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  1. I always wanted OBO110X but it was never issued.
  2. Loddon


    seems they are taking over, read the whole thread on twitter
  3. My plate is nothing to do with my name and only those that know would understand its significance G6LOH And it cost me nothing, it was bought by my EX as a birthday present for me just before she dumped me
  4. Part of Cummings plan to infect as many as possible
  5. Untested but classic symtoms, very unplesant to read their descriptions.
  6. It may be rare but on two other forums I am on, cant remember which two but its either YBW, Caravantalk or Yeti each has one person with Covid-19 neither of which have been counted by the authorities, how many more are there out there in the same state. The numbers given out by the government are complete fiction.
  7. Using admission figures is rubbish, there are many more out there than make it to hospital Everyone is grasping at straws! It's not going to end well or quickly. You need to adapt to isolation. Personally its great
  8. Beta will have a wiring diagram for it. I needed one for my very early 2203 and the sent me a set of hand drawn ones as jpg as its pre computer days !
  9. That is July 2021 you are talking about, we wont be out of this mess by July 2020.......
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