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  1. That does sound like something Keith would do and we do have a 4 cylinder RN here!
  2. It’s a Barry Hawkins boat, looks like most of his boats. Industry Narrowboats only cut a section out before it went to Amsterdam
  3. ParAdine ParBella ParCastle ParDerry ParElia ParField ParGlena
  4. Yes, she was in a bit of a mess when we bought her about 6 years ago! What did Parglena draw out of interest?
  5. I’d like to point out that that is an old picture of Parbella and she is looking a lot smarter now ? I wouldn’t class Parglena as a replica, for a start they’ve used the dimensions after she was converted as as has been mentioned, it’s not the same size. A boat such as Hasty on the other hand I would class as a replica as both the owner and Brinklow were particular in getting it historically accurate, even down to parts which would’ve have been better aesthetically being left off. I do regularly wish that Parbella drew as little as Parglena does though ?‍♀️
  6. A place called Midland Mouldings. We took an original piece in to them and they made the cutter and cut the lengths in sapele for us. Cracking company, believe they’ve been going for quite some time
  7. Was it the Lycetts that you knew? I know they had her for a while. I believe Keith Ball bought her in 1985 when she was on dry land somewhere near audlem
  8. She indeed still around and still owned by the Balls at Industry Narrowboats (34 years they have had her). She is actually coming out for a survey on Tuesday as she has a potential new owner lined up
  9. Well she’s finally back in the water, proper moulding and all
  10. Ling was one that got me. There’s enough unconverted joshers out there with FMC cabins if they had one. Same thing with composite bottoms now. If you want a steel bottom, go get one with a steel bottom, there’s enough out there
  11. Having just put a new wooden bottom on Canis Major I can’t say I would ever want to do it again, it best see me out..
  12. I am really surprised that Anthony is still on the market. Having seen the boat, she is superb and an absolute steal at that price. I don’t think the owners are particularly good with technology and so got some help with the advert, but it’s a good boat there
  13. The advert is only went live about 3 minutes ago, you beat me to it ?
  14. Ooooh I didn’t know they did that! I never need an excuse to go to Axminster, especially now they’ve stopped doing their printed catalogue, need to get my fix some how!
  15. That’s worth knowing, thanks George, will give them a ring this week
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