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  1. Simple answer don't use hooks they are after all crap. As for pins mine are 3ft long would take something big to dislodge them.
  2. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    £ drops against $ after the two idiots said no deal brexit was on the cards last night.
  3. I find a bicycle pump filled with blue dye makes them easy to identify ; )
  4. What a complete and utter load of cods! Twenty five years ago I was often to be found on the London canals and no bother at all. Years before that I used to moor at Turner Marinas and for me going East was never a problem, there were as in any city a few places you wouldn't stop. The rat infested hole London has become lately is not somewhere I will visit again.
  5. The ones round Bristol (M4, M5) are live above 70mph, not sure of trigger speed but I do slow down for them. AFAIK the M1, M25 ones are still not live when boards are off.
  6. Or a clueless newbie who doesn't know how the throttle works. It can be done but you need experience, less throttle more motion. Glad he wont be passing me.
  7. Yes and if you read the document it seems to include UK ports as in Domestic shipping. I suppose you could register your vessels under a flag of convenience
  8. Whilst wiring a 96 pin DPD connector I also forgot to put the backshell on , slid it down 100m of multicore cable. Did other end, I did the same again, what to do? Needed tails for monitor desk so cut 5m off end and sorted it all out. Company never noticed that one of their multicores was 5m short! Age was not an excuse I was only 30!
  9. I have never managed to find an irony emoticon
  10. Difficult if you want/need to move. I have the answer all the narrow locks need enlarging and we all need to get widebeams so we can have enough solar to move Demonising diesel is bo11ox as who cares if a few locals die from pollution at least the CO2 is low compared to petrol and that helps the planet. Not to mention the fact that the population reduction helps as well.
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