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  1. Loddon

    How much does my boat weigh?

    Wheres @Albion when you need him! He used to have a simple excel file that asked you for various parameters Length, beam, swim lengths etc that gave out an answer in tons. I will look and see if i have a copy somewhere but it was a while ago. Strangely I still have it. File below Displacement.xls
  2. Loddon


    If there is a NE bond on the boat when connected to a shore supply the RCD on shore would trip.
  3. Loddon


    It can happen with single phase units but being pulsed a normal RCD should pick this up. If its fine on shore power and only trips on the genset I cant see how anything on the input side apart from some kind of interference created by the genset would cause an RCD to trip. The PDF was the first one I found to try and explain my thoughts. Would still like to know the type of RCD (AC, A,B) Type AC. Ensures tripping for residual a.c. currents, Type A Ensures tripping for residual a.c. currents and pulsating d.c. currents, Type B Ensures tripping for residual a.c. currents, pulsating d.c. currents and smooth d.c. currents.
  4. Loddon


    RCDs only sense what is on the output side so does it trip with everything on the O/P side switched off and preferably disconnected? If you add things back in one at a time what causes it to trip? Secondly some RCD are AC/DC sensing and the generator could be creating DC which is then being passed through the RF protection of the Sterling to ground causing it to trip. Can you post a close up picture of the RCD so the type can be determined. For those that think I am talking cr@p about DC try reading the attached file! Techpub-17.pdf
  5. Loddon

    Build it, Fill It

    Mahjong is played with tiles rather than cards. I still have my set from the days when I used to play, its a modern set so not made of ivory.
  6. Loddon


    Some of us don't! Weighing in at over 100kg Ill take my chances with cyclists. I used to be known as the portable roundabout for a very good reason.
  7. Loddon

    Where is this lock?

    All those that got Galway are correct. I did know was just seeing how good you were. Picture taken in 2015.
  8. Loddon

    Where is this lock?

    Found this picture and I cant place where it is, anyone know?
  9. Loddon

    River Navigation

    I you like good pubs when you get on the Thames may I recommend the Isis Farmhouse just above Iffley lock. Not open every day in winter but fabulous just the same. Only accessable on foot or by boat. http://www.theisisfarmhouse.co.uk https://goo.gl/maps/GYhfg8nCS3u
  10. Loddon

    Lead crystal batteries

    HOW MUCH!!!!!!!
  11. Loddon

    Lead crystal batteries

    I don't know, they were mentioned on another forum I'm on waiting for info on price.
  12. Loddon

    Lead crystal batteries

    Does anyone know anything about these batteries? Seems to good to be true http://lead-crystalbatteries.co.uk/home http://lead-crystalbatteries.co.uk/i...teries-ENG.pdf
  13. Loddon

    Waterway Songs

    Have a listen to Buz Collins, excellent musician and friend sadly missed, where has time gone its 16 years since he left us.
  14. Price is down to £9500 now, still £9k to expensive
  15. Loddon

    Reccomended generator

    Heres something cheap and poweful https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113238383831

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