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  1. Even with an external antenna your handheld won't give the EIRP that comes near the level that is of concern. Bung the figures into the calculator on the ofcom page and you will see. Thus I suspect all handheld only owners might well have been excluded from the consultation as it won't affect them
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Cases will rise before the end of the month due to schools going back on Monday Little darlings wont suffer from it but will be perfect carriers between their parents who are not yet vaccinated πŸ’€
  4. Local means your home area, village, town council area or similar. Not misleading at all I was refering to my circumstances. Yes I can go to my boat from the 29th but cant stay over so as I said with a 500mile round trip that takes 9 hours if I leave at 6am then I get an hour or so on the boat and get home at 6pm, its just not worth doing and is certainly not minimising travel.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Reading that its wrong in places specifically from 12th April its single households only overnight not multiple. No wonder people get confused when organisations put out advice that conflicts with the government guidance. We will not be leaving home to visit the boat before 12th April as a 500mile return trip is not minimising travel. And the mighty lister has to be local to your home until 29th March
  7. We are the same, electric flush is the way to go on a boat as filling the flush tank on a boat would be a pain. I have lived with a C200 for 15 years I can see no reason to change. We do have 3 cassettes on the boat as dunny dumps are few and far between on EA Anglian rivers. If it was floating it wouldnt have been full
  8. I will be reappearing on the census this year for the first time since 1988, just did a quick look at the previous census dates and I will only have been on three in my lifetime and only one of those as an adult. So I have missed half of them😱
  9. Cheaper than 3 for new customers and it uses the same network is Smarty. http://referme.to/blHJxgx And you get a month free if you use the above link. 3 is cheaper if you are a customer and threaten to leave 😱
  10. You will probably have to change the prop to use the Beta.
  11. I would not have a Vetus engine if you paid me. Far easier, simpler and safer to get a proper rebuild on the Petter.
  12. EE and "3" have co-sited masts in lots of locations so any difference will be just down to the niumber of users each has/
  13. It wasn't incomprehensible just a bit complicated. In effect it means that under possible new rules if VHF is running 25watts no one should be allowed within about 1.6metres of the aerial when transmitting, if they are you have to work out exposure levels to see if they are in danger. I first thought it was to do with my Amateur licence rather than VHF, glad it's not as that would get complicated. We will see what happens after the consultation 😱
  14. How much are you paying? Nothing is for free
  15. I have had Txt and Email to say Nene is back on SSA 😟 No phone call yet 😱 So what's the bet It's a false alarm
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