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  1. Loddon

    Round pin sockets for 12V

    Obtuse thought If you rewire the system so that the -ve is on the large (earth) pin and the +ve is wired to both of the other two pins then you should have a larger contact area and, providing the wiring is up to it, allowing more current to be safely drawn through the connector.
  2. Loddon

    Gas boiler top up water pressure.

    I've just had a man out (FOC) to refill the boiler at my mums house as the keys there are manked. Far easier!
  3. This is the sensible idea and also the cheapest. If it fails to start after two weeks not connected to anything its broken with a capital F and you need a new battery. Then fit a VSR cost about £30 and that will connect the batteries together (provided you fit it the wrong way round ) and allow one charger to do all batteries
  4. Loddon

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Much like most listers then!
  5. Loddon

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Beta is a better marinisation of the same Kubota engine than Nanni.
  6. Loddon

    Sterndrive knocking

    Watermota/outdrive Run away as fast as you can Trouble with a capital T
  7. Loddon

    Top up Orange PAYG phone

    Yes its the only sensible network yo be on. 5 sims here all working in different styles......
  8. Loddon

    10 Brexit Threads

    One is bad enough 10 is ten to many
  9. Loddon

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Dolphin has sold
  10. Loddon

    MIFI anyone?

    Only if they did it by accident
  11. Loddon

    Beer and laptops.

    I knocked a full large glass of red wine into a friends laptop keyboard. He immediately took the battery out and ran the keyboard under the cold tap for a couple of minutes. Left it for 3 days in a warm place to dry out, worked fine no stickyness.
  12. Loddon

    Training a new Smartgauge

    Just ignore it for the next week, charge as much as you can and discharge as normal, then this time next week have a look and it will tell you how much is in your batteries. In the mean time fit a cheap ammeter to measure tail current for when you think your batteries are charged, should read 1-2% of battery Ah when batteries fully charged and its time to stop charging.
  13. Loddon

    Mouse in roof void?

    A decent snake let loose in the roof void will get the mouse. And afterwards you can make snakeskin boots with it.
  14. Loddon

    Boat Rescued from Non Navigable Trent

    On Tidal waters its wise to use up to date charts, on ditches not worth the paper.
  15. Loddon

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Er no The idea was that a couple living in an average house would pay the same as before. Living in a small semi in rural Northants we found ourselves a few quid better off.

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