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  1. It would be a good idea to fit a remote oil filler as with the sound proof case, it is tucked away inside and is rather hard to change the engine oil! Beta do the additional piping and oil filters. I had intended to move mine at some stage, so I could change the oil and easily change the oils filter instead of loosing a good proportion of used oil into the bilges where it is difficult to get too, and having to refit half of the sound box. I never looked forward to changing Largo's oil, but as usual it was done regular dispited the dificulty of stripping downthe soundproof box and lifting soundproof sides out of the way, usually onto the towpath! Nipper
  2. Thanks Sir Nibble, it seems of have sorted the problem out. Oil pressure was fine as I knew it always it was, having done oil changes every 250 hours for 8 years!! 25 times by my calculations! Nipper
  3. As i said in my message. I have already changes the sender a couple of times over the 8 years I have had Largo and I have also changed the Gauge, which is in the control panel, with a new one from Beta. None of the changes worked for the alarm going off. Adjusting that brass screwy bit did!
  4. Over the last few years I have had this irritating problem with my Beta 50. I have changed the sender and changed the gauge a couple of times and was even convinced that the engine was at too slower tickover.. However, reading through the Beta service manual for the umpteenth time I have been made aware that there is an adjustment that can be done. So, I took out the gauge and there seemed to be a brass bit with a hole in it. Having had the problem for so long and that it was really starting to wind me up, I had to have a go! I managed to get a very small screwdriver to grip the side of this brass thingy. I gave it a turn, it moved, I turned it again to something like halfway around, reinstalled the gauge and during the last two weeks of cruising the oil alarm has not come on again. Tony will probably know what the brass thingy does, but it seems to have stopped my problem at the moment. Now if only i could cure the engine not starting when the key is turned, I'd be a happy man!
  5. Mmm! I was going to be joining em, but I think i'll give it a day or two!
  6. Looks like it don't pay to be over 65 in Spain and you have the virus!
  7. You mean the rowers that grimace at you when there passing, just because your there?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. We have moored at Middlewhich lots of times with no incidents except for two occasions. When moored on the visitors moorings above Wardle Lock I had a double glazed pothole window smashed while we were onboard, but the little scrouts were faster than me! I got hold of CRT local bods number and phoned several times, in the end i left a message and heard nothing at all, a total waste of time! The other occasion while on the moorings above the big lock, adjacent to the playing area. Someone trying to enter the rear of the boat around 2 in the morning while i was asleep, he even shone a torch in my eyes. I didn't report that incident thinking that he had had enough punishment when he saw me break through the rear doors like a rocket, naked and brandishing a large mooring pin. Nipper The mooring area shown in the bottom picture is used for the hire boats and is deemed to be theirs.!
  11. I don't think your giving your batteries enough charge. It takes my engine about 4 hours to replace yesterdays use! Somebody will come along shortly and explain better than i can! Nipper
  12. Thats the first thing i took out of Largo! It has no place in anyboat, especially mine! If one wants the bathroom tiles warmed, pour some hot water on em! Nipper
  13. Big oses, little oses, oses with oles at both ends? coloured oses? Sorry!
  14. Just to note to say that there was only one lock a side working yesterday, and with no winter works in the foreseeable future, it doesn't take much to say that these locks will be out of action soon! In that event then the volockies wont be needed anyway!
  15. 3.5 hours it took us and lots of other boaters at Hillmorton,. waiting to get up those three locks yesterday.. It seems that the vlockette and the volockie were having a tiff. One boat would go up the bottom lock, but there was never a boat ready to come down, so the lock was kept ready for a boat to come down however long it was gonna be, some times it was 20 minutes before the lock was turned again! Not a very happy time for the 10th in line Boat There were various excuses made by them too. We had a breach at Barby, seemed to be the favorite, with others that were implausible I ignored em, all told to whoever would listen while clutching their mugs of steaming tea. Nipper
  16. That beam has to be rotten as a pear looking at all the water thats seeping out of it! Nipper
  17. Tap the base of the chimney with a hammer or heavy bit of wood whilst jigling the top of the chimney with your spare hand. Jus remember that the chimney fits the chimney coller and if it still fits it, then it will eventually come loose!
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. All the taps at Fradley Junction were very slow last year for a short while, because some bod at CRT decided in his or hers wisdom, that turning down the water pressure would save water! Ended up with lots of boats waiting to fill their tanks. Question! Does a tank full of water at low pressure take less water than a tank full at a higher pressure? Nipper
  20. There is more to Llangollen than the canal, steam trains, raging rivers, Beer!
  21. I don't think there is a need for twin flue, it really is big compared to single skin. Why not search for ther chimney boat, he did mine for me in cast steel not pressed steel and a very good job he made of it too! Little Chimney Company
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