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  1. Loddon

    Watts to Amps please!!

    One other thought I have come across several 1000w inverters that would not start my fridge (LEC) the only common thing is that they were all high frequency inverters, these are usually smaller and lighter than low frequency ones. One I even emailed the manufacturer and was shown how to turn off the inrush protection but it still shut down.
  2. on reflection maths was wrong
  3. When Parglena was lengthened the counter was 6" out of the water. I calculated the volume of the extension that was going to be below the waterline in cubic metres(=metric tons displacement), subtracted the weight of the new steel and ordered ballast of the same weight that was exactly right to get the boat home but once the fit out and extra water tank were fitted I did have to remove some.
  4. Loddon

    Small sofas for narrowboats

    We had one of these https://www.sofasofa.co.uk/monaco/monaco-2-seater-sofa.html and two chairs https://www.sofasofa.co.uk/monaco/monaco-chair.html on Parglena We now have two sofas in our sitting room at home Very compact and comfortable
  5. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    that's my bad spelling!
  6. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    I meant snowflake but k&l are very close on this phone and I have big fingers. Its no more pajorative than baby boomers, generation x etc
  7. Loddon

    It's my electricity this time: domestic

    When we had our extension built halfway through I told the builder I didn't want to see his plumber on site again as he was so clueless and I would finish the job, which I did and got a reduction in the final invoice.
  8. Loddon

    It's my electricity this time: domestic

    Time to go on a course like all beginner sparkies do, learn how it works and BS7671 get qualified then DIY. Electricary is easy to learn.
  9. Loddon

    12v electric for wifi

    All my portable stuff, phones / radio / tablet / wifi are powered from USB sockets If I wanted to have 12v Television / Fridge or other high current items they would be hardwired with a switch the same way pumps / VHF radio etc are. I actually run 230v TV, Soundbar, fridge and Icemaker as I spend more time on the moorings with power than I do out cruising, when off the mooring in the summer 500watts of solar just about takes care of these. So no need to use 12v sockets at all.
  10. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    The under 30's Just like there is; Baby boomers Generation X Generation Y Generation Z Etc
  11. Loddon

    12v electric for wifi

    I have memories of putting 2 pin plugs into those but cant remember how it was done hence my thoughts on the sculptured pins.
  12. Loddon

    Brexit 2019

    I have family that have been life long Labour voters, I can't use the words they call Corbyn. However the snowfkake generation think he is great.
  13. Loddon

    12v electric for wifi

    I have memory of L&N shutters that were sculptured and would accept 2pins without needing the earth MK metalclad rings a bell but can find an example.

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