaked everywhere. Question is, is there any harm in fitting it and using it without any liquid in the bubble chamber. I can't imagine there is but was hoping for confirmation from someone much wiser than I. Thanks in advance friends.
  12. Producing Hot Water.

    Yes yes, very efficient way of heating water, I've got stacks of experience of using them. Mines even got a thermometer so I can regulate the temperature.. Not so good for the shower though. I should add, I do not have mains.
  13. Producing Hot Water.

    Hi All, So, after a year of living aboard a boat that only generates hot water via running the engine and slowly warming up water in the calorifier which is all over in a hot minute. Ive decided that its time for some home improvements, mainly in the guise of hot water. My initial thought was Webasto, but I read very recently that they don't like to work as just water heaters and need to do central heating as well. Lovely in times like this but I don't particularly want to be heating the boat via rads in the middle of the summer every time I want to do the washing up. Other thing is the quite high cost or purchase and what ever parts of the install I cannot do myself plus regular maintenance. Second thoughts a Morco gas boiler, but from what I see in the specs of the ones I've been looking at they only heat the water to 25C above the water temperature. Thats just not hot enough for most hot water requirements. Secondly I heard that BSS is wanting to phase out gas from boats so is investing is a gas boiler perhaps not wise. Immersion heater, to be honest I've done little to no research. Just the huge power output has put me off even considering it as an option. However knowing that my battery bank needs replacing and a new solar array is on the shopping list maybe it could work. I guess what I'm asking is what from the above is myth, what people are using, what you find the pros and cons of your set ups are and how much they have cost you to purchase/install. I've got a fair bit of cash to spend on the batteries the solar and the water heating I just want to make sure I spend it wisely and don't regret it in a few months years down the line! Look forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thanks in advance.
  14. Search facility

    Also Having no fun with the search.
  15. Why Do I get Sparks?

    Yeah I isolate everything before doing any battery work always.