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  1. Well I,m more than willing to do it ,, I will have to get my operators card renewed , and I also fix them ,,
  2. For a moment I was hoping it would be nearer Chesterfield ,, lol,
  3. Is this not far from west stock with and the Trent ??
  4. Changed a few seal in them over the last few years , get a spare seal carrier and fit the new seal to it then it only takes a few moments to swap over once the shaft is slid back
  5. Why not just have a double ended live aboard and a little tug boat ,????
  6. Do you think CaRT. , has a cunning plan ,,,lol, How about we use the cyclists to pull the boats !!!
  7. You wouldn't want to drop in the cut with that when connected to the over heads
  8. aracer You are far to serious for you're own good !!!
  9. You cannot beat being safe and fitting a good quality isolator , durite. And ,CAV , are the best and good quality CAV ones can be sourced s/h from truck breakers as all petroleum regulated tankers have to have double pole isolators which cost around £400 each new and can be bought from good truck breakers for around £25
  10. Anybody got a link or contact ,, for ,,,houseful prices etc
  11. A stout mop or brush stale will bring any speeding cyclist to an abrupt HALT
  12. When I fit out my next boat I,m going to build a heat exchanger in the engine cooling circuit , to feed a a big brew can then I will always have hot brew water on tap ,, also hotplate on the exhaust manifold suitable for fry ups like we used to do on old lorries
  13. Well the friend I was asking for ,,,lol,,, Has come up with what seams to be an original name , can,t find another boat with the same name , so its looking good
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