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  1. I just have a VSR fitted, connects when on solar, when the charger is on and when the engine is running it parallels the alternators increasing the charge rate to the domestics. https://www.durite.co.uk/itm/55875/Voltage-Sensitive-Relay/12V-Voltage-Sensitive-Relay-140A/072733 3 wires to fit it cost about £40 Saves a lot of faffing about
  2. I asked if a broker valuation would be OK and they said yes. Great insurance company been with them for many years and many boats.
  3. Read the description! It needs to go inside the stove where the baffle plate is.
  4. Having spoken to GJW a few weeks ago they are happy to accept a brokers valuation and increase the insured value to that.
  5. Strangely I find them more aesthectally pleasing than a black blob in the corner 😱 Most drip feed stoves work the same way so the Dickinson is very similar. We have replaced our stove in the house with a gas fired stove (looks exactly the same) and it's a joy not having all the dust wafting round the house. I may well go back to a diesel stove on the boat depending on how many times we have to light the Hobbit now we are no longer liveaboards.
  6. I would go for something like this https://www.kuranda.co.uk/product/sig-marine-100-cabin-heater-kit/ we had one in the back of the barge, worked very well. The only thing I would have done differntly would be to put an air intake pipe up to the roof as it was susceptible to doors being opened and shut. No electric required. Not cheap but it works.
  7. We scraped them off in the dry dock 😱 Kevin was not impressed and at the end of our two weeks in there they stunk the place out 😄
  8. Yes that's one of the reasons I chose that picture 😎 Pictures date from January 2002, don't have any site ones I was more interested in taking pictures of my then "new" boat.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. The insurance company I use, GJW, say that a 10% increase can be self declared anything higher requires a written valuation, one from a broker will suffice so no need for a survey. Hopefully I wil be able to find a friendly broker to do mine before the end of July.
  11. On Parglena (which had the base plate blacked) they were all over the base plate and not on the chines or sides. Suggests it's more to do with them being sheltered rather than the blacking.
  12. Joining FOTRN and GOBA is a good thing, you will have many more moorings available to use. Also sign up to SSA notifications as both rivers can occasionaly flood even in summer https://www.gov.uk/guidance/anglian-waterways-river-conditions-closures-and-restrictions
  13. When we bought our secondhand caravan the dealer explained that it came without tanks, hose, battery and cable and with only one gas bottle. Seemed reasonable to me as we knew what was and was not included before we bought. They run a separate "spares" business on the same site which was cheaper than anywhere else 😱
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